Quantum Code Review! Scam or Trusted!?

Quantum Code Scam or Trusted?

Unadulterated Software Review!

thequantumcode.net; thequantumcodes.trade

The Quantum Code Software is represented like something extremely special and innovative. The investors who are using this auto trader, are already enjoying the glamorous hi-life. The official presenter Michael Crawford guarantees that everyone who touch this investment app will wake up a millionaire. Binary Options Spot, does not believe in too good to be true opportunities. That’s why we made an in-depth research in order to put to the test all the claims made inside thequantumcode.net; thequantumcodes.trade. Of course we will give a fair chance to Quantum Code System to proof as legit service.

quantum code scam review, thequantumcode.net, thequantumcodes.trade

Quantum Code Scam Review! The detailed reads behind the scenes!

Usually, when we seek for money making opportunity, we are always eager for quick cash. Thing is that our demand, can make us vulnerable to filthy scam systems. That’s why, when we came across a lucrative chance we are always extremely suspicious. Remember that like 95% of all software solutions available on the free markets are Ponzi schemes! But let’s not go of topic and move to our today’s subject.

Quantum Code Software, how does it work?!

To be honest there is no really good explanation of how the service works exactly but the creators came up with few words. So, we are looking at highly sophisticated algorithm using the NQS technology, which stands for “Near Quantum Speed”.

The explanation given by Sergei Ivanov – the leader and organizer behind the expert team of this organization:

  • The algorithm is analyzing the markets scraping other peoples or institutions trades. Using this method excludes human emotions and complete eliminates the room for mistakes, providing us with 100% success rate.
  • Using the NQS, the system is executing the trades before anyone else.

For what we understand it’s some kind of copy trading algorithm, but displayed in more complicated way.

Well, we believe that the NQS technology does not exist. We thing that it’s just a part of the convincing method behind The Quantum Code Software.

We believe that the creators stole their idea from a technology called QSR. The QSR, or “quantum speed reading” is new technology using for social education. “Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years.”

We won’t even bother to say anything about the rate, it’s just impossible, no one can predict the financial markets on 100%, this is quite big repelling element!

Who is Michael Crawford the CEO and Founder of the Quantum Code?

Michael Crawford is famous multi-millionaire and philanthropist. The guy claims to be extremely famous and we can read about his investment methods on magazines like Forbes. The well-known investor is also known as the Wall Street Wizard, The Millionaire Trader, The nicest Reich guy in the World. All the nick names came back when he was a Wall Street employee.

We made vast research but we couldn’t find anything on him inside Forbes or any of the other financial related magazines. Also, we couldn’t associate any of the nicknames with this individual. In addition, we wonder why he will display himself as famous trader well-known into the niche and even a Wall street trader. But then he will claim that he does not know much about trading in the middle of the video presentation. Anyway, this personality does not exist, this man is a paid actor.

We would like to apply an interesting photo here. Take a look of this picture we think that its saying thousand words. Why the hell, a multi-millionaire will buy a plane where he will hit his head to the side true the whole flight?

quantum code scam review, thequantumcode.net, thequantumcodes.trade

Estimated profits with Quantum Code Software!

According to the information exposed into the video presentation, the minimum daily income is around $10,000. Everything is guaranteed and you don’t have to invest a single dime to start. First of all, you need to invest at least $250, to start using the quantum code system! I Secondly, you cannot expect to make $10k per day on full autopilot starting with $250, or even with $1000 capital. Everything around the potential profits here is misleading and won’t happen.

In addition, they show us a fake trading account containing 1 billion dollars, where Mr. Crawford claims that those are the profits made by this software since 2006.

  1. The system is extremely new! The domain is registered on 12.06.2016, clearly debunking half of the storyline! You cannot use something that does not exist!
  2. This trading bot, is using the financial instrument the binary options. Back in 2006, options trading was not available for the wide public. This trading tool, was officially released for free usage back in 2008, and became popular in after 2010.

quantum code scam review, thequantumcode.net, thequantumcodes.trade

The Endorsements and Testimonials!

