Power Signals Software is a SCAM! Real Review with Evidence!

Power Signals Software is a SCAM!

Read this review before you decide to go blind mode and invest with this system!

Official website: power-signals.com

Power Signals Software is just the next white label trading robot designed to steal your money! This investigation review will give you all the truth in a way, which you can understand it. That’s why it’s a must to read this article, because in addition It will help you to recognize similar future bogus offers! Beware German Traders, this offer is highly advertised in Germany!

the power signals software review

What Power Signals System Really is?

Officially we are dealing with an auto-trading system. Unfortunately, behind the good looking and easy to use web-based platform, there is a major deception hidden.


The system relies on short term trading starting form 60 seconds and going usually up to 5 mins long! Seems like some of the brokers synced with this allow also 10 min and 15 min trading.

Trading Methods?

The Service has several features; Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. Basically the classic represents regular binary options trading, the martingale and Fibonacci will double up your investment after every trade you lose, with slight difference between them. Practically, the last two will wipe out your trading account faster!


The service allows all the members to create their own trading strategies by turning ON/OFF the indicators implemented into the platform: Trend, MACD, RSI, CCI, Stock, etc. Based on real testing we found out that those indicators do not work! No matter what you are doing, or which indicators you use there is no change in the bot’s behavior! Therefore, those button are just made to create excuses, for the robot’s owners!

Who are the people behind Power Signals Software?

No one knows, the developers of this system remain completely anonymous and hidden from the wide public. The software you are looking at is just a white label design, which you can buy from a tech company. Once you have it basically you change some colors, putting a logo and you start scamming people! Simple is that, there are over 10 similar to this robot currently advertised into the trading niche! Check: Irobot, options robot,

Is the displayed information about Accuracy, Members and Signals real?

the power signals system

No, there Is no real proof of such information. The claims about how this robot has over 10,000 users and it maintain 87% accuracy is bizarre. The bot runs with 50-55% accuracy and that’s proven! Moreover, imagine if there are really over 10k profitable investors happy using this service, the social media will be flooded with positive reviews! In this case we have only negative feedback coming from people who missed to read our reviews!

Moreover, how they managed to gain those numbers so quickly? Since the official domain power-signals.com is registered on 01.09.2016?

the power signals scam review

Seriously, this is crazy, so many lies on one place.

How the actual scam-trick works?

Notice how when you can create a free demo account and start trading right away! Well, this demo is fabricated to always win, here comes the trick! You see how the demo performs well and sign with real money, fortunately or not, the real algorithm is developed to empty your trading account! Simple is that your initial capital will be gone after few hours. He has exposed and revealed several of those bots, and we have provided solid evidence regarding those demos!

In addition, you can also register and try the demo, after that just compare it to real charts with a broker. If you don’t have demo account with a good broker, register one here and compare the charts and the expiry price rates!

Power Signals Software Review – the Conclusion!

As you can see yourself, we exposed this fraud operation with few key scam elements! Regreathfully, the people behind this service keep pushing the scheme, and every week there is a new similar looking trading APP popping from thin air. That’s why it’s crucial for you to know how to recognize all those applications. Everything is looking the same with slight color difference and they all allow demo accounts. Moreover, in most of the cases their success rates are really unrealistic. Based on that, if you come across similar money making offer in the future you`ll know how to recognize and ignore it!

Review Verdict: Power Signals System is a SCAM! Beware and do not touch power-signals.com!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable and a good way to make additional income! However, you have to be aware of the fact that due to the high demand this field is also full of crooks who stalk for your money! Make sure to always rely on good reputed trading systems! For example take a look at our Top Rated Trading Services! They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the community!

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