Polygraph Millionaire Scam Alert! Truth Software Review!

The Polygraph Millionaire Is a Re-branded SCAM!

Check our investigation review before you deposit money!


Polygraph Millionaire is just re-launched money stealing scheme! Read our transparent warning article before you fall for this crap folks! With few quick strikes we`ll reveal the true face of this dishonest service!

Allegedly the service promises to unlock your door to financial freedom and solve all your problems! The promoter Daniel Wilkins even tries to convince us that this software is able to generate $12,000 from initial $250 investment for little above one hour. Practically this is impossible! This can be given as example of “too good to be true offer”!

Now we`ll debunk this fraud step by step and then even connect it with older fraudulent operations!

Polygraph Millionaire software

The Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review – All the dirty secrets!

In general, if this was legit trading system they will never promise unrealistic profits! Generating $12 thousand dollars with initial investment of $250 for 1 hour is physically impossible. Even if the system was working properly the time frame is too slow to produce such income!

How the software works?

This topic really remains extremely shady and suspicious! Daniel Wilkins claims that he has a friend called Trader X, who is actually the inventor of this cutting edge technology! Thing is that we take this serious! Overall this is a system which requires real money investment. How can we trust into it if the creators remain anonymous are super suspicious!

Moreover, there are literally no explanations provided regarding the inside of the system! The presenter even admits that he has no idea what trading is! We found this a pretty big red flag!

Can we trust Daniel Wilkins?

The who story runs around this guy and how honest he is! In addition, most of the storyline relies on that lie detector session!

We watched carefully and we make short investigation on how those detectors work. It’s not hard to find out that in such sessions emotional question like “how much money you have made last year” cannot be asked! It appears that the whole session is fabricated. Furthermore, the company which provides the certificate remains anonymous. WE ask, why? Since this session appears to be the reputation builder for Mr. Wilkins!

Polygraph Millionaire software

Are there any real endorsements or testimonials?

Probably one of the most important details about a binary options software is its reputation. Sometimes, systems with bad promotional pages turned to be good at the end. Well, not as bad as The Polygraph Millionaire but anyway.

In this case we have completely bad reputed trading service with many negative reviews against it! Our statement is based on vast search engine research!

How can we connect this service with another proven scam?

It’s really simple, probably our older subscribers will not even bother reading this review but they will scroll down to this part or even further to the review verdict! The Polygraph Millionaire is re-release on the old scam called The Lie Detector Millionaire!

We talk about of exactly the same system settled at new domain name and with new name! You can check the review, take a look at the both websites / videos and you`ll immediately recognize everything!

Furthermore, we would like to add that the inside interface of this service is just similar to one more proven scam called Charity Profits APP!

Too many dubious details for all this to be coincidence?

Only 50 spots and 100% accuracy?

The non-trustworthy presenter claims that this service have not lost a single trade in months is this possible? No folks, forecasting the online markets on 100% is impossible task for any human or software bot!

The spots limitation is just a marketing trick to make you eager and push you into registration, just ignore it! The fake system is available for everyone with no limitations!

The Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We are not putting much of an effort to expose this bogus system. Beyond any doubt we are dealing with dishonest people here. We warn you, investing with this trading opportunity will be disasters for your budget! Mr. Wilkins and his imaginary wife, and friend the Trader X are just fictitious characters!

Review Verdict: The Polygraph Millionaire Scam Alert! Beware and Avoid the black hole: polygraphmillionaire.com!
Another Opinion on the Polygraph Millionaire Scam we Found!

Binary Options are very lucrative field! Unfortunately, due to that fact, there are many fraudulent services consistently advertised aiming to steal the money from the newcomers! That’s why it’s a must for you to always rely on good reputed trading solutions! Otherwise you risk to land on service win deceptive intentions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Tool! Note how they are all tested for long period of time and endorsed by the trading community!

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2 thoughts on “Polygraph Millionaire Scam Alert! Truth Software Review!

  1. Thank you for warning us for Polygraph Millionaire. I am wandering how with bet from $250 dollars i can earn $12000 only for one hour. If that could be possible everyone will be millionaire.
    Scammers are very creative, but the only reason, they play this plot is to steal our money.
    I will stay cool and waiting for new hot articles.

  2. Thank you for your great scam review. I am a new trader and was about to subscribe. Thank you for warning me about the Polygraph Millionaire

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