Quick Cash Method Scam Exposed! Honest Review!

Quick Cash Method Is a SCAM!

This review will expose all the pesky details!


Quick Cash Method is new money making opportunity related with binary options trading. The alleged presenter and founder Michael Thompson has many promises but can he keep them? At certain point he was looking convincing but after we watched the whole video we came across lots of false content. Before you decide to invest money with this trading system, make sure to read out in-depth review.

quick cash method scam review

Quick Cash Method Scam Review! Everything you need to know!

Usually, we are not super aggressive with the systems we investigate, but this one is extremely bogus. After we expose all the evidence you`ll realize how nasty some scams can be.

Who is Michal Thomson and is he really “impossible to fail guy”?

He alone describes himself as an elite binary options trader. A trader who never loses and earns 8 figures per year. All revenues are generated true the financial trading instrument Binary Options! Well, if he was so great to make so much money with binary options, then why no one knows him? There is not a single success story accessible, which can confirm his success. It’s a red flag for us but let’s pretend that he is honest and just move on with our transparent review.

How this trading service works?

According to the information exposed we are dealing with copy trading service. The trading method is simple! After you register you are granted with instant access to a web-based platform. If you watch the whole video presentation you`ll see the platform, because they are making something like a live session.

Basically the software is providing signals and you have to click on them and open trades. All signals are plot of the hard working Michael Thompson. He claims that he sits behind this system analyzing the markets and posting signals. Well at sometimes there are like 10 signals popping up at the same time, we are not completely sure how one human can do this. We speak about simple multi-tasking capabilities and what’s physically possible here. For us one man cannot post 10 different signals at the same time!

In addition, just for those who wonder, you can make fake registration and just before you deposit you can take a look at the platform. You might need to do that because we have many evidence associated with the platform. There is the place where the creators made big blunder.


quick cash method scam review

Tell us know, because we don’t really understand. Michael Thompson clearly said that “auto trading software, will never make you rich”. Okay then why you are offering auto trading service? Everything is just looking absolutely bizarre.

Testimonials and endorsements!

Quick Cash Method is not enjoying any kind of support from anyone. Most of the reputed blogs are blacklisting the system instantly. There is also quite big amount of bad feedback from real day traders all around the social medias.

As testimonials we couldn’t find any outside of quickcashmethod.net. The inside once are fabricated. We can give the example of Paulin and Martin. The creator shows us their bank account containing half a million. Then he explains how they have generated that amount for little more than 3 months! This seems impossible for us because the official domain quickcashmethod.net is registered on 30.04.2015. Today is 23.06.16 clearly time conflicting statement, debunking the fabricated testimonials.

The live session of quick cash method!

This is our biggest evidence here. Michael Thompson log into his trading account containing $250. He opens like 6 – 7 trades, while he trashes talks. What’s interesting here is that he does not leave the trades to finish he pauses and then he came back for the result. Never mind, that’s okay for us we are traders and we can check the trades on the chart in order to confirm their honesty. That actually turned to be unnecessary. Take a closer look to the screenshot below!

quick cash method scam review

Notice those trades, everything is fabricated. Those trades where no wining once, look the last Silver trade. PUT option from 17.108 expiry rate 17.121, clearly a lost trade not a winning one. Take a look at the other pointed trades they are all fabricated.

Quick Cash Method Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Seems like our target here is really nasty scam. In addition, the creator even guarantees that if you do not experience the results he promises he will personally give you $5000 for the time and effort. At this point we strongly doubt all the words spoken by him. Obviously everything is one filthy deception. We advise you to stay away from this investment application!

Final Review: Quick Cash Method Scam Chance? 100%!!!!! Avoid quickcashmethod.net!

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Binary Options is extremely lucrative field but you have to be careful and always stay away from too good to be true offers. Always seek second opinion or make small research before you sign with broker or a service! Also, take a look at our Black List, it might save you from investing with dubious system.

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