1. Five Minute Strategy: Bollinger Bands + Stochastic and Commodity Channel Index
  2. Exponential Moving Average Trend following Strategy!
  3. Fence Trading Strategy
  4. Bollinger Bands – Exponential MA’s – Price Action Long Term Strategy by Snir
  5. MACD – EMA – Simple Trend Following Strategy
  6. Trend is your Friend – EMA – Stoch – PA

Guys this is simple 3 step basic strategy added step by step so you can easy understand and start to apply to your technical analysis, using only this strategy can provide you with long term success in trading! We offer Free Charts where you can make your analysis!

Support And Resistance + Price action confirmation, simple High Accuracy Strategy 75-85%.

Support and Resistance is area were traders expect to see price bounce or reversals(change directions) So thy use that levels to place Puts on Resistance and Calls on Support levels as you can see in the following picture:


You can easily track and determine that areas on the chart. That levels combined with price action formation hammer, shooting star or doji candlestick will give you the double confirmation as a go! Very simple and with high accuracy this is strategy preferred from many traders. Even Non-experienced trader can reach 75-85% accuracy with this strategy. And remember any broker resistance becomes support and any broken support becomes resistance, you can add this to your arsenal of skills!

My way of using this strategy,

  1. Can work in any time frame on the chart from 5m to Daily, the bigger time frame is the stronger signal is.
  2. Ranging market is the best condition
  3. Works for every session but I personality use this strategy form 6 GMT to 12 GMT
  4. Can be used on any asset my personal best the are: EUR/USD USD/JPY GBP/USD USD/CHF AUD/USD NZD/USD EUR/JPY

Break Out support and resistance Strategy 75% – 85%

Let’s continue guys, so break outs are the next thing you like to add to your simple support and resistance strategies because they often occurs since every support or resistance is going to be broken in some point. I`ll add picture so we can make this very clear and easy to understand!

breakout example

By just following the picture you can see how useful this breakout strategies are. Since, we want to take the maximum of the market we don’t want to miss any trades.

Trending market support and resistance strategy 75%-85%

Okay guys this is the final step form my 3 step support and resistance strategy I want to teach you! Its applied in trending markets its very easy to implement and with very high accuracy if used correctly. You can easy identify trending markets: Bullish trending markets is when markets makes higher highs and higher lows and opposite for Bears when markets is making lower lows and lower highs simple is that I will add example of bearish trending markets!


As you can see from the upper picture our trend lines are used as support and resistance every bounce from them we use as entry point. I personally prefer to use this strategy on 5m chart with 30m expiration to avoid double touches on the trend lines, but if you are aggressive trader you can go with lower expiration times. Once broken the trend line becomes support or resistance depending on the movement of the market. This is the last 3rd step of this easy basic technical strategy. You can use these strategies on any time frame the bigger time frame is the stronger signals is. And remember guys be patient be confident and use these strategies wise!

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  1. Nice strategies, I have tried some of them and im amazed how consistend they are. Thank you!

  2. Your strategies are really well written in quite understandable way. Thank you i have tried the 5 minute strategy for 1 week and i managed to keep the success rate around 70% i feel that for first time im trading right! THANK YOU!!!

  3. SuperB Strategies Velev. I like them a lot. Tested the few of the trend following once and i really like the success rate that they can generate! Thanks for the good explanations!

  4. Dear,

    Thank you for strategy above. Could you kindly tell me how can I set the Resistance and Support, or Breakout line appear on the chart?
    I’m appreciated for your reply. Thanks!

    Best regards,

  5. Tried all your strategies, i’m really amazed from their high accuracy. Thanks for sharing them!!

  6. Your fence strategy really saved me from very scary situations i really want to give you some credit about that remarkable trading instrument!

  7. You exposed the basics of trading really nice and in clean matter. I quite enjoyed your article! Thanks

  8. Nice strategies, got some really promising results with them. I will try them next week on my real money account i hope i see some progress with my trading accuracy!

  9. THanks for the all the amazing tips you gave me man i really appreciate everything you do. Super fast answers and guidelines THanks again.

  10. The best simple strategies i have ever found in internet, well explained with no retarded pup up annoying subscribe massages.. Thanks!

  11. I really like how you exposed and explained the basics of Support & Resistance, really. This article can definitely change the % profit wise for the new traderts coming into the industry. Clean, simple with not useless words, very nice!

  12. Very nice strategy… price action is about the strongest and purest form of trading. Thank you for sharing this . It is very simple , concise and easy to understand.

  13. This long term bb ema strategy looks very promising. I will try it next week and will share my results next weekend Thank you!!!

    1. Yes, Mark!
      First to trade successfully Binary Options you need to be focused, if you feel your mind is somewhere else you better don’t go for a session instead of losing money. I’m real trader myself with track record which I can show anytime. I found that the basic strategies like Support and Resistance, trend following and breakouts are giving me the highest ITM ratio. I have reached 90% itm rate per week only when I’m using the basics. Of course to use these strategies you need to be twice more focused then if you need to follow some indicator strategy.

  14. Hallo
    Thank your for the great strategy and advice. I am new to Binary options and i will give your strategy a try and give you my results later.

  15. It’s great to see a true trader share what they do and reveal strategies that they actually use on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing and giving such clear examples. I’ve taken the time to check out support and resistance, together with the breakout strategy and it’s amazing how consistently accurate it is!

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