Interesting claims about how this system has already turned 350 regular people into millionaires. There is no real proof that all those people exist. Just think for a second here, why there are no real success stories of those people expressing their success all around the social medias? The only testimonials available for Quantum Code Software are the two inside the promotion video. Well, we can’t trust those two, obviously the 2 guys are paid actors, no one knows them. They also, does not express some kind of high standard leaving. We have two typical phony testimonials in front of a normal home-background!

What else we can say about this bogus service!?

Well, the inside of quantum code system and overall the whole concept is pretty similar to already exposed scams, Quick Cash Method and Profit Protection. Probably this is just the next red flag, which will warn us to stay away from this financial black whole!

Quantum Code Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Folks, don’t be fooled here, the 100% accuracy auto trader does not exist. No human or algorithm can handle all markets conditions, its simply impossible. That’s the beauty of the financial markets, no one can forecast them on 100%. There are just too many fundamentals that can move them. The quantum code scam is just an illustration of another filthy scam! Do not waste your money with this software, because it won’t end up well for your budget.

Review Verdict: Quantum Code Software is 100% SCAM! Beware and avoid the fraudulent page , thequantumcode.net; thequantumcodes.trade!

New comer to the trading scene? Sign with Free Demo Account EU / US! For safer alternatives to the Quantum code scam, we invite you to check our Trusted Trading Systems. Just keep in mind that legit as they are, you won’t wake up a millionaire overnight using them! Anyway, they can add nice income to your monthly payout.

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11 thoughts on “Quantum Code Review! Scam or Trusted!?

  1. Yes it is a scam. He never even went once at Wall street. I know.
    He didn’t even took off , flown from his rented for 10 minutes jet.
    It’s just a show to steal your money.

  2. Thank you guys… yall saved me $250.. 🙁 i wanted to b a millionare!! sorry, im a bit gullable..

  3. the last binary scam i invested in cost me $40,000 in the end and they said i could withdraw my money but that never happened and that was three years ago and then they said i had to pay a sum of money to get my money back that is where there fraud kicks in and that just didn’t sit well with me or happen either they lie and lie to keep you on the hook.. this one had a cant fail gimmick too and the quantum code sounds like the same thing they hook you with free soft ware then tell you you have to use one of their broker accounts to make it work after you invest a minimum of $250 but they tell you the more you invest the faster you can make lots of money.Lies.
    .Yea right. if this works i will be really surprised.maybe if Michelle who is a paid actor , michael Craford doesnt exist and any thing that comes out of the UK is a scam,
    would guarantee our investment as long as he his so rich with this free money scheme it might be some what believable. i have heard the same speal from other binary option web sites they talk a good game but they don’t follow through with the goods.twenty new members ..hogwash. they then say well we don’t have any more for free but you can get it for a small feet’s has scam written all over it.so save your money and frustration and close the page and go have a good stiff drink

  4. Quantum code was an experiment to me, It didn’t work there were 4000 people at least today, and it didn’t work for anyone. I have reason to believe that CTOption is just a computer simulation, and no trading is going on.

    I started out with 250.00 the stopped at 116.25





  5. I was almost got caught in this scam, after reading your replies, like they say ” IT’S TO GOOD TO BE TRUE”

  6. And no words are coming from their hearts, they are actors who play with emotions on their faces and voices, but who don’t even know their texts by heart, l mean their texts are coming from a piece of paper they’re meant to read in front of a camera, a piece of paper mischievously written 🙂
    So yes let’s Skype this guy or that other guy who would share their true testimonies with us and let’s see them making unhappy or smiley faces while reading a commercial text right in front of us 🙂
    Lots of other funny details to say, but wanted to point this out at least.

    Thank you for this article !

  7. The second person to endorse the software was supposed to be an Australian . I can assure you his accent was nothing like an Australians accent

    1. I agree, he wasn’t Australian, sounded more like Indian cross American cross English .. hahah but I was entertained .

  8. If he was so rich he would buy a bigger jet. Also, I’m a pilot and the jet taxing noise didn’t match the Jets movements, the shot of the pilots in the cockpit is a video I’ve watched many times on YouTube. It was fun to watch though, funny as hell. Keep up the good work.

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