Pro 5000s Software is a SCAM! Honest Review!

 Pro 5000s Scam or Reliable System? (German Version)

Read our transparent review before you end up losing money with this software.

This scam service is completely targeting The Douche Speaking part of the world! And we feel obligated to warn, our German Subscribers about this potential threat!

Pro 5000s Software is new binary options fully automated robot. Allegedly the system will provide its investors with daily profits of $5000, consistently! We find this bold statement extremely overextended and unrealistic. Our team made an in-depth investigation regarding this system and we found solid proof that will expose this scam! Bear with us for few minutes and read this article.

Pro 5000s Scam Review! The hidden details.

the pro 5000s software

Just a quick tip before we start debunking this nasty scam. When you seek for legit trading tool, stay away from too good to be true offers and bad looking official websites similar to Obviously if the software was really capable of making $5000, every day! The creators of this system will be able to afford better looking webpage. Not one full of fabricated un-clickable endorsement badges and stolen photos from the web.

Now let’s move to the exposure part!

How the service works?

According to the information provided on, we are dealing with full automated robot managing to keep 100% accuracy. First we don’t like how there are no explanations of how the algorithm is working at all. But anyway that’s actually not important since the creators lie about their success rate. No human or software solution can generate and maintain 100% accuracy!!! This is the first big red flag for us!

The testimonials?

The people who appear and testify in support of this investment application are all paid actors! What the scam artists behind this service are aiming here is to create a positive environment around their fraud! A legit trading system will never buy positive stories!!! If this software was really working there should be success stories describing how good it is all around the social media. In this case we have only negative stories and exposure reviews! The Pro 5000s Software is not endorsed by anyone!

Is Jacob Brown real person?

The presenter Jacob Brown is also phony identity! The individual is not a trader or a man associated with the financial world. He is just a spokesperson, who can be hired from anyone. We`ll provide solid evidence to back up our words. The man is selling gigs in online marketplace site called Where you can hire actors to make testimonial or to represent your product professionally.

the pro 5000s scam review

Pro 5000s Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Please take this warning article seriously and avoid the Pro 5000s software. Investing with this app will not end well for your personal financial status. As you can confirm yourself now there are many lies involved within Beyond any doubt we talk about cruel scam! All the storyline is just fake, based on paid actors! In addition, we have countless amounts of stock photos all around the web and completely unrealistic claims about the potential profits. Please share this article in order to help and spread the word. Your simple gesture can save many people’s money!

Review Verdict: Pro 5000s Software is a SCAM! Be sure to avoid the bogus!

We hope that this warning review will reach all of our German Subscribers!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable. But keep in mind that there are many similar to Pro 5000s software scams, which are currently operating into the field. That’s why you need to be careful into your decision making! Always seek for second opinion from reputed blog website before you deposit money into any broker or software solution. If you are looking for legit help-trading tool, we invite you to take a look at our Top Recommended Binary Services! The investors are safe because they are all tested and endorsed by the trading community!

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