Terran Capitals Scam Review

Terran Capitals Scam or Legit?

Our in-depth review will provide all the answer!!


Terran Capitals is new investment company using algo-trading algorithms to benefit from the online markets. The official page terrancapital.co offers huge amounts of information and there are many people and company names involved, which require explanations! Our unbiased review will provide detailed investigation and we will put everything to the test! Make sure to spent some time and read our article before you decide to put your money inside terrancapital.co!

the terran capitals scam review

Terran Capitals Scam Review! All the hidden details!

There is some truth coming from the promotion video. In the reality the algo-trading / machine trading is really devouring the financial world. For every single manually opened trader there are around 500 once opened by trading robots. There is a consistent high level war among the leading developers of such software solutions and the biggest investment organizations on the exchanges.

With everything said, now can we confirm that the Terran Capitals is really part of that war and actually one of the leading algo using enterprises.

The presentation video is around 11 minutes and the presenter stays anonymous!  But we`ll debunk every single word coming from his mouth! The focus is putted onto the organization, which is mainly described as the leader among the algo-trading companies! For the last 11 years this firm is developing trading software solutions! The CEO is Susan Carter and she must be a quite famous person. The Terran Capitals software, which is responsible for trading volume of $870 billion dollars’ year to date are on eye focus on every Wall Street news portal!

the terran capitals software

We immediately triggered social media investigation regarding the Founder and the actual company! There are many articles shown onto terrancapital.co following the success of this company. CNN Money, Reuters, China Daily, CNBC, Spiegel Online, all those financial news portals should be following the success of this leading investment organization. We checked all the official pages of the above mentioned gigantic news portals. There is not a single word written about the Terran Capitals Software! Clearly all the articles are fabricated, just to gain authority! Don’t be fooled because they are not real.

the terran capitals scam review

The CEO Susan Carter is also not real! The lady is described as very influential figure and well known among the biggest hedge funds and world banks! How then her name is not appearing associated with any stories of success? Her name is only associated with terrancapital.co! A Billionaire female connected with $100 dollars’ worth of website? Everything is getting very suspicious here!

What about the Terran Capitals? The registration number of the company or any addresses where not exposed on terrancapital.co. Also, if this company was real, and it was managing billions of dollars they will be having an official website during all those 11 years of operating. Such site does not exist the only site is terrancapital.co and this site has been registered on 02.05.2016. Completely conflicting with all the statements how this trading system is being used true the last 7 years to gain millions of profits!

So far everything seems one big deception and we are not finding anything real here. As authority providers there are two more companies mentioned. NARTIEX, which examines the effect of the algo-trading machinery on the stock markets of selected stock exchanges worldwide. Including NASDAQ, NYSE and Chicago Mercantile exchange shows that automatic systems are essentially taking over trading!? Yes, but NARTIEX has never said a single word about The Terran Capitals Software!

IDEOS, is the marketing company which has the target to find 500 people, which will be granted free access of The Terrain Capitals software. Those 500 people will have used to proof that this trading system is capable of producing 78% – to 92% accuracy. The steps are taken after one of the world’s biggest banks shows interest to acquire the software. Now all Susan has to do is to proof that the system actually works. Unfortunately, after all said, we doubt that this anonymous bank does exist! First we believe that there are no real registration limits with this trading robot. Second after all above said we really doubt that this story with the bank is any real! On top of everything, the high frequently trading companies are not famous with high accurate trading. Since they are relying on volume trading and thousands of short term positions every day, they have low accuracy but eventually they generate huge profits due to the high volume. Accuracy of around 80% are quite impossible to reach with such trading methods.

the terran capitals software

Terran Capital Scam Review! The conclusion!

Deception, misleading content, false credentials, lies and fake personalities. Everything inside terrancapital.co is unreal! The CEO of the company is phony, the organization itself does not exist, and every single endorsement or success story backing this firm is fabricated. What else can we say? Investing with terrancapital.co will be disasters for you! If you decide to put your money into this cash bot, you`ll lose all your initial deposit right away! We are not sure why the shady creators picked the name Terran, it belongs to a race from the famous video game Star Craft! Anyway we hope Bizzard entertainment sue them! We are kidding of course the word Terran originally describes our species as an inhabitant of the planet Earth!

Review Verdict: Terran Capitals Software is 100% Scam! Avoid terrancapital.co or you will lose money!

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