Safe Cash Scam Revealed

Safe Cash Is a Scam!

This review will reveal the real face behind this fraud!

Safe Cash System is supposed to be an auto trading software. Unfortunately, for the creators of this scheme, our investigation leads us to many disturbing facts. Don’t be fooled by this scam, the service is just re-released scam. The shady developers behind this think that, enough time has passed and they can just re-launch their fraud.

Safe Cash System! Why we need to stay away from this.

safe cash system safe cash review

The official website is just a typical fraud operation! Poorly made with nothing clickable except the presentation video and the registration box. We have a lame video covered with few testimonials and voice over narrator.

Richard Carrier is described as creator and CEO of this “amazing” software. The founder also has worked as General Manager for famous hedge fund and he is graduated Harvard financier.  Okay, but he is just a voice over actor and in the middle of the video they are showing some stock model pretending to be Richard. Overall pathetic authority attempt, the creator is just fake voice over actor. We are not sure if mentioning that he has nothing associate with Harvard is important here. We are used to see such looking scams on daily basis, nothing different.

So, the “trading expert” Richard claims some really interesting things, we`ll number all the questionable once!

  1. The software managed to generate $240,850 for 2 months with initial deposit of $250. First, this is hardly possible and also, if trading tool manage to make such profits for 60 days! The news will be announced on every industry portal, and probably on many out niche once. In this case we don’t have any announcements or endorsements by the industry! Even worst most of the reputed blogs are already black listing this lame fraud.
  2. The trading results of Safe Cash System are third party verified, which by the way are announced as the staggering 98.5%. First such accuracy does not exist. Second we don’t see any trust wordy verifications, no names companies or anything. So, the question: “Who verified them?” Stays in the shadows!
  3. There are top traders with 10 years of experience who are providing the signals behind Safe Cash System. Where are those traders? We don’t see any credible confirmation of their existence. They don’t participate in the video!!! Obviously a storyline trick, just to back up the background story.

safe cash scam safe cash review

All the statements made by the scam artist are unrealistic and deceptive. There is nothing that can be proven legit, and most of the claims are actually just push into registration tricks!

Let’s continue our Safe Cash Review with few words about the people who actually participate in the video with their faces!  There are few people who meet is in person inside the video. All of them are just paid actors. The people can be found selling their testimonials gigs in online marketplace website called We will expose some of them as proof of our words. Actually they are all quite famous and they take part in many similar poor scams. Scam Artist Evidence

Safe Cash Review! Finale!

The promoting page and the promotion video have been released for first time back in July, 2015. Now almost year after, the criminals behind this service are releasing the software once again! As you alone can confirm there is nothing real inside this website. The presentation video is committed to convince you into signing. The reality after you make this mistake to invest here is harsh, your money will disappear in matter of seconds. The appearance of fake testimonials is big red flag. If the system works there will be real testimonials all around the social media. We advise you to stay away from this trading system.

Review Verdict: Safe Cash System Is a SCAM! Avoid putting money in this will not end good for you!

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safe cash system review

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