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The Passive Income Bot – Is it a Revolutionary Trading Algorithm?

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Okay Friends! Here we are again in front of yet another challenge. We have to reveal the identity of another alleged software for high online profits. We want to bring to your attention the so-called Passive Income Bot App. It is presented by the alleged inventor and creator named Carl Razinski. This guy claims he involved in its creation leading programmers personally recruited from the banking and investment industry.

We want to make a while of clarity! What The Passive Income Bot is it?

Okay, Folks. Let’s see the explanation of the alleged creator. The Passive Income system is supposed to be an absolutely hands off and easy to use automated trading solution. The first warning signal arrives almost immediately. It concerns the statement of Mr Razinski that it provides solid and consistent results of 85% in the money trades over time.  It is melodramatically defined as a “private ATM machine”. Through that apparently you can withdraw cash money from anywhere all around the world and when you want it.

It sounds more than fabulous! Have some sort of portable ATM Machine always with us would be a great thing. If it was just a real fact and not a nasty lie!

Furthermore, we understand very little from the promotional video presentation. It’s not a secret that the scammers are skilled at saying so much without saying essential words. They enchant with great speeches and promises. But when they comes to the point of explaining how everything works, remain mute as fishes!

Passive Income Bot scam review

The “famous special” algorithm!

Friends, the presenter seeks at all costs to convince to register and invest with their dishonest online scheme. The lies that pulls out are endless! One of those is that we can reach the profit of $50,000 every month, for life. Allegedly based on a built in diversification strategy it allows traders to cash out winning trades from multiple sources. Their team of experienced traders have been able to minimize the “learning curve” to practically zero.

The hypothetical algorithm they developed provide an additional layer or “buffer” which minimizes the margin or error down to a bare minimum.  Listen, listen Folks! These individuals are so blatant as to declare even they waiting for patenting their prodigal idea! They don’t want someone to steal their “intellectual property”. Hahaha! But their insane statement is a joke, right! Unfortunately, there is no special technology

but only a poorly constructed plan to cheat innocent traders.

To get rich on someone’s shoulders scammers are always ready to do anything!

Who is the guy from the pink shirt and reassuring face?

Let’s start by the incredible courageous Photoshop with the Chinese students published into the video. What a shame! Rivers of lies and copy and paste images are scattered here and there, on the website and in the pitch video. But the dull temptations to cover the truth with dust and there was not an impediment. We did like always one of our most important investigation – to find out the identity of the CEO!

Carl Razinski is not a math and computers teacher as he falsely claims. He is not the inventor of any form of predictive analysis. This person is just a paid actor who acts his part in order to promote the dangerous software.

Furthermore, to prove that Passive Income Bot has real people inside and not imaginary ones, the scammers have also pulled another name. Mark Foster allegedly designed the architecture which supports the algorithm trading. LIES! This name is fictional and his imagine in the video is stolen.

The nonsense of the name!

Folks, if by chance you are wondering why scammers have chosen this ridiculous name? Here is the equally senseless answer. It comes from the mount of the alleged creator Mr Razinski. It is named “Passive Income Bot” to emphasize that after few easy and preliminary steps, you have to do anything. But passively watch the bot perform in complete auto-pilot. We literally put our hands in the hair by so many falsehood!

Imaginary improbable profits!

The false promise that this software is making $50 000 a month is simply another hypocrisy! Genuine trading App? Absolutely not, Folks!!! A trading application that makes money for you while you live your life, certainly doesn’t exist! The service is not free as they say. After registration and the opening of account, you are forced to pay a minimum of $250 in order to be part of this fraudulent system.

Testimonials of Passive Income Bot!

All individuals who appear in support of this service are fake identities similar like the presenter himself. All those people are paid amateur actors, which you can hire from An online marketplace where you can hire all kinds of people to do all kinds of different jobs for you.

Whole truth behind Passive Income Bot!

Know that Passive Income Bot and Binary Profit Method are both associated with The website is covered by shady identities and we highly advice you to check our other reviews regarding this scam network!

Passive Income Bot scam review

Our Final Verdict about this scam scheme!

In conclusion, Yes, we can confirm that we have previously seen the trading interface of The Passive Income Bot. Our checkout shows that the identical one was used by Option Robot scam! Considering all the scam proofs above, you have seen too many red flags accompanying this alleged software. We can only advise against registering and opening accounts with them. It would be too dangerous and definitely unsafe of putting your money in the hands of dishonest people like these ones! Undoubtedly, there is 100% risk of being left with empty pockets with these bot tricksters!

Review Verdict: Passive Income Bot is a 100% Scam! Beware and avoid!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable. However know that due to the high demand there are many crooks, which stalk for your money. That’s why you have to make sure that you register and trust only good reputed blogs and services. For safer alternatives we recommend that you check out Top-Rated Trading Solutions. They are all tested for long period of time and endorsed on 100% by the trading community.

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