Regal Wealth Busted! Total Scam Full of LIES!

Regal Wealth Scam Review!

We`ll put this service honesty to the test! Make sure to read this unbiased review, It might affect your future decision making.

Regal Wealth is new binary options trading solution! The alleged Founder and CEO of this company is Michael King, displayed as professional Wall Street trader. Back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit the online markets he decided to quit as Wall St. trader and found his own company called Regal Wealth LTD. The firm ruled by Mr. King develops trading algorithms for binary options trading tool. Based on their great success now, they have many happy investors. We made our regular investigation, and we managed to find some interesting facts involved, which might ruin the credibility of this system. This review contains spoilers and will expose this investment application as scam!

regal wealth scam software

Regal Wealth Scam Review! Dubious elements revealed!

We`ll jump on the video presentation right away. The video starts with a strange live session of a new Regal Wealth Software investor. Why strange? Because we actually don’t see the actual software in action, they just show us the outcome of the taken trades for period of 8 hours. In addition, the starting balance of $250 jumped to over $4,000! Unfortunately, the reality inside the trading industry is different. Such initial deposit can’t generate such staggering profits for so short period of time. Normally, traders use up to 5% of their budget as trading amounts. In the video we notice how the first trade the system place is for $250, there is not a single real trader, who will use all his account for one trader. Trading is not a joke or gambling, real investors rely on technical and fundamental analysis, they win and lose trades and look for higher win rate percentage overall. Basically there is no chance for 100% accuracy, and you can’t just go and risk all your account balance on one single trade, if you lose it that’s it, your account is gone!

During the video there is one voice over actor who appear from time to time, described as successful member of the Regal Wealth software! Dominic Ward, claims that he is investing with this system for one year now. While he is speaking of how happy he is to be part of this amazing community, he showed his starting account of $250, growing to $10k in one day and then to $50k for one week. Not only that such profits are bizarre and impossible to generate but also, we saw something really fishy. Take a close look of the news feed while he is surfing true his account. You can notice few news showing from 2016 year!! Completely debunking the fact that he is supposed to show us his account before one year!? Obviously Dominic Ward is invented personality and this account is fabricated!!!

Who is Michael King and is The Regal Wealth Company Real!?

We found two companies with this name one of them is a financial investment company funding real estate, and the second is pension fund. Both are not related with Michael King. We research the identity of the subject and the search failed to find any legit information on this personality. Basically he is not a Wall Street Trader, he does not own this company and no one has ever heard of his success. The man we seen in the promotion video is paid actor and his only task is to convince you that this bogus app might provide wealth to you and your family. Using the old school pushing marketing tricks. “there are only 50 spots available”, “imagine what your life will become if you are millionaire”.

Let’s continue our Regal Wealth Scam review with few words about the official page We notice a live trading feed under the video! Just take a closer look for some time there and you`ll notice how those trades are fabricated, we`ll provide a snapshot as evidence!

Win but the Finish Price Rate is under the Entry Strike Rate? HAHAHA!

the regal wealth scam software

Lastly but not least as importance, how the hell the 50 members from last year were using the Regal Wealth Software? Search on clearly shows that is registered on 11.05.2016! We are not sure but for us, normally you can’t use something that does not exist, how do you think?

Regal Wealth Scam Review! The Conclusion!

So, what we have? An odd trading sessions with unrealistic results. The alleged CEO is described as big deal but the lack of information exposes him as liar! A stolen company name brand, probably the shady creators seek for easy to build authority here, well they failed!  A phony live trading feed with fabricated results. Basically that’s what Regal Wealth Software is, a big fat scheme, seeking for the fresh newcomers to this industry.

Final Verdict: Regal Wealth Scam Confirmed! Avoid, safe your hard earned money!

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