Oracle Algo-Trading Robot Scam Exposed! Do not Touch

Oracle Algo-Trading Robot Review!

Check our transparent review before you decide to register with this trading-tool!

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Oracle Algo-Trading Robot is created to beat Wall Street on its own game! Is this possible? Can This new venture really deliver the claimed results?

Designed by a man called Mr. Stanley Nash, allegedly this trading bot is supposed to make you consistently $2600 a day, from a starting capital of $250.

We are here to investigate those claims and eventually decide if this service is safe for test out or it’s a common scam!

Oracle algo-trading robot review

Oracle Algo-Trading Robot Review – All you missed to notice!

Once you land onto, there is not much to see besides the video presentation. That’s why we`ll mostly focusing the video presentation and everything we can extract from there!

Who are the people behind this service?

The video starts with few cut news scenes plus some live testimonials. The problem with this initial opening of the video is simple. Those news scenes don’t mean anything, moreover the service has nothing to do with those major news portal. Neither the system is announced on any of those news portal or its associated with them!

The people who appear and testify in support of this software are cheap paid actors. All of them are selling testimonial gig’s inside an online market called Where you can actually hire all kinds of people who can do all kinds of different jobs for you!

The presenter?

No one know who this guy is. But since he doesn’t have any claims about being the creator or CEO of the company behind this system we`ll just leave him be. Despite the fact, that we can assume he is also paid actor based on the start of the video, and the proven involvement of fake identities!

Who is Stanley Nash?

The person is described as famous professor of applied mathematics at Oxford University! Moreover, the man is responsible of generating $167 million dollars for its followers for the past 18 months!

Good thing is that we have enough information exposed from the video in order to investigate this personality! So we did, and the things we found are not really what we wanted to see.

This man does not exist! We made research inside, which is the official website of Oxford University, there is not professor Stanley Nash there. For additional confirmation we made social media and search engine research. All we have managed to find is that Nash is associated only with Furthermore, he does not own LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter accounts! Therefore, we can conclude that so far every single name involved with the Oracle Algo-Trading Robot is fictitious character!

Oracle algo-trading robot review

Estimated profits! Are they realistic?

This is one of the most common mistakes, scam creators do! They announce unrealistic potential profits. When you land onto the second page called also the Members Area, the thing starts to look really suspicious! Even if we ignore the fact that the presenter is consistently pushing us into registration with every marketing trick known, everything looks fishy! Notice how the $2600, promised profits per day turn to be $22,000!

Here we would like to add that even turning $250 into $2600 for one day is impossible! So, you decide if you want to believe that this system will generate $22 k for you!

Oracle Algo-Trading Robot worth $3000, per month?

No, this is just another pushing into registration trick. The creators are trying to push more people into signup process because they are afraid that after few days everyone will be warning about this fraudulent operation!

Can we trust the other photo testimonials?

No, they are time conflicting and unrealistic, long with the 18 months’ statements. A simple search reveals that is registered on 19.10.2106 just before 5 days! How can those people use something that does not exist?

Oracle algo-trading robot review


The Oracle Algo-Trading Robot is not supported by the trading society! Moreover, there are already negative comments and reviews spread all around the web – warning about this service! Clearly we are dealing with dishonest offer, which involves financial risk!

Oracle Algo Trading Robot Review – The Finale!

As you can see we exposed massive evidence about how this service is aiming to steal your money! A legit trading solution will never use fake identities and those nasty tricks to push you into depositing! Moreover, legit trading solutions are endured by the trading community! In this case we have another lousy money stealing scheme!

Review Verdict: Oracle Algo-Trading Robot is a SCAM! Beware and don’t put your money inside!

Binary Options can be profitable, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, due to the high demand there are many dishonest people who advertise their scams into the field! Knowing that in advance will make you more cautious with your decision making, which is good! In order to make money with binary options you have to deal only with good reputation service! For safer alternatives to the oracle algo-trading robot we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Instruments! They are all tested and approved by the community on 100%!

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Algo-Trading Robot Scam Exposed! Do not Touch

  1. To Whom It may concern

    I am still trying to recover my $250.00us$ from your establishment. What is the delay or is it true you are a very shady, money grabbing scam!

  2. Hey. Nice job you are doing. I like your article and i am glad i know your blog. If i may to share whit you my view, about that bogus Oracle Algo-Trading Robot and not only.
    People’s are obsess by the idea to be rich. Generation $2600 dollars a day with investing $250 is to good to be true. In binary options trading it’s impossible to ear that sum just because the return of your investment is about 75%, that’s mean with $250 you can gain at maximum $430 dollar, it est your profit, will be $180 dollars. And that situations is going to be real, only if you provided the correct outcome of the session.
    Also, most of the creators of these false software’s are not recognizable at the financial circles.
    So my advise to all of you are to be cautions, to know basic about binary options trading and to think twice before you get invest.

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