Spectrum7 APP is a Cheap SCAM! “Hottest” spectrum7.co Review;]

The Spectrum7 APP is a 100% Scam!

Read our warning review before you decide to register with this service.

Official website: spectrum7.co

According to the presenter Derek Folsom, the Spectrum7 APP offers financial freedom to all his investors. They do not promise to make you a millionaire but they rather use more humble approach and claim profits from $16,000 to $100,000 per 45-day period. All this will be possible if, you sign for the new focus beta testing group. Moreover, the first 30 members will receive additional $200 bonus from Mr. Folsom.

Many promises but are they realistic and can we really trust this guy? That’s the main questions, which this investigation article will aim to answer. Bear with us because we have a lot to write here! In addition, the exposed information will help you to recognize future dishonest money making opportunities.


Spectrum7 Scam Review – Everything you need to know!

First, and this is very important and can be applied in many different industries not only associated with trading. Once you land on product, which is represented by video presentation and involves “money making” you have to be cautious! If you are watching cartooned video, covered with voice over acting similar to the one settled at spectrum7.co get even more suspicious. Remember folks, 99% of the scammers are using similar video presentations to attract new victims into their schemes. Reason for that is simile, such video provides less information about the individuals associated with the service! Usually they don’t contain any real names, addresses, companies or any kind of solid information about the people behind the offer. Notice how the video of the Spectrum7 APP meets all the above-mentioned criteria.

Who is Derek Folsom?

He claims to be the CEO and Developer of the Spectrum7 APP. But we would ask a question here. If, he is really the creator then why he does not share any information about the inside of this trading platform? Moreover, from the video we understand that this service is live since 2015.

Well, once you research the domain spectrum7.co, you understand that it’s registered on 03.08.2016 and that is extremely timeconflicting. In addition, the fact that this individual is completely anonymous and the only posts that appear associated with him are related to spectrum7.co is also very fishy.

Last but not least if he was really the developer behind this cutting-edge technology, why he skips to provide any intelligent information about how this software operates?

After everything said, his allegations of how he is the father of this investment application looks really false.

The first batch of beta testers?

We already know that this service is new but not old since 2015 and that fact actually debunks most of the claims made by the so called “beta-testers”.

At the end of the promotional video we witness few testimonials. There are real people who claim that this service really works and they are making money with it. Nothing wrong with that, but how can we trust them! Are they reliable?

No, friends those people are all paid actors hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com! There you can hire all kinds of different people to do all kinds of different jobs for you. As the name suggests the minimum gig there cost only $5, so you can imagine how reliable those testimonials are!

We`ll attach some snap-shot evidence in support of our words!

Are there any outside endorsements in support of this software solutions?

When we investigate a binary options services we always research the social medias and the search engines for any day-trader or industry feedback. That’s the most important reputation builder for any new service. It’s simple if the trading society says it’s a scam then it’s a scam!

In this case, we came across numerous negative reviews and many bad feedback coming from the regular day-investors. That strongly indicates our tease that this trading service should not be trusted.


Spectrum7 Scam Review – The Finale!

Practically we don’t have anything else to add. The service is bogus and you should avoid any further engagement. We believe that this in-depth analysis review will help you to understand the concept and approach of the scammers, and in the future when you land on similar offers you`ll just ignore them.

Review Verdict: The Spectrum7 APP is 200% Scam! Beware and do not touch spectrum7.co!

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2 thoughts on “Spectrum7 APP is a Cheap SCAM! “Hottest” spectrum7.co Review;]

  1. Hey, thank you for warning us Binary options spot, but for me is too late.
    Spectrum7 APP steal my money. I also, like many others decided to invest in that software. Everything seems me reliable, but i was wrong. It is a full scam and scheme. I have lost $750 dollars for two days.

  2. Hello, i would like to share with you my experience with the Spectrum7 APP and his presenter Derek Folsom. At the begging of this mount i decided to trust to offer for financial freedom. Once i made a registration and put in my account $250 dollars which by the way was the minimum amount, i receive a notification that i had an extra bonus $200 dollars in my account. Well done i said to my selves, better not to be. These guy is serious.But in what i was assumed, i couldn’t dispose with my deposit.
    That fact made me tense and i already knew that i probably got tricked. On the next hour i was lost the money forever.
    For everyone who still is not decided, avoid this bogus Spectrum7 APP, unless you don’t want to play like me.

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