Social Trader Scam Confirmed

Social Trader is just a Feeble Scam!

We believe that this honest exposure review contains all the information needed to reveal this service as poor fraud, just read it!

“Conquer the markets by Harnessing the Power of Social Media” Is it possible?


Social Trader Scam Review

Social Trader Software is some kind of copy other trader algorithm. According to the alleged CEO Jonathan Cooper this trading system is based purely on copy trading method. The robot has fully automated version, after you turn it on, the system will find and automatically copy / execute trades taken by professional traders. The explanation of the voice over scam-artist was very blurry so we actually couldn’t understand the full concept. After we spent 10 minutes investigating this service we are hundred present confident that we are dealing with a scam.

Social Trader Scam Review! Revealing was Easy and Funny, the hot chick Jane is back!

The service is relying on only one convincing video, which will start immediately when you land on We will use this promotion video as our main source of data regarding this software. The associate creator present himself with the name of Jonathan Cooper but he is completely hidden by voice over acting. Why do you think he’s hiding? Investigating the name by Google search will be connected only with posts alleged with, confirming our suspicious about fake identity. Search by image will completely proof that this man does not exist, the shady creators behind this prefer to use stock model attached to name in this presentation.

We have fake CEO but do this service work? Technically, copy trading algorithms do exist, there are many social websites offering copy trading services. The most important thing is this strategy is to find someone who actually can trade profitably. In social trader’s case the voice over narrator claims that this software is copying professional traders. Well that’s great, but there is no one that can testify the legitimacy of this statement. And in the presentation video we don’t see such traders, however we witness some strange live trading preview, obviously fabricated since don’t see the actual trading but only the end results, 42 trades with no loses? Close to impossible!!!!


Social Trader Scam Review

On top of everything else they try to give authority to Social Trader Software by using some paid actors. You can go on, write “testimonials” in the search box and after 5 minutes you`ll know everything about them. The first phony actor we meet in Social Trader Software is very famous, her nick name in fiverr is JaneSays and she take part in many similar looking fraud operations. Probably many scammers are using her looks great on camera, but don’t be fooled by this hotty, she’s evil.

Social Trader Scam Review – Fraud Confirmed!

Our investigation couldn’t lead us to any trustworthy information that can proof Social Trader Software as legit binary options service! The existence of false credentials and many invented identities only confirm out concerns. We also made small research to see what others blogs has stated about Social Trader Software, to be honest the picture is not bright. Everyone are blacklisting this services so we are glad that many of our colleagues are spreading the word about this stupid fraud.

Final Verdict: Suspicious confirmed Social Trader Is Lame Scam! Avoid, it hides immense risk for your hard earned money!

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