Orion Code Scam? Critical theorioncode.com Software Review!

The Orion Code Scam Review!

Be sure to read this in-depth investigation review before you decide to put your money here!

Official website: theorioncode.com; theocode.com

The Orion Code is new auto-trading software available for free registration! Allegedly this service is supposed to generate for its investors from $10,000 to $100,000 per day on absolute auto-pilot!

Once we heard about this bold claim we decided to take closer look and investigate the service. Look folks, no one will make you millionaire for free. Do not fall for too good to be true offers like this one.

After we finished our research, we were able to gather very solid evidence against this system. Basically in this article you`ll witness complete debunking of the whole story and all the individuals who participate.

orion code software

The Orion Code Scam Review – All the dirty secrets revealed!

Before few months, inside the industry a very viral and dangerous scam was released. The name was Quantum Code, and it was looking very convincing into the newcomer’s eyes! Until we manage to write warning review and rank well on Google to warn everyone the service managed to scam hundreds of people! Take a look at Quantum Code System and compare it to Orion Code System. What you are going to find? Complete similarity. We feel that the new service is just copy past, with few changes: actors, cars, offices.

Furthermore, even we don’t associate the new trading platform with the old scam, we have a lot of thing so say in support of our scam- thesis!

How the service work?

According to the information exposed by the so called developers. The main core element of the Orion Code success is the speed! However, we don’t get any prompt explanation about how the service is working. Of course, its suspicious when the creators skip to provide transparent information about that manner but they use the 36 min long video to trash-talk how good life of the millionaire is! However, we can accept this bizarre story to some point but once one of the developers exploded with crazy statement for us it became obvious! “The system has never failed a single trade from 2006!”. Folks, we`ll quickly provide some transparency first.  Let’s pretend for a second that it’s possible to get 100% accuracy with this filthy system. This statement will remain bogus because the binary option trading instrument is released for the wide public from 2008 year!

orion code software

Moreover, after you read about everything we managed to dig out, this fishy detail will look like nothing.

Estimated profits and success rate?

Daily profits starting from $10,000 going up to $100,000 are unrealistic. Especially starting from $250 initial capital like claimed in theorioncode.com; theocode.com.

The announced success rate is 100%. This is just another misleading statement. No trader or software can forecast the online markets on 100%! Obviously the creators here want to be tricky and they are using bogus convincing methods!

Who is Edward Robinson and can we trust him?

The guy claims that he is famous multi-millionaire and former wall-street trader. In addition, he says that the Orion code is also announced several times on Forbes and other famous financial magazines!

  1. We have done research inside forbes.com, and we failed to find anything written about the Orion code or Edward Robinson. You visit the website and research yourself but after you see the following evidence we really doubt you`ll want to dig further!
  2. The CEO and Founder of The Orion Code Scam is payed actor! How we can prove it? Well, take a note at the snapshot we will provide. The guy is familiar to us from another proven fraud operation called Amission Formula. There he pretends to be Craig Phillips the CEO of Amissio Holdings!

orion code system

What about the Testimonials and Other People who participate?

We managed to recognize one more paid actor. Chris one of the so called developers of this software also participate as testimonial actor for other proven scam called the Azure Method. We`ll attach photo as proof!

the orion code system, theorioncode.com scam review, theocode.com

Therefore, we cannot speak at all about trust wordy testimonials. But just in case we`ll add another screenshot. Look at the pictures. The official domain is registered on 12.09.2016., and the guy claims he is using the software before that?

the orion code scam review

Moreover, we researched the social media and search engines for positive reviews or stories, which can backup theorioncode.com; theocode.com. We were not surprised, finding only negative content and bad feedback!

Probably this is the nail in the coffin. Every legit service will enjoy positive feedback from the trading society! Obviously if the regular investors are pleased with the performance they will be expressing their success. In this case we have only negative opinions!

Are there only 20 spots available?

No, this is just another marketing trick. Obviously the creators of this scam are dishonest and inside the video we hear a lot of lies. Those lies will be revealed pretty quickly, and the service will be proven as dangerous! That’s why they want to push as much people as they can with their initial launching. Don’t be fooled folks the limitation of the sits is just pushing into registration phony tactic!

The Orion Code Scam Review – Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are looking at classical money stealing scheme! Flashy cars, jet-fly, fancy office and exotic vacations? Every investors dream? Yep, we have everything inside theorioncode.com; theocode.com to blur our vision! However, we believe that based on all the proof we provided for you, the common sense will beat the desire and you`ll stay away from this software.

Review Verdict: The Orion Code Software is Dangerous Scam! Beware and do not invest your money inside theorioncode.com; theocode.com!

Binary Options is lucrative field. Due to that reason many crooks are testing the waters with different good and bad looking offers. In this case we have high-budget scam, but still a scam! You have to be aware of that fact and always rely on good reputation trading-tools. For safer alternatives and examples, we invite you to take a look at our Top Recommend Trading Solutions! They are all 100% endorsed by the industry and tested by many day-traders!

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6 thoughts on “Orion Code Scam? Critical theorioncode.com Software Review!

  1. Thanks for jour god job! I was just about registering on orion code.
    How is that possible that nobody can’t find that sumers?

  2. well said..same to anthony s experienced,im new here in this binary trading,I funded my acct to orion code 2days ago,,but the result is nothing..oh my..ive tried to learned and still trying to find a good platform or broker ..this is another bad experienced,I lost $1000 for 3 different platform and still nothing find a good one,,

  3. Hey, thank you for your alert!
    I was about to invest in The Orion Code Software, but after i was read your article i change my decision.
    Apparently they turned out to be crooks. You save my money.

  4. Thank you very much for revealing crooks in this nice review.
    I have started to do trading with binary options since at the middle of 2015 year. At the beginning i have lost a lot of money. As a newbie a was invested at different software platforms without any idea what happens on the financial markets. I took a bet to Quantum Code Software, i thought i will have a wonderful hi life. I have lost $5000 dollars and there aren’t any trace of them.
    Anyway , i just want to share in my bad experience whit scammers. Now the things are otherwise.
    I am much more confident and cautions. Usually i use a broker and do my investments in reliable software’s. I always check the information in your site, i like the way you are exposing the issue.
    That’s why i am completely agree with your unbiased opinion about The Orion Code Software. I think they are trying to steal people’s money.
    To rise your status of life, as becoming a millionaire is great idea, but that won’t be happens with investment of $250 dollars, especially in binary options trading. Normally you are attract by crooks with big promises, that shows you how they got rich. Don’t lie yourselves that’s only a trick to clearance your accounts.

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