Safeguard Trader Scam Or Trusted Software? Honest Review!

Safeguard Trader Scam or Legit?

Our unbiased review will provide you all the answers!

Safeguard Trader is brand new binary options trading system. The alleged presenter is David Hefner! Our in-depth review aims to investigate if everything displayed into is true! We made in-depth investigation and for one thing we are 100% confident! You need to read this article before you decide to put your capital into this investment application. You might be surprised but we found some really suspicious content.

the Safeguard trader scam review

Safe Guard Trader Scam Review! The reality behind the courtesy!

We watched the whole presentation video, and we made a list of topic, which must be explained. Therefore, we`ll go over all the dubious elements and explain everything. So, we`ll make sure you will get all the seeking answers!

Who is David Hefner and is SafeGuard Trader Ltd. Real? Because Obviously his solicitation methods are trash mode.

The associate individual is displayed as CEO and Founder of this organization. He is former employee of Garmin Limited, Kansas. The company is focusing development of Global Positioning Systems. His position was as developer of automobile satellite units. He left the company in order to focus his time onto binary options trading. The decision turned to be right because now he claims to be making $1.2 million dollars per day!

The truth is slightly different! We researched hid identity and we couldn’t confirm him as former Garmin employee. The official page of this organization does not know anything about Mr. Hefner. We strongly doubt that he is the multi-millionaire, as described. Simply, such successful trader is usually quite famous into the social media space. In this case the search engine shows posts only related with

In addition, there is something really interesting about this man. He is a paid actor there is no doubt. We know him, because he recently participated into another very viral and dangerous scam, called GPS Trader. Actually the system is almost a pure copy of the SafeGuard Trader APP, but more for that latter on. So, inside GPS Trader we have David Hefner as Richard Hefner! We`ll provide you with really interesting screenshot here, associated with live trading session made within the Safeguard Trader app promotion video.

the safeguard trader app

The live trading session explained!

Since, we are still on this topic we would like to explain why this live trading is unrealistic and fabricated. Notice how he starts from $372, and after 58 seconds the account jumps to $924.97.  This is impossible for several reasons.

  • After only 58sec the account jumps with $552.97. The time is enough for only one trade of 60 seconds!
  • The auto trader is set to use $175 investment per trade. The average return rate in binary options trading is 75% – 80%.
  • Even if the software uses all $372, the potential profit is around $300. Again not enough to reach the staggering $924.97.

Clearly here we have fabricated trading session.

The estimated profits?

There are really ballsy promises of how you`ll be able to profit a minimum of $33,000 on daily basis. Everything is guaranteed by the presenter Mr. Hefner! In addition, you`ll be receiving your money within 24h period. The payment method will be EHPT (express high-value payment transfer). The narrator also claims that this bank payment instrument is available worldwide for his members. We are even not aware of such bank instrument allowing people to transfer money so quickly worldwide, but we won’t get into bank-tool details here.

The reason why this is also an impossible claim is pretty simple. Safeguard Trader APP is working with binary options brokerages. Every broker has his own terms and conditions including the withdraw policy. Meaning that some brokers withdraw money for 2-3 business days, other for 5 days. All depends on the broker not the trading system you are using. Basically this is just part of the overall deception.

How Safeguard Trader APP works?

All invented by the two brothers David Hefner and Josh Hefner this “innovative” trading solutions is again based on GPS bullshit!

Similar to GPS trader and Navstar Trader, with Safeguard Trader Scam we get the same lousy explanations. The algorithm is based on satellite GPS technology. The company has superfast computers and cloud servers all around the globe allowing the software to reach data superfast. Everything is one big lie, and those algorithmic methods cannot be implemented in order to benefit from binary options trading. It’s just technically impossible, period!

The trading software will never lose; it has 100% accuracy! This is the main motto maintained by the presenter. All this is possible due to their SGT protocol, reaching data 94/100th of a second faster the everyone else. Again here, similar to GPS trader and Navstar Trader we get the silly explanation how this system never loses due to some questionable protocol. Even if, it was all real the fence trading does not mean that your system is 100% accurate! Basically, as we explained the return rates in binary options are not 100%! Therefore, you need more than 58% accuracy to be in green balance!

the safeguard trader app

Who are the expert traders behind SafeGuard Trader APP!?

We already know that David AKA Richard Hefner is phony actor, but what about the other individuals? Josh Hefner – CO-Founder, Steve Robinson – Financial Analyst, Peet Den Hayer – Senior Programmer, Helen Palmer – New Member Support, Michael O’Leary – Head of profit automation. Those people are also non-existing personalities, they are all stock photos attached to names! We`ll provide all the evidence! Also check Swarm Intelligence!

the safeguard trader scam review

The happy investors of Safeguard Trader APP, are they real?

There are a total of 47 members, claimed to be using this trading platform from few months now! The first 37 already became millionaires. Thing is that there is not a single success stories available on the entire web! That can support those claims and actually give this system some authority! Additionally, the official domain has been registered on 04.06.2016, and updated live on 16.06.2016, before 4 days! Basically this debunks a lot of the story-line. Making this auto trading robot impossible to be used before that date!

Safeguard Trader Scam Review! The Conclusion!

There is no doubt, the service is a fraud operation. We have revealed solid evidence of obvious connections between GPS trader (already proven scam) and Safeguard trader app! Paid acting, phony identities, overpromising and misleading content. We strongly recommend, to avoid this auto trading solution! Investing your money here will not end well for your budget.

Review Verdict: Safeguard Trader Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid the bogus!

In addition, other viral scam reviews: GPS TRADER, NAVSTAR TRADER!

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