Satellite Trader Scam Review! Do not Touch This Software!

The Satellite Trader Scam Warning!

Check our investigation review before you end up tricked by this shady system!

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Satellite Trader Software is brand new auto trading platform. According to the official presenter Richard Heffner his invention will completely restructure our lives.

The main promise made by the CEO is sounds absolutely ridiculous! He promises that every investor who enrolls with this offer will become millionaire for free in just 51 days. This offer can be categorized immediately as “too good to be true” and should be avoided.

However, we also understand that the long presentation video and the detailed approach of Mr. Heffner can be very convincing. That’s why we`ll go over all the details and explain why this money-making opportunity should be avoided!

the satellite trader scam review

Satellite Trader Scam Review – The whole story-line debunked!

First we have problem with the overall story folks. This robot is nothing but re-launch of an old but very dangerous scam called GPS Trader. Moreover, the scammers here are even using the same script. The actor is reading the very same script. They have changed only the background!

Despite the fact that we already have solid evidence and connection between the both scams, we`ll explain why everything promised is impossible and the technology cannot be applied with binary options trading!

Who is Richard Heffner?

The guy who appears in front of a green screen is actually famous actor among the scam software solutions. Not only that he claims to be the CEO of GPS trader and Satellite Trader but he also claims to be the CEO of Terabit and Safeguard systems. If you are interested for all the gossip details check our older warning reviews.

the satellite trader scam review

How the APP works?

First we are not looking at downloadable trading solutions like claimed in the video. We talk about fully web-based white technology platform. By the way this inside interface is used in at least 10 more similar looking products.

According to the fake scam-artist the key behind the success of this bot is the speed coming from the satellites and servers owned by the company behind this venture. Well, in reality such company does not exist, and even if it existed the trading methods explained within are not realistic and they cannot be applied with the financial instrument binary options!

Furthermore, we would like to explain that no trading algorithm or human trader can forecast the online markets on 100%. And the explained “counter rapid trade” is also impossible. Simply because you cannot save trades like this with binary options. In order to place a fence trade, you need to open the position at least 60sec before the expiry with the same SR, investment and similar to the initial expiry rate!

Estimated profits?

This system is not a profitable one, but even if it was you won’t be able to make $850 per hour neither $20k a day! That’s not realistic and if you expect such profits you will end up disappointed even from the legit trading systems.

The attempt of Richard Heffner to show us the system in action also fails. The return rates in binary options are averaging 75% meaning that if you invest $350 like shown in that session you can’t end up with $800+ balance after 1 trade. This is simple mathematic, and we don’t know why the developers of this lousy fraud are making such poor mistakes.

How they push us?

The creators are using the oldest trick in the books. They claim that today is the last chance for us to register with the Satellite trader. Well, we made a search and the domain is registered on 10.11.2016 meaning that the last day was before 4 days. Why then the video is not down?

the satellite trader scam review

Are there any outside endorsements in favor of this system?

Probably the most important detail, which help us to determine if we look at bogus or good system is the hones day-trader opinion. That’s why we always check the social media and the search engines. In this case, we managed to find only negative feedback and warning reviews. When the whole trading society is warning about potential threat then we need to be very cautious. Moreover, there is no reason for us to invest and risk our money here!

Satellite Trader Scam Review – the finale!

Beyond any doubt folks, this is dishonest offer. The main reasons behind our statements are associated with the fact that this is just re-launch of older scam! In addition, the methods displayed within are not realistic and as we explained no algorithm can perform with 100% success rate!

Review Verdict: The satellite trader software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid any registrations or engagement with!

Binary Options can be very lucrative instrument. Unfortunately, due to the high demand the field is also attracting many crooks. Which attempt to steal our money with too good to be true offers similar to the Satellite trader. Knowing that you have to be careful and always rely on good reputation programs. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading solutions. They are all tested before endorsed and approved on 100% by the trading community!

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