Profit Insider Pro is a scam

Profit Insider Pro Is a Scam!

This transparent review will strip all the masks covering this binary options service, make sure to read it before take any further decisions!

Profit Insider Pro is fairly new binary options software. The website does not contain a lot of information, besides one promotion video. Anyway it’s enough for us to investigate and that’s what we have done. During our research, we found numerous of dubious facts around this trading system.

Profit insider pro scam review

Profit Inside Pro Scam Review! Everything you need to know about this phony system.

A strange looking pitch sales website gives for free a strange looking service in exchange of your personal feedback!

We really don’t like how this presentation video is made. Completely covered by voice over acting except some testimonials, which we will discuss later in this article. The alleged voice over narrator call himself Daniel Johnson. The personality does not have any authority inside the binary options industry. He is completely unknown and we strongly believe that he is just a fake personality!

There is nothing intelligent into this video, no information was given of how this algorithm is working or on what kind of algorithms it’s based on! The only interesting thing, which could give some credibility to Profit Insider Pro was the live trading session. Unfortunately, the actor made it so lame, that just proved, the system as bogus. He opened bunch of trades around 10 then claimed that they are 12, but no problem. The real problem comes from the video quality we couldn’t even see what kind of trades he opened. Anyway instead of letting those trades to finish like real live session, he pauses the video and eventually show us the end results. Clearly he can fabricate the results, he is the damn developer of the very bogus trading system! On top of that Daniel claimed to be making over €1700 Euro from those 10 wins! Well while he was opening the trades clearly he didn’t invest a lot of money, most trades where opened with investments under €100. With the average binary options return rate of 75% even second grade kid can calculate, that 12 trades with 2 loses can’t generate €1700, dumb story!

However, we decided to reveal one of the actors involved for your ease:


Moving forward with our Profit Inside Pro scam review, we would like to discuss the people who testify in support of this system!

Ferdinant, Lisa, Merisa, Jane and Dave are all fake personalities. The people who participate in Profit Insider Pro are not a regular day traders, actually they are not traders at all. All of them are hired from marketplace website called On this online market you can find all kinds of small jobs from such people for only $5 per gig. Visit the website and look around, if you want to get involved and expose all of the paid actors just write the word “testimonials” into the search box, and we guarantee that after 5 minutes everything will be straighten up in your head!

In addition, those invented people claim to be using this “amazing” trading bot for over 2 months now. Interesting and very time conflicting statement, the search revealed that is registered on 29.02.2016, obviously can’t be used before that very date!

Profit Insider Pro Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We are witnessing a bizarre story with nothing real in it. The service is obvious scam, there is nothing that can proof us otherwise! A voice over acting with few fabricated live session and phony testimonials from paid actors!? We need to believe in all that and invest with Profit Insider Pro? No, no thanks! We advise that you stay away from this fraud operation!

Final Verdict: Profit Insider Pro Scam Doubts CONFIRMED! Beware and avoid and everything connected with this dubious service!

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