Self Made Millionaires Biz SCAM ALERT! Avoid this Trading System!

Self Made Millionaires Biz is Just a Dumb Scam!

Friends, read our review before you fall for this crap!

Official Website:

Self Made Millionaires Biz is absolutely out of this world offer, promising random goals, which they cannot keep! The trading platform success is hidden behind the power of internet?

We talk about typical money stealing scheme. Within this investigation article you`ll find all the evidence needed to confirm our initial statement!

Without any exception, we can say that all similar online offers are bogus. You cannot expect to invest $250 with completely anonymous company and wait for those staggering profits!

Self Made Millionaires Biz review

Why Self Made Millionaires Biz should not be trusted?

There are several critical problems with this service, which we simply cannot ignore! Even if we ignore the lame looking landing page, we cannot close our eyes for the following problems:

Immediately after the video starts we are set to witness some member opinions! All the people who appear in order to testify in support of this trading platform claim that it’s working. Since they are registered with this binary option robot their life’s have changed to 180 degrees. There is only one problem here, those people are all fake identities. The testimonials are fabricated and aim to create positive environment around this product, trying to represent the trading community. Well, they are not part of the trading society but they are all amateur actors hired from online marketplace called There you can hire different skilled people who will do all kinds of different jobs for you. Starting gig prices there are from $5, as suggested by the name. Therefore, based on that information you can alone calculate how and un-trusted those testimonials are!

Self Made Millionaires Biz review

How this software works?

The official information released by suggests that we talk about a secret formula! What the hack is that a chemical potion for money?

The provided information is extremely unserious and actually ruins the reputation of this trading system, more than gaining it! Furthermore, the presenter mansions that there are also 3 professional traders and whole team of analysts behind them. By monitoring our trading positions, they make sure that we will never lose but make money!

  1. The website does not share any names and moreover we don’t see those traders / financial analysts in action! Meaning that they do not exist obviously!
  2. Skipping to provide intelligent information about how the software works or on what those algorithms are based means only one thing! They cannot explain because It’s not working!

Who is Jacob Adams?

The guy claims to be the CEO and creator of this so called “money making machine”. Now, we have made vast research regarding this individual presented by a single photo. What we found is that this person is just a phony identity attached to name. No wonder why he is hidden behind voice covered video. Obviously, the creators of this service want to remain anonymous and for us that is really suspicious! As always we`ll provide solid evidence to back up our claims!

Self Made Millionaires Biz review

Self Made Millionaires Biz Scam Review – The conclusion!

This money stealing scheme is so lame that we don’t even feel obligated to continue this useless debunking! We think that the provided evidence is more than enough to black list this service and in addition to warn our readers. Folks, never trust in similar looking money making opportunities! They are all 100% fraudulent. Fake identities, false promises and deceptive content.

From now on we hope that you can use this advice review and once you notify similar misleading content in future offers you’ll recognize the simplicity of the scam and avoid it!

Review Verdict: Self Made Millionaires Biz is 1000% Scam! Beware and avoid any registrations with

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One thought on “Self Made Millionaires Biz SCAM ALERT! Avoid this Trading System!

  1. Nice review guys. Another crooks has revealed. You save people’s money by your job.
    I can’t imagine to invest in platforms like Self Made Millionaires Biz. Shiny outside but rotten inside. Promises to become a millionaire is not connected with reality. These greedy sharks are giving to us guarantee, that is without any coated.
    No one can persuade me to invest in that bogus software. I hope more people didn’t do it that too.
    AVOID AVOID !!!!!!! It will save form headache!

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