Profit 4 Patriots Scam or Honest System? Unbiased Software Review!

Profit 4 Patriots Scam or Legit?

Check this in-depth analysis review before you register with this investment opportunity!

Profit 4 Patriots is new software trading solution based on the binary options instrument! The alleged service promises that upon registration all investors will learn how to secure their future. Probably this is the goal of every normal human being in nowadays.

Thing is that we are very skeptical to such statements! That’s why immediately after we heard that is guaranteeing financial freedom we started our investigation! That’s why it’s really crucial for you to read this article before you decide to register with this service You might be surprised what we managed to dig out inside

the Profit 4 Patriots software

The Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review – The ugly truth!

Essentially the system is advertised as software solution and educational product. However, we found out that the alleged creator and CEO Douglas Ward is lying about the educational part! When you register you gain access only to a web-based trading platform with few features, there is nothing educational. No tutorials no lessons not even the promised contact with Mr. Ward! Details look extremely grim for this software and we have not even started the review!

Furthermore, we don’t like how the video is extremely long and full of news reports form major financial news televisions. The, probably have no authority to even show those cut scenes. However, a presentation video of such product need to be oriented in providing transparent information about the product! Not to make some propaganda against USA or Russia video, trying to implement hate against those countries in the worldwide population! Really strange and bizarre presentation, making no sense to us!

the Profit 4 Patriots scam review

Estimated profits?

Douglas Ward claims that this service is able to generate $1500 in 15 minutes. We don’t know even how to react to these bollocks. It is impossible to generate $1500 profits from initial investment of $250 for 15 minutes, period.

How The Profit 4 Patriots work?

Well, now as we already know that you want see any educational trading lesions or strategies, when you sign up. We need to rely on the rest of the information provided by the founder. The guy says that he makes money because he knows what will happen. As former Wall Street analyst and trader he claims to possess inside information. His clear picture of the economy year ahead is the reason why this service is so successful!

Okay, here we have two possible scenarios:

  1. He really has access to inside information. In this case we would like to inform you that dealing with companies who own inside information or owning and using such information is considered illegal! Meaning that if you get involved and this is really true you can get in trouble really quickly!
  2. Since Number 1. Is highly doubted, the second outcome is more likely to be the reality. The guy just plays guessing, which is more like a gambling, and his serves will lose your money!

Who is Douglas Ward and can we trust him?

He describes himself as Wall Street trader and analyst! In reality most of the successful traders on the New York Stock exchange are easy to find on the search engines! However, we couldn’t find anything about this individual no Facebook, no LinkedIn, and no reviews from credible news sources! In matter of fact the only information we found about this personality is associated with

In addition, one of his statements really bothers us! Mr. Ward claims that the financial instrument Binary Options is developed by financial experts back in 2008. That’s actually not true. Binary Options instrument exist for longer time and in 2008 they became publicly available for the regular investors! Before that the Options where available only for corporate big clients, banks and other big financial institutions! Therefore, we cannot trust this person, if he was really a trader he won’t make such lame rooky mistakes!

Trading during the weekends?

the Profit 4 Patriots software

Just another big scam element! For the unfamiliar, the online markets are actually offline during the weekends! No trading can be executed obviously!

The Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We believe that with this article we can convince you that Douglas Ward won’t actually teach you how to benefit from the online markets! Even worst if you trust him you will end up in bad financial situation! This service is just common money stealing scheme, similar to many others.

Review Verdict: The Profit 4 Patriots Scam Confirmed! Do not dare to invest real money inside!

Furthermore make sure to avoid: Optical Signal Trader!

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the Profit 4 Patriots software

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