Supreme Funds Scam or Safe? HYIP Review!

 Supreme Funds Scam or Safe?

Read our honest point of view regarding this new HYIP!

The Supreme Funds is new high yield investment program looking for new investors. The company behind this company claims to be using Forex trading as primary money making method for its members. We are already skeptical about this new HYIP but we`ll give it a chance to proof. Anyway bear with us and read this article before you put any money into

Supreme Funds Scam Review! Should we trust this HYIP?

the supreme funds scam review

We are not losing hope, and in search of the legit high-yield investment program we came across another candidate in the face of The Supreme Funds! As we mention in all of our reviews, so far we fail on 100% to find a decent investment program. We will go over few important topics and if we don’t find any suspicious content we will go forward and invest to test this program. If not we will just put it in our black list like the rest, which failed to convince us so far. In addition, we can say that you we haven’t already reviewed the HYIP you are watching you can go alone and cover the topics we`ll point! If you find anything suspicious then stay away!

How The HYIP is generating profits for its clients?

Inside we have really scare information exposed about the methods they use. Well we have 2 sentences paragraph claiming that this firm is very good at Forex Trading and investing, but that’s it! And truly this is not enough for us, and actually for anybody! If the organization really has traders who trade the Forex markets there will be trading history, which they should provide to the public and tell “hey there are our results for the past 6 months, check them out”. In addition, they should provide information about the traders and the strategies they use! In this case we don’t have any information at all. Therefore, everything seems suspicious already!

Are the supreme funds return plans realistic?

The return plans with this program are far from realistic. Being reasonable you can’t expect a return of 300% on your invested amount after only 4 days. Seems like this is just pushing into registration strategy. They offer lucrative proposal and hope to make you eager and sign up with them. That’s the whole truth behind those unrealistic plans!

If the company behind the HYIP real?

To be honest we are not completely sure if there is a company at all! On the “about us” section we can see some kind copied document which must represent the registration company document. Unfortunately, when you click on the document instead of opening the larger copy so you can read it, you get redirected to the home page of Therefore, we can’t speak about any organization name at all. For us this looks very shady!

the supreme funds scam review

Who are the people involved?

Again in the same page of the website we can see the organization managers!

  • Julie Herzigova – Product Manager!
  • Patrick Pool – Support!
  • Laura Stegner – Executive Assistant!
  • Martha Healy – Marketing Consultant!

All the people you see there are just stock models attached to names! We don’t know why but like 80% of the HYIP offers are full of stock images and the real people behind the services are completely anonymous. Therefore, we can’t speak about trust or authority here. We`ll provide some screenshots as evidence!

the supreme funds scam review

Supreme Funds Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Unfortunately, we get another fraud operation instead of dependable high-yield investment program. Clearly there is lots of dishonesty inside All the researched topics turned to be full of lies. That’s whay at this point we strongly recommend that you stay away from this money making opportunity!

Review Verdict: The Supreme Funds is a SCAM! Beware and avoid!

Another advice, we believe that there are far safer money making methods then using completely unstable Ponzi Scheme such as this particular HYIP! We advise you to get familiar with the financial markets, and more specially with binary options trading. The money making opportunity offers high returns merged with low risk. Nowadays there are also many help-trading tools such as signal service and auto trading solutions, so they are good option for the newcomers. Since to use them you don’t need any previous experience or financial knowledge. We invite you to check our Top Rated Binary Options Services. They are all tested and endorsed by many day-traders. And if you seek for direct trading with a brokerage, first sign with Free Demo Account EU / US!

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