Sport Pharma Scam or Reliable? HYIP Review!

Sport Pharma HYIP Scam or Trusted?

Read our transparent review before you invest with this money making opportunity!

Sport Pharma HYIP is new lucrative opportunity coming from the UK based company Pharmaco Invest Ltd. Basically we talk about high-yield investment program, which deals with new sport supplements. The organization offers to its investors few tempting investments plans leading into financial freedom. This article aims to proof them wrong, because our investigation came across some dubious details.
the sport pharma hyip

Sport Pharma Scam Review! Truth behind this biz op.

When we talk about high-yield investment programs we are extremely cautious. There are two main reasons of our behavior. First the Wikipedia opinion on them categorizing them into Ponzi Schemes, typical pyramid money stealing scheme. Second is on our personal level, the reason is that we have not yet came across a really reliable HYIP, and we have reviewed many. Seems like this one also have lots of questionable intentions.

Sport Pharma HYIP – the investment plans?

There are a total of 6 plans: Sprinter, Stayer, Marathon and upgraded version with plus for all three. Starting form 108% return in 7 days going up to 580% after 84 days.

Our opinion is that those plans are totally unrealistic! It just that the return rates are too good to be true. We consider that as red flag.

the sport pharma scam review

How the HYIP operates?

According to the information exposed on, the company Pharmaco Invest Ltd is dealing with venture investments since 2013. Since the overall sport level is consistently rising the demand and supply of new supplements is extremely high. The organization seeks for new sport “drugs” being developed and they buy the rights for using the new formulas and re-sells them to pharma companies for latter production. The business approach lets them earn up to 2000% for short period of time depending on the supply and demand on the particular pharmaceutical product.

Interesting approach, the website does not provide any real evidence of the fir business practice so, we can’t say on 100% that this intel provided by them is real. They do not show us any of their owned products or share any names. Everything seems very suspicious from the very beginning!

the sport pharma hyip

Is Pharmaco Invest Ltd. The company behind this HYIP real?

Yes, the company is real and its based in UK. But as we mentioned there is no clear proof of what this company business practice is or with what exactly they are dealing.

In addition, into the about us section we can see the managers behind this HYIP.

  • Malcolm Neal Regan – Founder and President of Pharmaco Invest Ltd.
  • Sergy Kustich – Supervisor of Eastern Europe and Russian markets, Vice-President!
  • Zhu Chang – Supervisor China market!
  • Amar Bay – Supervisor of Indian market!
  • Alex Shift – Online Project Manager, Chief administrator!

The leaders of this company look very professional don’t you think? Everything is cool to the moment we realized that those people are fabricated identities! All of them are stock models, we`ll provide evidence!

For us this is very important proof that this service should not be trusted. Simply if, they are hiding themselves behind phony identities. A HYIP who operates based on lies is not reliable!

the sport pharma scam review

Are there any third party endorsements?

We made vast social media research in search of third party verification regarding this investment opportunity! The result is not in favor of the HYIP! Our in-depth investigation couldn’t find any real endorsements or any kinds of testimonials in support of the Sport Pharma HYIP! That’s another red flag right here. If the regular day-investors are not saying that this service works, then it’s not working!

Sport Pharma Scam Review! The Conclusion!

A real company, but covered by dubious and shady practice. All the individual associated with the organization are not real, which decrease the authority of the HYIP rapidly. In addition, we have unrealistic return rate plans and no real endorsements that can gain some credibility to the offer. We advise you to stay away from this “lucrative” offer.

Review Verdict: Sport Pharma HYIP is a SCAM! Beware and avoid by Pharmaco Invest Ltd.

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