Pay My Vacation Scam or Trustworthy? Unbiased Software Review!

Pay My Vacation Scam or Trustworthy?

Check this investigation review BEFORE, you decide to join this system!

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Pay My Vacation is very new auto trading service. Allegedly this trading robot is supposed to guarantee your financial freedom while you are on vacation! For us however, this service is just too good to be true. We made in-depth analysis review and we found some really suspicious details surrounding this service.

With this article we`ll reveal all the bogus details and tell you all you need to know about this trading robot called Pay My Vacation System!

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Pay My Vacation Scam Review – All you have to know!

Basically, we deal with “make you eager” type of fraud operation. We are aware of those type of money stealing schemes because they are consistently advertised into the trading niche. Essentially the creators of those service are not traders or people who are associated with the financial world. They are just using the field to promote their Ponzi Schemes!

Trading the online markets, can unlock really limitless opportunities, but you have to be aware that the high demand drags crooks, and scam systems similar to this one! Moreover, an auto-trading robot who can turn you into millionaire overnight do not exist! Latter in this review, you`ll understand of what we are speaking about!

In general, we are looking at very simple scam! The presentation page and all the storyline is made by using a lot of convincing methods. The presenter is showing us big sums of money like it’s nothing, cars mentions, exotic locations, etc. His goal is just to make you eager, in order to register and lose your money! Unfortunately, we are here to ruin the party!

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How Pay My Vacation Software Works?

According to the presenter its one click auto-trading robot. Based on God knows what the narrator claims that it’s something like a copy trading service. With simple words he explains that he is a real and successful trader, so once he places a trade, that particular position is replicated on all other registered accounts. Moreover, he shares that the key is to invest low and gain high returns, which is practically impossible! The average return rates in binary options are 75%-80%! Therefore, the examples he shows and how he invests $50 but receives $200 back, quadrupling his profits is unrealistic! Take a look at the snapshot, and remember this is impossible!

Besides that, telling to the wide public that you have made $35 million dollars because you have inside information, and now we all can follow your lead is funny and bizarre. Overall, trading with, having or dealing with companies who own / have inside information about the online markets is considered illegal!

Are the testimonials real?

Well, bunch of people all in front of not very convincing backgrounds claim that they have become multi-millionaires for couple of weeks!? Please don’t trust this! No software solution can generate $18,000 per day $127,000 per week and so on. This system is design to steal your money! Those people are just paid actors and obviously thy do their role good but that’s it! Never trust the inside testimonials always seek from outside third party verification from the regular day-traders. If there are none or you come across only negative once, that’s a red flag and you should avoid the service you are looking at!

In addition, we found out that the service is extremely new only 2 days old, so basically this debunks most of the storyline!

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Who is Jack James the creator of Pay My Vacation Software?

Jack James claims that he is doing this for 11 years now! Well, Mr. smartass binary options trading became available for the wide public after 2008, and they became famous after 2010, so this is another time conflicting statement. Furthermore, the guy is represented by a stock model photo and the video is covered by voice over acting. Therefore, we have to believe in fictitious character who tells us how good life will be if we were millionaires! Please folks do not fall for those lies, this scam is very cheap.

Estimated profits and Win rates?

As we already said the estimated profits are very over-extended. Initial capital of $250, cannot make you $18k per day, it can’t generate even $1k per day because you can’t invest all your funds into one trade! Traders usually use 2%-5% of their accounts to trade with, keep that in mind!

Regarding the accuracy, the announced one here is 99.93%, basically this is 100%! Here we have another lie, no human or software can forecast the online markets with 100% success rate, that’s ridiculous!

Any Endorsements?

We don’t even know why we cover this topic since this system has zero support from the industry! We made vast social media and search engine research and thus far we came across only negative reviews! Obviously, the regular traders are already warning about this potential threat like we do!

Pay My Vacation Scam Review – The Finale!

Beyond any doubt this service is a scam. A long video presentation, containing zero intelligent information! Everything you can hear is a lie and all the statement are either phony or deeply misleading! No one, will make you a millionaire just like that with no interest involved! There are trading solutions, which work properly and they can add some nice income to your monthly payout. But everything within the reasonable borders! We strongly advise you to stay away from this service, investing here high insane risk!

Review Verdict: Pay My Vacation System is a SCAM! Beware and Keep your Distance from!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable as we already said, but you have to always rely on good reputed services! Otherwise you can land on dishonest system, which can steal your money! For safer alternatives we invite you to check out Top Rated Trading Solutions! They are all 100% endorsed by the industry and tested for long period of time by many traders!

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