Prizm Tech Scam or Surprise? Honest Software Review!

Prizm Tech Scam or Surprisingly Good?

Read this investigation review we have a lot to say here!

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The Prizm Tech Software is new auto-trading service. Allegedly, the system is advertised like an old service and everything Is backed up with interesting story, but more for that latter.

According to the presenter Richard Squire this trading app is the solution to your financial problems. In addition, during the presentation he is making some really confident statements, which are not really backed up! Therefore, read this review before you invest money with the Prizm Tech!

prizm tech scam review

Prizm Tech Scam Review – All the missing details!

In general, the video presentation of a trading service, should aim to provide transparent information regarding the software itself. Therefore, we must see trading examples, or hear proper explanations of how the algorithms work! Or at least on what strategies or indicators the analysis are based on!

The disturbing part here, is that the video presentation is totally made in different direction. It starts strange and the inside information is literally no use to us! Moreover, the presenter promises to show us why Prizm Tech software is the real deal. Unfortunately, that does not happen but we get a crappy life story!

How the Prizm Tech Software works?

As we already mention the algorithm that this system uses remains unexplained! Richard Squire decides to go into personal explanations, how this system is the father of all binary options software solutions! Furthermore, he claims that the service is officially created in 2007, and back then it was generating around $8000 per day for its users! In addition, all this was possible with small investment.

Okay, we have never heard more ridiculous story EVER!

  • First, back in 2007, binary options trading was a trading-tool available only for private big investors, hedge funds, big exchange companies, big banks and so on. Officially binary options where introduced and officially allowed for the wide public back in 2008. In addition, they become popular after around 2 years. All this information we provide here, can also be found freely on Wikipedia and other trusted news sources! We encourage you to double check this if you want!
  • Second, we have never heard of Prizm Tech Software so far, if this tool was successful back in 2007? Why there are no reviews, forum posts or some kind of user feedback available on the social media dated with 2007 year? Really suspicious ha?
  • Third, obviously you cannot generate $8000 with minimum investment of $250 per day, that’s bizarre. In addition, this claim is in complete disagreement with the general agenda the alleged creator follows. Trying to warn us not to trust too good to be true offers!! Then why he makes such proposal?
  • Fourth and final scam element here! It’s beyond absurd to claim that this system is the father of all auto-trading and binary option services in general. Obviously that’s a poor lie, there are many tech companies who can build software solutions.

prizm tech software

The story regarding the API keys?

Crazy stuff! Essentially API stands for application programming interface. The code can be used into the integration of the application but, it’s not the main syncing source code. “The API key often acts as both a unique identifier and a secret token for authentication, and will generally have a set of access rights on the API associated with it.” The presenter has no freaking idea of what he is talking about. Yes, having an API key, brings additional protection and proofs that this particular copy of the system is yours. But in general when you sign up with a service and with a brokerage, you put your details, names, email and that’s pretty much enough to identify you!

Really strange approach here with those making no sense storylines.

Who is Richard Squire?

The guy is completely unknown to the trading community and the only site he is associated with is the Prizm Tech Software one! Normally we won’t have problem with that fact but he stated that he is the father inventor of all binary options systems, remember!? So, the normal questions that pops up in our heads is? Why there is no information anywhere regarding the godfather of all trading solutions!? Therefore, how can we trust him?


The video presentation starts with few people who testify that they have been scammed before, and we feel their pain. It’s really not cool to be scammed, we have been scammed many times while we are consistently registering and testing new systems. Most of them steal our money, so we can agree that it’s not cool when your initial capital just disappears.

But the part on how they support and testify the system while obviously this system is a scam, makes the testimonial not really trust wordy! We cannot say if those people are actors, but they all make unrealistic statements!

A $327 in few mins and then $900 per week? Just, nothing make sense here!

prizm tech scam review

Are there any real endorsements?

It appears that the Prizm Tech Software has no endorsements. We investigated the search engines plus most of the social medias. The result is really disturbing, we came across countless negative reviews and bad feedback from regular day-traders. Therefore, we can say that this system should not be trusted!

Prizm Tech Scam Review! Summary!

We can conclude that Prizm tech software is one really strange system. At beginning we taught that it might be something interesting but after we watched the whole video presentation it became pretty clear to us that this is a regular fraud! The main problem is the storyline and all the absurd claims that are made in it by the supposed founder of the company!

Review Verdict: Prizm Tech Scam Confirmed on 100%! Beware and do avoid!

Binary Options trading is used by many day-investors to generate good income for them and their families. Unfortunately, there are also, many crooks who advertise their trick-systems into the field! That’s why always rely on good reputation systems, which are supported and tested by the trading community! For safer alternative check our Top Rated Trading Services! They are 100% endorsed by the industry, no exceptions!

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