Powerful Invest Ltd Scam or Trusted HYIP? Important Review!

Powerful Invest Scam or Reliable Investment Opportunity?

Read our important review before you put money into this HYIP!


Powerful Invest Ltd is fairly new High-Yield Investment Program. Nearly 4 months old the service is allegedly going to provide you with a financial freedom. All you have to do, is put your trust and money in their hands.

According to the information exposed on the official page, the HYIP has already paid $95,453,958. We are here to put everything to the test and eventually support or deny the service.

the powerful invest scam

What actually The Powerful Investment is?

We are dealing with one of those high-yield return business opportunities. Usually, they attract new clients with unrealistic return rates. Basically the moneys stealing scheme is simple. The old investors are paid with the money of the new investors, and so on. Once the company starts to feel the financial pressure, they just leave you and they steal the money, which are currently invested. That’s why all the HYIP’s are described as simple Ponzi Scheme by Wikipedia.

Anyway we don’t want to be super aggressive, since we believe that somewhere in the open market there is a legit and honest company which, really makes money for its clients. However, it’s important to say that thus far we have dealt only with fraud HYIP’s.

Can the Powerful Investment Ltd. Become the first trusted HYIP? We shall see.

Usually we go over few very important topics, when we research such investment program. Stay with us and follow all the topics. This will help you to easily recognize scam for real in the future.

Is the company real?

Yes, Powerful Invest Ltd. Is real organization operating from UK. But there is a difference between the official page and the information available on the official UK companies house website: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk. The website is advertising how those people are trading and developing their profitable strategies since 2010. Well, the firm is registered on 29.04.2016, just few days before the HYIP was launched. That’s pretty much suspicious.

Are the announced return plans realistic?

Well, we assume that you folks can alone realize that all the plans are too good to be true! An investment return of 400% after 6 days and 6000% after 50 days, is just insanely. If you are reasonable person you can’t expect to put $1000 into the powerful investment program and expect a return of $60,000 after 50 days! Clearly the red flags continue.

In addition, do you really think they have already paid $95 million as profits to their regular investors? We don’t think so, the sum is too large to be real, and currently you can’t find any success stories coming from real people to support that staggering sum. All you can find around the social media is negative comments on how the people can’t get their money back! We, don’t speak about profits we speak about the invested amounts!

the powerful invest hyip

How the HYIP is generating the profits for its members?

According to the presentation video they are dealing with Forex, Securities and Crypto Currencies. All trading is made by financial experts.

Interesting here is that they don’t go into any details. A legit service will never pass on such important matter. Obviously they want to be shady and give less information then the minimum required in order to gain some credibility.

In addition, we don’t see any of those so called expert traders, or any sign of real identity that can be verified.

What about the guy in the presentation video?

He describes himself as part of this company but the truth is that he is just a paid actor and we`ll provide you with evidence in support of our statement.

Now let’s think about it for a second? Why a reputed investment company will use a paid actor? We can’t think of better explanation besides the obvious one. The people behind this want to remain anonymous! There you go another dubious detail.

the powerful invest scam

The Powerful Invest Scam Review – Summary!

Beyond any doubt we are dealing with another of those tricky HYIPs, aiming to steal your money. We have exposed a lot of strong scam elements, to support our statements. Be sure to never trust such looking services, and invest money there. The chance for you to be lied is very high!

Review Verdict: Powerful Invest HYIP is a SCAM! Avoid powerfulinvest.com!

We strongly advise you to rely on already proven as profitable online money making methods. Why you need to put money into hands of unknown company without good reputation? Instead you register with software solution or directly with broker, and trade the financial markets yourself. At least you`ll be in control of your own capital, and you can deposit and withdraw money from your broker account anytime you want. For good profitable alternative check our Top Rated Auto-Trading Solutions!

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Invest Ltd Scam or Trusted HYIP? Important Review!

  1. I invested 500$ towards 400% 6 days plan. They sucked the entire money after 6 days ie 2000$. Be careful they are frauds.
    Its a big scam

  2. It’s confirmed scam. They are not paying high amounts. Just state it as paid on their website. I have heared 3 excuses and they broke 3times their promise about payment. I think they do not have the money to pay out. I have pending withdrawal since 18.9.2016 and no money. Now they won’t even communicate now. BEWARE Powerfulinvest IS A NONPAYING SCAM!

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