Oxford Method Scam ALERT!! Another Trading Method Poped Up!

Oxford Method SCAM ALERT!

Read this review before you get involved with all those pesky methods.


Oxford Method is a binary options auto trading system! There is nothing wrong with that, besides the fact that this service is part of vast scam network, operating for over 6 months now. We have written more than 5 reviews related with the “method” subject! Basically the service is promising high profits coming from small investment amount. In normal circumstances if this was the first trading method we see we would be less aggressive but since this is like the fifteenth similar trading system we came across we feel angry!

the oxford method scam

Why The Oxford Method is SCAM?

All started in October 2015, when the Aussie Method was launched! We immediately recognized the fraud and we exposed it long with Brit Method and CANUCH method. The things didn’t stop there, the shady creators behind those systems decided to continue launching scam services. Basically they are registering domains every week and they release new service with “name + method”. They are using 4 – 5 deferent video presentations for all their trading systems and the exactly same web-design.

We`ll point some of the scam elements, so next time you come across one of those trading method you can learn to recognize the fraud immediately.

  1. In the presentation vide you`ll notice few testimonials all made by paid actors hired from fiverr.com (an online marketplace website). They all claim to be making half a million a month, some even go farther and claim to be making seven digits. This is impossible, yes binary options are lucrative field and good way to make money but, we need to stay realistic.
  2. Besides the phony identities who testify in support of the Oxford Method, and the other methods, the rest of the presentation is covered by voice over actor. The CEO / founder of the systems in most cases is deferent name but always a stock model. In Oxford Method scam we deal with Evan Wright. Legit trading system will never use stock photo as CEO and don’t admit about that fact! It’s just unprofessional and obviously dishonest to the potential investors!
  3. We have fabricated social feed by Facebook and twitter on all the sites. All the name is unclicking able and those accounts are fake. The whole feed is just a developer’s work aiming to gain credibility for Oxford Method scam by those positive comments.
  4. Besides the social media reputation boost we have live trading feed. At the top there is sign that this results are verified, but by who? There is no Seal of authority or any company name or reputed figure, which actually can proof the verification! The funny fact here is that, the trades are running on weekends also, when no trading can be executed due to the markets being offline!

There are many redder flags involved in the Oxford Method and the other trading methods but we have covered all of them in our other reviews so we`ll just provide some links to them in case you are curious. We think that the exposed evidence and points will be enough for you to recognize future releases of new trading method scams!

Other Viral Scam Methods: Saffa Method, Swiss Method, Dutch Method, Irish Method!

Conclusion on The Oxford Method!

In general, too good to be true offers don’t walk hand in hand with the online trade, no matter if its associate with binary option, Forex, or any other type of trading. The amazing opportunities offered by the financial world are tempting many crooks to try their tricks here. That’s why you should avoid too good to be offers and always look for second opinion before you decide to invest with any broker or trading tool. The Oxford Method is part of big fraud network and investing with this trading system will be disasters!

Final Verdict: Oxford Method Scam Revealed! Avoid all similar looking web-pages, for your own good!!

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2 thoughts on “Oxford Method Scam ALERT!! Another Trading Method Poped Up!

  1. It did seem too good to be true , which always makes one suspicious. I pleased I bothered to read your report before venturing into something like this, but for the more vulnerable it could be too tempting.

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