Swiss Method Scam Dutch Method Review

Swiss Method Scam AKA Dutch Method Review

Other two methods just pop up form thin air, this honest review will reveal with facts why you need to avoid those two! /

Swiss Method aka Dutch Method are some kind of binary options auto trading services. During the presentation videos they are promising dreams but overall they are nothing but the next domains to enter our black list. The method scam chain network continues to amaze us. The shady creators behind those scams are releasing 1 – 2 new methods every single week. Always targeting different cities and nationalities. This time they are targeting the German and Holland traffic, since the web-based promotions are created fully from German and Dutch speaking actors.

Swiss Method Scam (Dutch method)! All the necessary details you need to know about!

First the main reason to avoid those binary options solutions is that they are part of bigger fraud network, with over 10 different sites all created in same look and by using the same actors in most cases. Everything started before 5 – 6 months with Aussie, BRIT and CANUCK methods. After that, some more popup; Sydney, TORONTO, London, Irish and more… Now we have Swiss and Dutch. But overall they are created by one organization. Just check our previous reviews and you`ll find all the similarity we are speaking about: Aussie, Irish, Sydney!

Swiss method scam review

However, if we need to debunk the trading system but its self, we can do that fairly easy. Landing on or the things are pretty much the same. We have a fully sales oriented video presentation with fake actors hired from and other online market stores. The voice over narrator is consistently showing us false credentials in the face of fabricated broker accounts containing large sums of money. Don’t be fooled those are just made up demo accounts, just for the screenshot. There is really no third party authority, to confirm the credibility of those snap shots. The both pages are using one stock model for its CEO the name in the Dutch Method Scam is Frits van Dijk and the one in Swiss Method Scam is Max Fischer, but as you can see the both pages are using one stock photo. We will provide solid evidence to support our statement here!

Swiss method scam review

Scrolling Further down onto the pages we can notice a social feed from Facebook and Twitter, thing is that those feed if they were really real they won’t look like that. They will be linked to the actual social networks allowing you to click and reach the accounts of the people who participate there long with their real comments on the subject! In this case we can’t even click on anything inside those feeds, clearly revealing the fact that they are all fake!

Immediately after the social carnival we have a live trading track record! Great, we can see some real trading, which are executed by this very minute? Yes, that’s the purpose here but unfortunately those track records are also phony. Today its Sunday 10.04.2016, the financial markets are offline and no trading can be executed, despite that fact we see opened trades every few seconds here. How is this possible? Well it’s not this is just sloppy work from the scam developers. We have mentioned many times the creators who stand behind all those methods are really lazy people. In all the cases they are looking similar looking pages and as you can see they don’t even pay attention to the minor details as this one with the track record!

Swiss Method Scam (Dutch Method)! The Conclusion!

We have provided really undeniable facts in exposing those lousy bogus schemes! We made all those reviews in pretty similar fashion! The mind behind this is simple, we want to create the articles in that way if you land on one of them you should be able to see the whole picture, becoming prepared for all those freaking methods that will come out in the near future!

Review Verdict: Swiss Method Scam Confirmed (aka Dutch Method)! Avoid and the domains associated with those pathetic money stealing schemes!

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