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Lazy Trader APP AKA Profit Repeater Scam Review – Need to Read!

Lazy Trader APP AKA Profit Repeater Software!

Please read this review before you invest real money with this system!

Official website:

Lazy Trader APP is new trading self-trading platform allegedly developed by Rick Daniels. Whom should be a self-made millionaire with big ego and deep pockets. Now, he promises to take few regular people (47) and makes them $150,000 for 10 days or $15,000 each day.

Since this is too unrealistic promise we decided to take a closer look and investigate this online opportunity closely. Our research managed to come across many dubious details and based on that we conclude that this system should not be trusted. Continue reading and see why, we`ll expose all the evidence!

lazy trader app, profit repeater software

Lazy Trader Scam Review – All you need to know!

In general, we always warn our readers to stay away from too good to be true offers. Just because they seem to be all scams without any exceptions. When you see, someone promising huge amounts of money for free combined with short amount of time, know that its hostilely dishonest offer. Rick Daniels tries to guarantee $15,000 a day even during weekends with his name? Well, we`ll see if his name can guarantee anything latter in this review.

How the Profit Repeater Software Works?

We did not hear any good explanation by Rick Daniels regarding how his algorithms work. Isn’t that the most important part? If you have created something you would be able at least how it works? In Daniels case, he says only that its auto-trading and that its making money. Okay but the system is not even automated, its manual with semi-automated functions. Meaning that it’s not a robot but you have to sit on the computer and actually trade suggested by the system trades. For us, skipping such important topic is a big red flag.

lazy trader app, profit repeater software

Live trading session of Lazy Trader APP– is it real?

During the video the two actors go into coffee shop in seek of trading volunteer. Someone to test the system in front of everyone proving that it’s easy to use and accurate.  That part of the video really revealed this system as bogus and this session as fabricated. Obviously making all individuals who take part fictitious characters.

Let’s analyze some of the trades. Take a look at the snapshots. Now, let’s do the debunking with the first two trades as they are executed with $100 investment and its easier for us to calculate.  Those two trades are supposed to bring $251.50 and $387 US Dollars as profit. We would like to tell you that such payouts do not exist. Binary options return rates are averaging around 75%, in some cases they go up to 85%, for specific assets. Meaning that with $100 investment you can make maximum of $85! As you can see and calculate yourself all the trades are fabricated, therefore we cannot trust them.

lazy trader app, profit repeater software

Can Lazy Trader APP AKA Profit Repeater Software really work with 99.997 accuracy?

Of course, not friends, no human or trading algorithm can forecast the online markets on 100% or close to that number. The best traders in the world hardly maintain close to 80% success rate! Now since you have better understanding of what is possible we assume that you are starting to gather the puzzle here.

Who is Rick Daniels the creator of Lazy Trader APP?

Well, he is described as self-made trading multi-millionaire. Having 12 million mansions and few extremely expensive sport cars and so on. Basically, he has the whole golden goose package. Usually, those people are publicly known and when you research about them the web there is lots of information. It’s just that their glamorous lifestyle is tempting the publicists. We made in-depth research regarding this man and we managed to find only posts associated with That fact pretty much proves that he is also fake, when we add the phony live session we pretty much gather all the evidence we need.

Who is John Stevenson?

We have no freaking idea. One of the live sessions is made by this man, and it seems that Rick Daniels is speaking like he is executing the sessions. Now we don’t know what’s going on if this is some lame developers mistake or something else. Anyway, know that if Rick is trading with other man account that’s big blunder. Managing other people’s accounts is considered illegal!

Testimonials and Endorsements of Lazy Trader APP!?

The testimonials you can come across inside are all fake. We`ll attach some evidence to back up our statements. Even the fact that they claim to be making $150,000 for 10 days is enough unrealistic!

The more important detail here are the endorsements. You all know that this is the most important detail forming an app’s reputation. Obviously, we researched the social media and search engines for feedback. Something you can do yourself. All we managed to find are negative reviews and that speaks a lot! If the day-traders claim it’s a scam, that we need to keep our hands off this system!

lazy trader app, profit repeater software

Lazy Trader Scam Review – Conclusion!

Clearly, we have dishonest system with false promises and many debunking points. We have the fake live sessions we have the unrealistic promises. Furthermore, we have claims how this trading application will always win, which is impossible. And in addition, we have this really lame actor play that clearly reveals the attenders as paid actors but not as millionaires!

Review Verdict: Lazy Trader APP is a SCAM! Beware and avoid any further engagement with!

Trading industry can be extremely profitable. Choosing instrument is the first thing every newcomer must do, does not matter if he looks for Forex or Binary Options tools. Know that the high demand is dragging many crooks, which will attempt to steal your money. That’s why you have to always rely on reliable systems with minimum risk! We invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Services. They are all 100% endorsed and approved by the trading community. More importantly they are risk-free!

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Trading Everest is a SCAM! Full Review!

Trading Everest is a SCAM!

Read this review before you end up signing with this service!

Official website:

Trading Everest is actually fairly old scam using the binary options niche to advertise itself. However, till now no one was spamming about this system, that’s why this crap offer was flying under the radar.  Yesterday we have received a compliance email from day-trader who tried to reach the support of trading Everest but he failed. Now we of course immediately stopped this person from further engagement with because it’s obvious scam.

