Standard Oil Survey Scam Alert! Avoid This Bogus System!

Standard Oil Survey Scam Investigation!

This review will make sure to find and expose all scam elements inside, if they are any!

Standard Oil Survey by David Chan Is new binary options trading robot. The system is specifically created to track crude oil. Exploiting the fundamentals, the trading algorithm is supposed to execute trades on complete autopilot. According to the story line and the information exposed onto the official website This software is providing its investors with 90% success rate for the last few months. Our in-depth research found some interesting facts involved with this software, which are hidden from the visitor’s eyes. The dubious elements are typical for the binary options scam services making this service a potential one.

standard oil system review

Why we think Standard Oil Survey is a SCAM!?

First we have a terrible looking website, with no information exposed or any authorities involved which can give legitimacy to the service. Well during the video presentation, they mention few big companies such as Coca Cola, Nasdaq, American Express and others. But we couldn’t find any real connections. Of course in this full of crooks’ world we can’t simply believe in words “We made surveys and have worked with the biggest companies in the world”! Well, we might believe if the presenter was a real person not a voice over actor.  Maybe if he was showing his scam-ass face in the video and says “My name is, my company name is, and there you can confirm that”, we could believe. At this point we just believe that David Chan is an invented personality. Google doesn’t know anything about him, he has no Facebook or linked in accounts where we can confirm some kind of identity. The only posts, appearing are only associated with


standard oil survey scam

In the presentation video, the voice narrator claims that this service is using the power of media to find and execute trades on the financial market. The algorithm tracks the fundamentals, which will affect the commodity and its taking advantage of that information. The result is 90% consistent success rate. There are few problems here.  First we made research and it appears that the software does not trade OIL at all. When you register you`ll confirm that its trading financial pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and so on. Which is actually major red flag for us, because all the words in the video how this system is great because of trading OIL are just fading away, meaning nothing. Secondly the claim of 90% success rate is absurd, meaning that you`ll win 9 out of 10 trades. Such accuracy does not exist and anybody who claims the opposite wants to trick you in some way.

The testimonials.

During the video we witness few people who testify that Standard Oil Survey is the real deal! They all claim to be making thousands of dollars, Bryan and Claire and the others. Funny fact here is that simple search here reveals to be registered on 24.02.2016. Probably no one can explain how those people have made money before that date!? This time conflicting fact is a very sloppy mistake by the scam developers. In this case it reveals this testimonial as phony and those people as paid actors.

Phony actor testifies!

standard oil system review

In addition to all the phony stuff on the second page doesn’t getting any better. We have some kind of withdraw feed. A consistent stream of members who withdraw-ed their profits from standard oil system. Those investors are also fabricated; they are just names attached to stock photos. This is definitely not the way how you gain reputation for your service.

Standard Oil Survey! The Conclusion!
We strongly trust that this software is a scam! Simply we couldn’t find anything real inside The typical scam elements are on hand; voice over actor, fake testimonials, stock photos and unrealistic claims. All this combined is making the Standard Oil System one very dangerous choice! We don’t recommend registration with this software!

Review Verdict: Standard Oil Survey Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid this trading system.

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