Terabit Trader Scam or Genuine APP? Unbiased Software Review!

Terabit Trader Scam or Innovation?

Read our in-depth analysis review before you register with this application!

Official website: terabittrader.com

Terabit Trader Software is brand new service with high criteria! Considered as the smartest, fastest and easiest to use binary trader on the planet! Allegedly, this system is supposed to bank for you $20,000 per day for life! As you probably already think of, this statement is quite unrealistic.

Furthermore, there are a lot of problems with the details surrounding this trading app, bear with us we have a lot to say here. Under no circumstances sign up, before you read this complete article!

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Terabit Trader Scam Review – Why we are skeptical?

It’s just that when we come across a too good to be true offer, we become really aggressive. Obviously here we have some dishonest intentions coming from the people behind this robot. A legit trading solution will never guarantee daily profits of $20,000, because that’s impossible!

How The Terabit Trader Software Works?

According to the messy explanations coming from the presenter there are two types of algorithms behind this service! ODT one and two, essentially ODT means Optical Data Transmission and it’s a super-fast way to transfer internet data. In this case managing to transfer data faster even then the Wall Street cable connections, which is physically impossible! Anyway, the explanations provided by Richard Heffner the alleged creator are incomplete and can’t be taken seriously! “We make money because we transfer data faster” what the f*ck is that? It does not make any sense!

Moreover, those allegations how this is the first 100% accurate trading robot on the plant, are just beyond bogus! No trader or software solution can maintain 100% success rate, furthermore we have heard this lousy demand with in few scams already.

Estimated profits and Testimonials?

During the presentation Heffner claims that he already has made 27 people from all walks of life millionaires! Moreover, on 17.09.2016 he signed 20+ more people who all received $20,000 in their bank accounts on the following day! There are several problems with those statements!

  • Where are the first 27 millionaires, and why no one has ever heard of them?
  • Those new people, also are just fictitious characters, since there is nothing written about them on the social medias, and there is no real proof of their existence. In addition, we couldn’t find any real positive reviews or feedback supporting the Terabit Trader!
  • In general, making $20k form $250 initial deposit or even $500, is impossible, but even if we pretend for a second that it is, you can’t expect to see them into your bank account after 24 hours. Binary Options trading goes thru brokerages! Depending on the broker terms and conditions there is certain time you have to wait in order to see your money in your personal bank account. For the unfamiliar we`ll just say that withdraw procedure take usually 2-5 business days!

As you can see we have a lot of BS already on hand!

the terabit trader scam review, Tera App, teraapp, teraapp.co

Who is Richard Heffner?

Officially he is the founder and CEO of the Terabit Trader Software. In reality he is invented personality, which represents this scam! This guy is just a paid actor and he is very familiar to us from other famous and proven scams in the past. Take a look at Safeguard Trader and GPS Trader! They are all looking similar their inside agenda is pretty much the same, and the same man is CEO there again! Therefore, we cannot speak about trust here at all!

Promises of Live Proof?

During the sales video, we hear promises of how we`ll see a third party verified life proof, which will guarantee that this system is genuine! However, the proof we get Is far from legitimate! At the start of the trading session the scam-artist show is balance of around $350 USD, after 58 seconds, he shows us balance of $800+ USD. Keep in mind that this is physically impossible even if you use a legit trading instrument!

the terabit trader scam review, Tera App, teraapp, teraapp.co

Terabit Trader Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we can state that this help-trading tool is just a Ponzi Scheme! So far we have investigated several similar software solutions and they all are proven scams! We simply cannot let you trust and put your hard earned money into deceptive system with zero outside endorsement! Our conclusions are based on vast search engine and social media analysis plus our personal experience and all the information exposed on terabittrader.com!

Review Verdict: The Terabit Trader Software is a 100% Scam! Beware and avoid terabittrader.com for your own good!

Binary Options Newcomer? Please be aware that trading industry offers really lucrative opportunities. Due to that fact, the industry is dragging many crooks who stalk to steal money from the novice traders. That’s why you have to rely always on well reputed trading instruments! For safer alternatives we invite you to take a look at our Top Recommended Trading Services! They are all 100% endorsed by the community and tested for long period of time!

For further questions, contact us at: binaryoptionsspot@gmail.com

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One thought on “Terabit Trader Scam or Genuine APP? Unbiased Software Review!

  1. Become a millionaire is a dream to everyone, especially for binary options traders. But as you said in your article, about this guru software “The terabit trader”, is two good to be true.
    Be on watch guys, and don’t believe this crooks.
    Thank you Binaryoptionsspot for revealing to us fraudsters.

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