The system is officially represented by Jason Gaines, and he promise that you`ll be able to turn $200 into $40,000 for one week. Well, that is impossible and if you believe in such fairy tales you`ll end up lied with your capital stolen.

Within this review, we`ll go over few very important topics, after you read the article you`ll have pretty much good point of view about the situation. Also, in future when you research for a system, just go over the same topics and if you see something suspicious just avoid the service. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Furthermore, the website is full of pressure marketing tactics. Such as pushing countdown banners spot limitations and so on. Now those tricks are common for the lousy scams and you just need to ignore them. Basically, they want to push you into registration fast, because if you do research you`ll find the truth!

trading Everest scam review

Trading Everest Scam Review – All you need to know!

First, every system, which claims to be free but promising to make you filthy rich for short period of time is a scam! No exceptions folks, if it sounds unrealistic it’s fraud. That’s the first rule you have to take in consideration. Is the storyline make any sense to you and if not, then you have no interest in this product!

Second, is the video presentation cartooned or real? In this case, we have fully anonymous voice over covered video promotion designed to trick people. Basically, nothing inside is real and we cannot trust anonymous people, right? At the end if we invest with fake people and we lose our money we`ll have no one to complain to!

Track record of Trade Everest?

The displayed track record history is completely unverified. There is no authority behind it so based on that we can say that it’s also fake, and we cannot trust it.

trading everest scam review

Is Jason Gaines real?

No, if you research for this name you can find only posts related to, obviously, this character is fictitious and created only to represent the trading Everest scam.

Are there any endorsements?

Endorsements and testimonials are the most important detail when we speak bout software reputation. If the trading community is not supporting the service, then that’s a good indication for it being bogus. In this case, we have no real testimonials and if you research the search engines and social medias you can find many negative reviews! Basically, that is enough of a fact to mark trading Everest as dishonest trading tool!

Trading Everest Scam Review – Conclusion!

No need to really detailed investigation here. The website is complete scam and you should avoid any registrations. The exposed topics are very important and when you research for good trading system you have to check them if you find the slightest problem just avoid the system you are looking at!

Review Verdict: Trading Everest is a Scam! Beware and avoid further engagement with!

Binary Options Trading is a good way to make money but you have to be aware that there are many dishonest systems out there. Always make sure to check and register with good reputed trading services! For safer alternatives, we advise you to check our Top-Rated Trading Systems! They are all 100% endorsed and approved by the trading community!

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Binary Robot 365 is Repeating Scam! Full Review!

Binary Robot 365 is a Standard Scam!

Read this review before you got tricked by this trading system.

Official website:

Binary Robot 365 is just a classic money stealing scheme. We are here to put some transparency into the darkness surrounding this trading venture.  In the past, we have reviews many similar trading offers and they have been all marked and proven to be dishonest.

Now with this review we`ll educate you and reading it will help you to evaluate and recognize future scams! Moreover, if you are a newcomer you`ll immediately get a picture of the overall situation and how things are working here. Know that this industry is harsh and there are many dishonest people aiming to take your money without pity!

binary robot 365 scam review

Binary Robot 365 Scam Review – All you need to know!

Know that those type of trading opportunities are advertised within the web for over a year now. They all have similar look, similar options and their platforms look the same. Know that only their names are different but the scam is pretty much the same. The father is called Option Robot, and for the past year it has stolen thousands of dollars for the regular users.

How the scam works?

The tactic behind this fraud is very simple. Once you register the robot is offering you to start with demo account. Once you start the robot, that demo account will start racking profits for you, out of this world. You`ll always win that that will convince you to put real money and continue to benefit from the on-line markets. However, that’s the time where all the troubles will start. You`ll lose your capital for few hours and you`ll end up with no one to complain to! That approach is very convincing and if you don’t know where to look you`ll get fooled away!

How to debunk the binary robot 365 scam?

Know that those demo accounts are fabricated and set to always win! They are separated from the reality and not connected with the real online markets. You can confirm that with a simple move. Just open 5 – 10 positions, and then compare the expiry rates with real charts. You`ll see how the expiry rates are not even close to the reality because they are developers trick!

What else we can say?

Notice how on there are no real names, companies or anything exposed. Basically, the investors here are registering with completely anonymous company! That is extremely suspicious don’t you think? Today is Binary Robot 365, yesterday it was option robot, dual robot, probot, and so on. Tomorrow it’s going to be something else! Just be careful and when you land on similar trading tool ignore it!

binary robot 365 scam review

Binary Robot 365 Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt this trading offer is no different than the rest of the scams. New name but old stuff. If you invest real money with this service, you`ll lose all your budget. That’s why we highly recommend that you skip this trading system for your own good.

Review Verdict: Binary Robot 365 is a 100% Scam! Beware and avoid any engagement with

Options Trading is lucrative field but you have to be careful! Due to the high demand the trading industry is dragging many crooks, which will try to steel your money! Make sure to always sign accounts only with reliable tools. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our TOP-Rated Trading Systems. They are all 100% tested and endorsed by the trading community!

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