Rapid Income Method is Lame Scam! Check the Review!

Rapid Income Method SCAM???

This unbiased review will provide all the answers!


Rapid Income method is brand new binary options cash bot. The service estimate daily profits are pointed at minimum $5600. The alleged CEO and presenter Kevin Wood guarantees everything with $100,000 from his own pocket if, something goes wrong. The technology behind this service is well hidden secret. Can this software answer all the claims made? Read this unbiased review, it will give you full transparency!

Rapid Income Software Review, the details!

The official website of rapidincomemethod.co is pretty low quality. We notice few fake endorsement badges, one presentation video, and a phony licenses cooldown banner. The banner decreases while we spend time on the page but after refresh it always starts from higher number, quite dubious! Basically a typical scam liking page.

How Rapid Income Software works? We are not sure, the information exposed in the video contains no legit explanation. The fact that we don’t such is quite suspicious. The algorithm behind this software remains a secret!

rapid income method scam

Are the testimonials we saw in the video real? The answer is sharp – NO! All of the people who try to generate authority to the service true testimonials are paid actors. You can order the same type of videos in online marketplace site called Fiverr.com. We will reveal two of them just to back up our words. Anyway, this is a major red flag, since no legit trading system will use fake identities and actors to create positive reviews!!! We also investigated the social media for any positive reputed opinions from day traders or bloggers but we failed to find any. This indicates that the system is poorly trusted and the scam percent here is extremely high!

rapid income software

Who’s the person with the big mouth and many promises? Kevin Wood the father of this investment application is no different than the other people associated. The man promises financial freedom and “imagine this, imagine that” type of dreams. However, his set of skills are very far from the financial world. The real person behind this identity is also from UK but his name is Daren and he works as actor! Of course we`ll provide the evidence needed!!

rapid income review

Rapid Income Review the Summary!

Complete fiverr.com operation that’s what we are dealing with here! The people who approve and claim to be making thousands of dollars with this system are FAKE! The developer / CEO / spokesperson, is paid actor, how can we believe in his $100,000 worth lies!? The official web-page is poorly made with bogus elements inside! Such looking so called fake cash-bots are being released on daily basis, and cannot trick us! Investing with this system is not recommended and extremely dangerous as its going to steal your money immediately!

Final Verdict: Rapid Income Method Scam Double Confirmed! Be sure to avoid the fraud page rapidincomemethod.co!

BinaryOptionsSpot is dedicated to fight scams. We do our best to warn our readers of every single viral fraud operation out there! That’s why we encourage the investors to always look for second opinion from reputed industry blog or news source, before taking any money involving decisions! If, you are a completely new to the financial world, take note that registering with Free Demo Account is the safest way to startup your trading carrier! Also, joining trading group like Mike’s Fb Signal Group might be the greatest choice for you! There you can trade with professional traders and learn the basics of trading. Later on when you gain more experience you can eventually switch to real money account and start self-trading! Looking for auto trading solution safer then Rapid Income Method? We invite you to check our TOP Trusted BO Services!

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