SmartBotPro Scam or Profitable? Precise Software Review!

SmartBotPro Scam or Trusted System?

Investing with this software looks pretty lucrative, but please read this review before you jump!

The SmartBotPro software is officially released in August 2016. Allegedly the service is most popular in France and Italy, but its advertised as available worldwide with few exceptions! Furthermore, the bot is fully automated and claims to be a 100% secured investment application!

Our team however has slightly different opinion regarding this binary options service. Alerted by 2 of our readers we took a look at! Our investigation came across some really interesting fact around this software, which we will share here in this article. Please spend 3 mins and read this article especially if you are from Italy or France, where this system is highly promoted!

SmartBotPro Scam Review – Reliable or Bogus!?

Normally, with this good look, if this service was really something new and unseen so far we would give it a chance and even register and test the system live! Unfortunately, we are looking at while label software, similar to more than 15 scams! We will provide you with some information here long with some examples of other similar scams. Our goal is to show you how to recognize them in the future.

the smartbotpro scam review the smartbotpro software

Take a look at: M6 Bot, Automated Binary Bot, Dual Robot and Trusted Binary Bot! Note how they all have similar looks!

The Ponzi scheme here is simple, this is white label software! Anyone can buy this platform, you just put your logos and set the algorithms to lose money. After that you just need well placed advertising campaign and you are set go and start scamming people. There are currently more than 15 trading system all looking the same but in different colors and company names. Keep in mind that the announced organization do not exist.

How the service is working?

The service is focusing short term options trading. For example, most of the available timeframes are 60 second, 2 or 5 minutes. Everything is created that way for a reason. Simply the investors must lose their initial deposits fast, and the best for a fraud system to steal your money fast is with turbo trading.

Regarding the features inside, yes you can turn OFF / ON, indicators like MACD, CCI, RSI, Stochastics and others! But they don’t work properly and you won’t experience any changes into the robot’s behavior! Moreover, the system promoted three trading methods are also, really bogus. Especially the martingale one, because doubling your next investment will simply empty your trading account faster!

Why I win money on the demo and on the real account I lose?

This is the main questions we have answered with the other scams. Practically the demo version is not really connected with the online markets! It’s just a developers work and its set to always win, no matter what you do! But simply if you compare the entry rates, expiry rates and the timings with real chart from real broker, you`ll find a lot of differences between the numbers. The disturbance in the digits simply proofs the fabrication!

But, after you register with a real account, things start to look very different!! Majority of the investors who fall for this scam are reporting full loses of their capital in range of 2 hours!

the smartbotpro scam review the smartbotpro software

Who are the people behind the SmartBotPro Scam?

No one knows, note how the presentation video is just a live 60 second trading session with a demo account. Normally if this was a legit trading app, the video presentation will contain information regarding the services and the owners! Furthermore, we don’t hear any explanations how this robot works!

Therefore, we cannot trust in complete anonymous service. Where our money goes? Who is going to guarantee that we won’t lose them instantly?  Basically no one and that’s the main problem!

Endorsements of the SmartBotPro Software!?

Our team made in-depth social media research long with search engine one! The results where deplorable. There is not a single positive review in support of the SmartBotPro Software!

In addition, we came across some negative testimonials spread all around the YouTube from people who are tricked from this service!

SmartBotPro Scam Review – Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we can state with 100% confidence that this service is a SCAM! As we claimed in the beginning of this exposure review, we have investigated more than ten similar products. They all work and attract new investors with the same fashion! We have only one advise here; do not invest your money with this app!

Review Verdict: The SmartBotPro Software is proven SCAM! Beware and Avoid!

Binary Options trading is easy to access and can be very profitable. The lucrative field however, is bringing many crooks, That’s why you have to be cations and always rely on good reputation service, which are well endorsed by the community! Following the heads up, will reduce the chance for you to become victim of a dubious service. For safer alternative we invite you to take a look at our Top Rated Software Solutions! They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the industry!

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the smartbotpro scam review the smartbotpro software

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2 thoughts on “SmartBotPro Scam or Profitable? Precise Software Review!

  1. My experience with these trading software/ bots or whatever you want to call it are the same. My Last Account balance of 500 USD was blown in 2 days time. The SAFFA method (software) alligned with Tx as their preferred broker. I faithfully used the signals that the software provided, but I still lost my account balance. Even when I counter traded. I quit trading binary options, because the system is rigged against us- the innocent traders that just want to make a few extra dollars. Its not worth it. To date I have lost about 3000 USD. I allowed them- the scammers to take me to the gutters. My biggest mistake to date.

  2. Many thanks for your review. I wished I had come across your review prior to signing up for Smart Bot Pro, which I really only did because they are using a registered binary options platform.

    I’d like to add my thoughts to your review if I may. Basically I signed up; and started with the demo account, which provided excellent results. I should have realised that the results may have literally been scam when they refused to allow me to continue demo trading once the account made a $200 profit!!!.

    Instead I looked at the $200 profit results and made the fateful decision that if these types of results were achieved, then maybe funding account would be okay, so I went ahead and funded the account. Was I wrong or what!!!

    Literally within 30 minutes, of auto trading, the account was basically zero. Then I thought, maybe if I change the timeframes and manually trade I’ll have more success. So stupid – der – funded the account again.

    Well this time I tested all the various timeframes and basically tested all the different indicators they claim to use; with some success however, overall unsuccessful.

    Then today I decided, I would put the bot through it’s paces (pity I didn’t think of this strategy prior to funding the account) via using a demo platform for an Aussie Binary Options broker and here are my results:

    * At the very best of trading the 5 minutes time frame for 38 trades completely opposite to the bot’s signal I achieved a 50% result with various currency pairs; with exception to 1.
    * Only 1 currency pair achieved a 100% success rate of 5 wins to the bot if I had traded to the bot’s signal rather than opposite – which increased the bots win stats somewhat. (That is until I placed a live trade!)
    * There appears to be a clear pattern to the robot’s signals – provide 2-3 loss signals for 1 win signal; sometimes it was 1:1
    * I also placed trades in accordance with the bot’s signals and the results were 4 wins to 6 losses. Hence I would have lost nearly all my capital.

    Hence, my 2 cents worth – stay away from this auto trading bot like you would do with the plague. The bot is clearly designed to lose money and my guess is they not only receive a % of the trades won placed via the bot (because the payout figure they provide when the trade is live is completely different to the payout that is placed in the account) but also a % of people funding their accounts at the same time.

    In other words: Scam of the first order. If you would like the spreadsheet of the results, I’m more than happy to provide this to you.

    I really hope other people who may read this will not fall into the same trap I did.

    And you know the really strange thing. All I want to do is to consistently generate an extra $50 profit each day into my binary options account, so I can really start to consistently get ahead and instead of this happening, all I’m doing is seeing my hard earned savings go by the wind.

    Is there really such a thing as a trading strategy or trading bot for binary options that will consistently see one actually come out with a profit and is in fact not BS? All I have been able to figure out is the longer one trades binary options the odds are the more losing trades one will have. I do better at the poker machines and actually do come out with a profit from them!!!

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