Pay Hour Is Trusted HYIP? Honest Scam Review!

Pay Hour Scam or Paying?

Read this transparent review before you put your money inside!

Pay Hour is fairly new high-yield investment program. For the unfamiliar we`ll bring some insight before we start the review!

As most of you know, is dedicated to review binary options and other services, closely related to the financial industry.

In this case most of the HYIP programs are claiming to be using trading methods to generate wealth for their investors, and huge amount of our audience is also watching for those offers also.

That’s why we consistently receive emails from people asking about different HYIP services or complaining about them. With this review we`ll analyze the Pay Hour Program. Therefore, stay put and read what we have to say before you decide to invest your money here!

the pay hour hyip scam

Pay Hour Scam Review – All you have to know!

Before we start, we would like to put some transparency for the unfamiliar part of the crowd!

Essentially, due to the high amounts of scam services flooding this niche, the HYIP’s are described as Ponzi Schemes by Wikipedia. Not that we deny all the HYIP’s because the general idea is good and if the organization behind the program wants it, it can really generate money for its members. However, the fact that we review such systems for a long time and so far, we haven’t found a legit one really speaks a lot. In addition, according to other monitor websites, the situation is not so different. Practically the scheme is simple.

Usually there is no real money generating method behind the offer. The old investors are payed from the money from the new depositors. Such type of work can lead to only one outcome: Bankruptcy! As the member count rises the amount of money needed to out-pay the old investors also rises. Eventually coming to the point when there are not enough fresh money and the company just stops paying!

This short description represents the working methods of the majority programs.

the pay hour hyip

Is Pay Hour HYIP different?

In order to determine, if the program is legit we will go over few really critical topics. Just follow this article and we promise, at the end you`ll have really good picture of everything surrounding those offers!

We can’t trust, and the following topic will reveal everything, moreover they will help you recognize future bogus services!

How long is the life of this program?

Typically, the life of those service is between 1 – 2 months. Means that if you are looking at service with shorter life, there is high scam chance! Simple as that, no exceptions.

This particular offer is running for 32 days, now! Therefore, we cannot put trust yet and deposit real money! However, if this system survives longer and has good reputation we might test it.

What money generating method is used?

According to the information exposed on “about us” section the main income of this company comes from bitcoin trading and BTC mining!

Since cryptocurrencies are fairly new to the wide public this sentence might sound intelligent to you but for us it’s just a fluff!

We can accept the bitcoin trading, despite the fact that there is no real evidence to proof that. No history track record or any trading strategies explained.

Regarding the bitcoin mining we know that this is a lie. BTC trading requires real physical technology such as special video cards usually based on 65nanometer technology. With simple words the company need to have mining facilities called farms! There is no information, which can provide any proof the existence of such facilities.

In addition, the company is registered in 2016, making everything super knew! Based on everything said we can conclude that their storyline is highly suspicious!

Who are the people behind Pay Hour HYIP?

If you really believe that the people displayed on are real you are mistaking. The CEO Jake Robbins, founder manager – Tim Foley and support manager Sally Marsh are just phony identities. Those individuals are just names attached to stock models. We`ll attach some evidence for you here, just to back up our words!

 the pay hour scam review

After you see the evidence, take a moment and think about it. If this firm is really legit why they want to remain anonymous? There is something really fishy going on here!

Are the return rates realistic?

 Well, maybe the first plan 5.6% – 20%, is looking okay, little overextended but we can accept it. The next two plans however are completely unrealistic! You cannot expect to deposit $5000 for 48 hours and miraculously pull out $15,000. It’s a lie and if you invest such money you`ll lose them.

For us those plans are not synced with the reality! Trading is profitable business but not that profitable! Furthermore, the company has to have some kind of interest, if they can afford to pay 300% returns what’s left for them?

the pay hour hyip scam

Pay Hour Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As you can see, we went over few important details and they all failed to build any reputation for this investment program! Based on our investigation we can conclude that this service is risky and we won’t recommend it!

Review Verdict: Pay Hour HYIP is a Scam! Beware and stay away from!

At this point we cannot recommend a properly working high-yield investment program. That’s why we will advise you to consider using more trusted and proven money making opportunities. Such as binary options trading, where you can actually have full control over your funds! The direct broker registration, gives you the ability to withdraw funds from your trading capital anytime you want and no restriction time restrictions will be placed! Furthermore, in nowadays there are many signals providers and auto-trading solutions, which can be used by the novice traders. Practically those services allow even non-experienced investors to benefit from the online markets! In order to give you few example, we invite you to take a look at our Top Recommended Trading Solutions!

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3 thoughts on “Pay Hour Is Trusted HYIP? Honest Scam Review!

    1. Aggressive comment and probably deserved but, since this website is for 18+, we wont censor.

  1. Great job BO spot. Thank you for revealing to us scammers.
    I have looked there site and i am really confused. Are Pay Hour trading with bit coins, or with investment programs? Is it possible to invest $5000 dollars and for 48 hours to bring in $ 15000 dollars, that’s sound ridiculous. And one more question in my mind, is there any broker on the world, who paid me such a huge sum without deductions? And why the hell he will do it?
    My advise for all new comers in binary options, don’t be flooded by big promises.

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