Ten Fold Finance Scam or Trusted? Unbiased Software Review!

Ten Fold Finance Scam Or Trusted?

Read this investigation review BEFORE you decide to invest and trust Kyle Jenkins!

Official website: 10foldfinance.com

Ten Fold Finance is new US based company lurking the financial niche! Allegedly the organization is owned by Kyle Jenkins and promises financial freedom! Therefore, if you seek to radically overhaul your lifestyle they might be your best choice!

Unfortunately, binaryoptionsspot.com is here to ruin the party! Seems like this new money making opportunity enjoys a lot of attention. We already received tens of emails regarding this trading system! However, our in-depth research came across some really disturbing facts, stay with us, and find the truth!

ten fold finance software

Ten Fold Finance Scam Review – Profitable or Mind Games?

Advertised as “no risk high return” software this service is quickly gathering followers! Nevertheless, even the fact that they offer total liberty to its investors is quite suspicious! Remember folks, when some this is associated with the financial world there is always risk involved! Minor or bigger, always there is a chance for money loses.  This is normal, trading world offers insane returns and a lot of ways to generate wealth. But, everything comes in a certain risk price!

Now let’s move on and expose this scam hidden behind all those manipulative games!

How Ten Fold Finance Software works?

The presenter and alleged creator Mr. Jenkins claims that by the help of some programmers and coders he converted his idea into reality for close to 10 months! The end result is revolutionary functional Trade asset calculator described as Piece of genius software! Furthermore, he explains how his trading robot is gaining beneficial for tis users by placing and executing trades on the stock market!

Nevertheless, besides all the flashy words, there is no explanation how the algorithms work. Again we get the suspicious explanation how this is a secret trading method! Now, the following sentences can help you recognize and expose many of the current scams in the niche!

  • There are no trading secrets or methods! There are proven and reliable trading strategies based on real analysis and fundamental information!
  • If someone speaks about, secrets, glitches, loopholes he is laying and probably wants to steal your money!
  • In addition, we found out that the bot is not even trading stocks, it’s trading currencies!

ten fold finance scam review

Estimated profits of Ten Fold Finance Software!?

In this topic everything is complete mess. The scam-artist starts good telling us that this system wins 7 from every 10 trades. That’s totally achievable and normal, and matches the average win ratio of the regular successful day-trader. The following words coming from his mouth however totally contain no sense!

  1. That’s 77% in the money rate? No, that’s 70% ITM rate Mr. Jenkins! Seems like the guys is not a trader but reading a script! Since a trader cannot make such lame mistake.
  2. Since the Ten Fold Finance software is available for the wide public it has generated 4 billion dollars for its members! That’s completely unrealistic statement. First the official domain 10foldfinance.com is registered on 08.09.2016 before 2 days! Basically this debunks the whole storyline but let’s continue! Second if a trading service really generate such wealth we should hear about this even on the local news channels! In this case we have complete silence!
  3. Investors will gain $80,000 per week all this is guaranteed! No one can guarantee profits in when we speak about trading. Yes, there are hedge funds who guarantee certain percentages but there are bank insurance and contracts involved with additional many strings attached. In our case here, this guaranteed profits are just impossible to be made with initial capital of $250.

As we said, he started well but he decided to ruin everything with his following claims, which are just bizarre!

ten fold finance software

Who is Kyle Jenkins and is Tenfold Finance Ltd real?!

We cannot say on 100% because we don’t live in USA and we don’t have access to their local company registrar but we have an opinion!

The searching can’t proof the existence of this firm, in addition here is nothing about this guy written! He has no Facebook account or LinkedIn, or anything that can proof some form of existence! Therefore, everything seems suspicious, then why we should believe him? He speaks about things that can’t happen in real life! Therefore, we can simply conclude that there is a very big chance for this guy to be a paid actor, and we have something in mind here!

Testimonials and Endorsements!

Now, we`ll explain what we had in mind, and why we think the creator is hired amateur actor. Take a look at the testimonials at the bottom of the page. Those people are all amateur actors hired from fiverr.com. This is a famous online marketplace, where you can employ all kinds of different people with different skillsets to do all kinds of small jobs for you! We`ll provide you with solid evidence to back up our words! Now, if they are all actors why should we believe that Jenkins is legit?

In addition, in case you wonder about the photo testimonials, please stop! They are all stock models and their comments are fabricated in order to create positive environment for the Ten Fold Finance scam!

In reference to the endorsements, we made really vast social media and search engine research! The social media is already full of negative feedback from day-traders who decided to try this system!! But for the newcomers the search engine can trick you! The developers of this fraud operation, have posted few positive reviews on low ranked simple websites, in order to support their bogus system! Nevertheless, note how all those pages pretend to be reputed blog websites but they have few reviews and most of them are pretty new websites with low alexa.com ranks! Therefore, keep this in mind and only trust to big blogs sites with good reputation and at least 1-year existence!

ten fold finance scam review

Why the Ten Fold Finance Scam is FREE?

Again we are getting the lame explanation about how the company is supposed to go public. Translated to financial language this means that the organization will launch an Initial Public Offering, and go onto the online stock market! That’s why now they need few experimental bunnies to proof that their trading software solutions really work! What they will proof however is that they are a scam, nothing more! We have that similar mind trick with few old scams, so do not trust this!

In addition, here we just want to mention that the inside of the service is looking similar to other proven scams like: Maximus Profit and Bot Plus 365!

Ten Fold Finance Scam Review – The conclusion!

The over-promising statements and false credentials inside 10foldfinance.com are countless! From unrealistic return rates to phony testimonials and connections with other bogus websites! The whole storyline inside 10foldfinance.com is fictitious! We just simply cannot let you register and invest your money with this application! Doing it involves high risk, and you will lose money!

Review Verdict: Ten Fold Finance Software is 100% SCAM! Beware and Avoid 10foldfinance.com!

Trading binary options can be very profitable but keep in mind that due that fact, the niche is dragging a lot of sharks! That’s why you always need to be cautious and be careful about all those crocks! Be sure to rely only on trading services and brokers with good reputation, otherwise you might become a victim to a dishonest service! For safer alternatives we invite you to check out Top Rated Trading APP’s. They are all tested for long period of time and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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  1. Be careful guys, i already lost $300 dollars. Thanks to your review i did not bet again.This one Kyle, is doing everything very convincing, but after that nothing.

  2. Thank you for aware me about Ten Fold Finance. I was almost ready to invest in this software, when i read your review. Friends you save my money.

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