Scalper Bot 1000 IS A SCAM! Beware German Traders! Software Review!

Scalper Bot 1000 Is a SCAM!

Beware German Traders this system aims to steal your money!

Scalper Bot 1000 is new trading system using the binary options niche to trick new investors. This time we have a scam, which fully focusing the Germany! The video and the official presentation website are both translated in German language. Allegedly the investment application promises financial freedom but in reality is just another filthy money stealing scheme!

We made in-depth investigation, which revealed a lot of scam elements in front of us! With this article we will provide all the evidence we found. Furthermore, we`ll give you few advices on how to avid bogus systems like this one in the future!

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Scalper Bot 1000 Scam Review! The ugly truth!

In general, too good to be true offers must be avoided, because they don’t match the reality! Especially when we speak for online trading. This field is extremely lucrative and due to that fact the industry is dragging many crooks who are stalking the new comers! That’s why you have to be very careful with your decision making here and always rely on good reputed services! As we promised with this article we`ll go over few really disturbing details and show you why this system must be avoided at all cost!

How this software works?

Surprisingly or not the alleged creator Kevin Bright decided to skip this important matter and turn the presentation into “make you eager” BS! Usually when you notice this into presentation video this is major red flag. Obviously saying that this software uses “secret special algorithm” is not much of explanation! Therefore, this must bring out the alarm and warn you that there is something suspicious going on here! If the actual creator cannot explain how his creation works, there is something fishy!

Estimated profits are they realistic?!

With Scalper Bot 1000 we have totally none realistic promises how you`ll be able to bank $1000 or euros every day! Moreover, they guarantee that with in initial investment of $250. No folks, you won’t be able to make so much money with such initial capital! We are not saying that it’s impossible overall! But it’s impossible with such investment and with non-genuine trading system! If you pick a good service and you have proper budged above $2000, you might be able to make 1k per day!

Who is Kevin Bright the magic creator?

The man is just fictitious character. Originally he is hired from the real scammers behind this system from online marketplace called There you can hire all kinds of skilled people to do different kinds of jobs for you! In addition, you should also know that the basic gig there is only $5, so you can get real picture how cheap this fraud actually is!

We will provide solid evidence to back up our words here! Take a look at the snap shots!

the scalper bot 1000 scam review

Endorsements and Testimonials!

The Scalper Bot 1000 does not enjoy any endorsements from real and reputed industry news sources! So we can strongly state that the only feedback we came across is the negative one from investors who decided to join this system and test it! Social medias are already full of those negative reviews, coming from the regular day-traders.

Regarding the testimonials, the situation is extremely bad. All the testimonials spread all around are fabricated! The photos you notice all around the page are just stock photos, attached to names!

Scalper Bot 1000 Scam Review – The conclusion!

As you can see yourself already we have pointed some really repelling details! In general, if you come across such cheap looking service with questionable origin you must close the site! Not 99% but 110% of the similar looking opportunities are us fraud operations! Keep that in mind folks when you seek for good trading system! In this cares we advise our German subscribers to take care and not to invest with this auto-trading robot.

Furthermore, we just want to add that the social media channel, which basically advertise this scam, has the main videos of other viral scams! Take a look at the list: Prizm Tech, 10 Fold Finance, Wealth Crew, Playboy Millionaire, Profit Professor and others! They are all proven scams and when you register with every one of them you`ll see the similar inside interface, including the Scalper Bot 1000!

the scalper bot 1000 scam review

Review Verdict: Scalper Bot 1000 Software is a Scam! Be sure to stay away from!

Binary options trading can become a really nice income for you, that’s for sure. But as we said you have to be aware of the fact that there are many scams currently running around the industry! Be cations and always choose goodly endorsed trading systems! For safer alternatives we invite you to take a look at our TOP Rated Binary Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long time!

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  1. First time i heard about “Scalper Bot 1000” i decided to invest some money. I thought everything will be alright. But after that i lose $300 dollars. I did not need much time to released i was cheated. Thanks to your site i did not lose more money.

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