So Finance Is a Scam! Honest Signals Provider Review!

SO Finance Scam or Trusted Signals Provider?

This Review will answer all your questions!

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So Finance Trading is some kind of hybrid between signals provider and educational center. Allegedly the company promises to give you accurate signals in order for you to benefit from the online markets. We feel that reality however is quite different, because there are many complains from this organization. That’s why we are writing this article, we aim to warn our readers about this potential threat advertised all around the social medias!

so finance scam review

How So Finance Trick Peoples?

As you alone can see inside the “carriers” section this firm is consistently searching for new people to work for them. Their job will be to attract new traders who will invest money into the SO Finance!

In general, there is no problem with the investment part nor with the employee part. Problem is that when new members join the party they lose money! We are receiving many complains by email and you can come across decent amount of them if you research the web.

People are attracted and promised to be educated and at the end they are supposed to feel the financial freedom, instead they lose their savings. Really not cool approach for a binary options trading company!

How to recognize the fraud here?

Well, since the website does not offer a lot of information you can get tricked. However, you have to be cautious when the service you are looking is acting shady, exposing little information!

When you pick a signals provider or educational service you need to check for few things!

  1. Who are the individuals behind this service?
  2. Are the traders good?
  3. Is there positive feedback or any kind of good endorsements who are supporting the service?

Overall you have to look if the people involved have good reputation, and are they real not a phony character!

In this case we have completely unknown organization, which has zero support from the online community! Furthermore, they keep the trader’s names and all the names overall in secret! That’s why we are extremely skeptical here!

If you don’t know the names of the traders or if you cannot interact with them, why trust them? Overall do they even exist?

Plans of the SO Finance – do they worth paying?

Starting prices of 69.99 pounds per month and 335.99 for 6 months. Thing is that at this point there are far more reliable signals providers, for free. Therefore, why paying for something bad when you can get something good for free. Really no brainer answer. Take a look at the Mike’s FB Signals Group. It has close to 10,000 happy members and there you can trade speak and interact with all the traders including the admins! Furthermore, you can check the reputation of this group all around the social media and you’’ never find something bad!

so finance scam review

Testimonials inside!

Really poor stuff, all the identities are fabricated. We`ll expose some evidence to back up our words but basically all the people are stock photos attached to names! Clearly we cannot speak about any form of trust building testimonials! Vice versa we can compare this approach with 99% of the lousy scams out there!

so finance scam review

SO Finance Scam Review – The conclusion!

In our opinion this is really dangerous service! If you decide to register here, you`ll lose twice! First from the subscription plans and second you’ll lose your invested capital due to bad signals!

Really we cannot find a signal reason to trust this service! The complains from the day-traders are practically enough to determine this offer as Ponzi Scheme operating within the trading niche thru the social medias!

Review Verdict: SO Finance is a SCAM! Beware and avoid this signals provider settled at:!

Newcomer to trading industry? Start with Free Demo Account. Moreover, if you are not part of the Mike’s Facebook group yet, contact us and we`ll explain how you can get access for free!

Keep in mind that binary options trading is very lucrative, and due to that fact there are many crooks stalking the novice traders! For Safer alternatives check out Trusted Binary Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the community!

For further questions, contact us at:!

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  1. Thank you guys for warning us, about scamming. I am relatively new in binary options trading.
    I like your article. The information, helps me to take a right decisions.

  2. Thank you for reviewing “So finance” software. I like your articles, and especially this one.
    It’s help me to take right decisions about binary options trading, and save me o lot of money.

  3. Hey, i am a binary options trader and i like your review about SO finance software. It is very extensive and save me a lot of money.
    I hardly recommend everyone, who want to take advantage of binary options, overseeing articles in sates, like The comments is very useful and keep up you from sly brokers.
    Thank you!

  4. Hello, i am a new comer in binary options trading. I have been reading your articles whit interest. I have had heard about this software SO Finance and i have to admit , i pondered whether to join.
    But thanks to you guys i save my money.

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