Six Figure Method Is a 100% Scam! Read our Warning Review!

Six Figure Method is a Scam!

Please read this review before you engage with this fraud!

Official websites:

Six Figure Method is brand new money stealing scheme! We talk about typical scam, which promises stable income but delivers nothing. The presenter hurries to claim that there are only 38 spots left and you need to be in a rush to register and start making $23k per month. All possible by initial deposit of $250.

Folks, now let’s return into the reality. This and similar looking offers must be avoided at all cost. They are all fraudulent with no exceptions, and within this review we`ll go over some of the most dubious details. Therefore, we hope that in the future once you see look alike offer you`ll close the invitational page right away and move on!

Six Figure Method

Six Figure Method Scam Review – All you have to know!

First important thing you have to notice is the quality and the design of the invitational page. We are looking at extremely cheap website. Why the hack if a man who’s baking 6 figures will ridicule himself with such lame page?

How the service works?

According to the information exposed we talk about auto-trading service based on simple strategy called Contrarian investment! Or in simple words “whatever the masses are doing do the opposite style”. Well, we all know what happens if we trade against the trend or against the trader’s sentiment in binary options! We LOSE; therefore, we cannot trust this empty promises.

Officially the presenter claims that he copied the strategy from the famous investor Carl Icahn but his contrarian investment method, cannot be applied in binary options or it can be but only in specific market conditions. Basically, we get butch of crap talks about how a miracle system will make us rich.

We`ll at least provide some information about Carl Icahn as the video skip to do that:

Carl Celian Icahn is born February 16, 1936. He is an America Business magnate, investor, shareholder, philanthropist and activist. He is founder and biggest shareholder of Icahn Enterprises.

Now who is Ray Fisher?

The presenter and developer of this trading tool is nothing but a stock photo! We`ll provide solid evidence exposing this identity as phony! Based on that we cannot trust him or all the crap he said about this trading robot!

Six Figure Method scam review


Similar to the Ray Fisher’s identity the testimonials who support this trading system are also fabricated. They aim to create positive environment around this service but in the same time they are a deception hiding the truth! The real individuals who appear and testify that this service is legit and working are paid actors. They are all hired from, for $5 per testimonials and we simply cannot trust them. Furthermore, the other people who participate with photo and name are also developers work. The formula is again pretty elementary: stock photo + name = testimonial!

Six Figure Method scam review

Are there any outside endorsements in support of this service?

Of course, not folks. This service should repel any respecting himself blogger or industry news portal! Probably that’s why we managed to find only negative feedback and warning reviews! We are happy that the other industry portals are matching our opinion here.

Six Figure Method Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As we said we are looking at one typical money stealing operation. We have completely covered by voice over presenter who claims to be Ray Fisher. We already know that this is a lie. Then we have misleading fabricated testimonials with false promises. On top of everything we shady explanations how the success of this software is based on counter-trader behavior strategy! Bull Shit after BS and so on.

Review Verdict: Six Figure Method Is 100% Scam! Beware and do not invest money into, because losses are guaranteed!

Binary Options trading can be turned into very good source of income. However, you have to be aware of the fact that the high demand also drags many crooks who will try to trick you. That’s why you must make sure to always rely on good reputed trading help-tools. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top Trusted Trading Systems! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading society and tested for long period of time!

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  1. Damn scammers.
    I have lost $250 dollars in that service Six Figure Method, but that’s not enough in my account didn’t left any penny. What a pity situation.

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