PrePaid Profits Scam Or Innovation? Honest Software Review!

PrePaid Profits Scam or Innovation?

Please check our investigation review before you jump for this competition!

PrePaid Profits is new money making opportunity. Allegedly the offer is presented as some kind of trader vs trader competition! However, we have the right man to debunk this storyline, here in

Essentially the concept of this offer is looking really nice and mostly fun! However, trading is not a game folks! If you seek for games or place where you want to throw some money go to a casino, do not deal with the online markets.

Trading is serious and respected day-job, making money for countless people all around the world. It cannot be categorized as a push a button game! If you do feel like that, losing your capital is guaranteed!

Furthermore, everything inside remains anonimoys! There are no individuals, addresses or company names exposed! That fact is really disturbing!

the prepaid profits scam review

Why PrePaid Profits Software should not be trusted?

In general, we do not trust such looking websites! Yes, at the beginning we have a real person who appear and says few words but overall we have cartooned video! Important part of the video is hidden with a voice over acting. And we all know that this is typical approach for the lousy scams. In matter of a fact, we have never come across non-scam such looking website! With this review we`ll try to expose some of the scam elements, which are really repelling us from this system!

What exactly The PrePaid Profits Software is?

As we said, the presenter tries to convince us how this is some kind of inside competition between the traders inside this community. However, if its inside competition, how coms that you will be the winner? It does not make any sense! Well the anonimoys presenter claims that his algorithm will give you the edge but overall if every new investor gets it how the whole thing works? Everything smells super fishy!

Moreover, we have claims how this community has risen to 10 million people from the beginning of 2016. That’s a lie, currently a community with such sizes do not exist! In addition, where are the people? Why there is no information about this community on the search engines or social medias?

No Deposit, No Credit and no Trails?

Another bogus claim! Every investment software works with a broker! Once you register you`ll need to initiate a deposit before you gain the ability to use the service! Obviously you`ll need a trading capital to start trading! That’s not a bad thing, once you create a broker account and put money there, they are still yours to withdraw at any time. We are not even sure why the creators of PrePaid Profits Scam are hiding this fact.

What about the live session?

First, from that strange trading session we understand that this algorithm is trading 15 second trading. Such expiry rates do not exist in binary options trading. We tested the live trading! Despite the fact that you get $50, and claims how they are not fake money once you win the competition like we did, you can’t withdraw the funds as claimed in the video. You have to make a registration with a broker! Furthermore, after you get registered the account manager will put restrictions on your account claiming that you agreed to take a $50 bonus and now you have to reach certain trading volume to unlock your trading account! Everything is very messy and dangerous so do not be fooled!

What about their Live session?

Well, there are some problems with the guy who participates. He claims to be Josh and describes himself as famous competitive game caster. First, he reveals only his first name, which is strange and will be hard for regular blogger to investigate!

Moreover, to be targeted by is probably the worst thing that can happen for The PrePaid Profits Software. The owner of our blog Ventsislav Velev happens to be former professional Counter-Strike 1.6 and War Craft 3 competitive gamer! He is extremely familiar with the gaming scene and all famous gaming casters. Confirmed from him there is no famous game commentator named Josh! However, there is one guy who casts Team Fortress scene but he has extremely different voice so it’s not him!

PrePaid Profits Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We even went little bit off topic with all this gaming stuff, but as we explained we have inside point of view and we had to say few words. However, trading is not a game, it’s a serious industry and those who look for fun, this is not the place! PrePaid Profits Software is just a joke! A disgrace for the community and we do not advise you to invest your money there!

Review Verdict: The PrePaid Profits Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid those invitational emails for!

Viral Scam: Charity Profits!

Binary Options industry is lucrative field. Due to that fact many crooks are often advertising different scam service not even related to trading in seek of new investors. Unfortunately landing on such money stealing scheme is not pleasant that why you have to always rely on good reputed trading solutions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Systems! They all 100% approved by the community!

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One thought on “PrePaid Profits Scam Or Innovation? Honest Software Review!

  1. Hey, i like your review and i read it with interest.
    For me is very strange how exactly binary options trading, could be a competition or a game.
    Trading with binary options, has rules and ethic who everybody in this business respect. I am amazed by the ingenuity of these crooks.
    People don’t be fooled by this crap, if you want to trade whit assets, find a good regulated broker and do it directly.
    With all due respect to Vents

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