Shepard SDP Scam or Reliable APP? Honest Review!

Shepard SDP Scam or Trusted Trading solution!

Read this in-depth analysis review before you decide to deposit real money!

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Shepard SDP Aka The SDP Program is new investment application. The service is using the financial trading instrument binary options to operate. Allegedly this trading system will unlock the door to financial freedom for all future members.

The Shepard SDP Software is officially owned by Mr. Perry Shepard and his company Systemized Digital Profits. Available for the wide public for 10 months now, the service is searching only for 50 more beta testers before they close doors. At least that’s what the creators say.

This article contains crucial information about this service, that’s why you must read it till the very end before you take any money involving decisions! We honestly trust that things are not only flowers and roses as presented in the promotional page.

Pay attention within this review we`ll expose all the scam elements and we`ll even associate this system with old, viral and really dangerous proven scams!

the shepard sdp system

Shepard SDP Scam Review – All possible vantage points!

The promotional video settled at looks very convincing, and we believe that an industry newcomer can be easily tricked! Do not be in a hurry folks, the part about how there are only 50 spots is just marketing trick, do not trust this! Often fraudulent systems are using such tricks to attract novice traders and push them into thoughtless decisions.

Furthermore, the service is advertised to own 100% success rate. This claim alone is pretty much enough to repel us from this software! Simply because no human or algorithm can forecast the online markets on 100%! If that was real why, the creators of the SDP Program are limiting the weekly profits to $50,000? Imagine that you are investor who knows that he is unable to lose any positions? I think you`ll try to generate fare more than $50,000 per week. All this sounds pretty bizarre, and it’s not making any sense!

the shepard sdp software scam review

How The Shepard SDP Software work?

Unfortunately, we don’t receive any intelligent information regarding this so important topic! Skipping to provide explanations of how your software works is very strange. Moreover, saying “our software never loses” is very unprofessional! We consider this as big red flag!

Your investment will be doubled after you register?

Keep in mind that this is dangerous and will affect in certain restrictions of your trading account. When you register with a brokerage, often the account managers are offering trading bonuses. Often those bonuses go to 100%, meaning that if you invest $500, and you agree to take 100% bonus you`ll receive another $500. However, taking such action will place restriction of your account. Depending on the broker, the unlock formula will be different. But all you have to know is that your account will be locked and you will be unable to withdraw your funds till you reach certain trading volume.  Obviously with this shady service you will be unable to unlock it and you`ll lose all your initial capital.

the shepard sdp system

Testimonials of The Shepard SDP System? Are they Real?

No, we believe that they are fabricated and we have solid evidence to support our claim. Take a look at the snapshots we provide and note the sums those people claim and the dates!

First, making such staggering profits with initial investment of $250 is not possible. Furthermore, we found that the domain is registered on 07.07.2016! Then how those beta testers have been using this service in January 2016? For us this is time conflicting and obviously big blonder by the shady creators! Therefore, Joel Mercado and Lyndsey Fredrickson seem to be fictitious characters!

the shepard sdp scam review

Is Shepard SDP Software endorsed by anyone?

No, the service is fairly new and all reputed news sources are warning about this potential threat! In addition, we would like to warn you about the fake positive environment on the search engines! Note that reviews coming from websites like or any similar blogs should not to be trusted. Obviously they are owned by the criminals behind the shepard sdp scam and they aim to mislead the users!

How can we associate the Shepard SDP Scam with other bogus systems?

Very simple, the house where Mr. Perry Shepard pretends to live is also film set for few other cruel scams. Your Legacy Club is one of the scams and the other one is the mega scam called Fast Cash Biz. By the way FC Biz, was released in 2015, and managed to scam hundreds of people!

Furthermore, the so called investors who have intentions of purchasing the Shepard’s organization participate in third scam called Push Money App!

The evidence we exposed actually reveal a lot of truth here.

  1. Perry Shepard is also fake identity!
  2. Possible triple-scam connections!
  3. The firm Systemized Digital Profits do not exist. Moreover, notice how in the office the company brands are really sloppy glued labels!

Furthermore, if you are interested in deep details, check our older reviews regarding the exposed software-solutions, and check the people who participate, also watch the promotional videos and compare the house. It’s going to be easy for you to debunk everything now as you have all the highlights and starting points!

the shepard sdp software scam review

Shepard SDP Scam Review – The conclusion!

We can actually give example with this high-budget fraud operation! This is pure too good to be true offer! Folks, remember one thing! No one will make you millionaire overnight for free! Such lucrative offers do exist only into our dreams and they don’t walk hand in hand with the reality! The Shepard SDP System has everything we need to call it dishonest! Sadly, when newcomer sees the chopper, the cars the mansions and he thinks that everything is real but in matter of fact all this is just rented for a day! The service uses all possible tricks in the scam-book to trick us but we cannot be fooled just like that!

Review Verdict: Shepard SDP Software is a SCAM! Be warned and avoid investing money inside!

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