Tesler APP Scam Or Legit? Real Software Review With Facts!

The Tesler App – Invest or Not in This New application?

Be Aware and Read Our Honest Review! Avoid Becoming Yet Another Scam Victim!!!

Official page: teslerapp.co

About over $1,000,000 in less than 6 months with The Tesler App? Is it a dream or a reachable reality? An extra $5700 in your bank account by the end of the day, every day? Steven Abrahams, presumed CEO of Tesler Investments. On 19 December 2016 offers the last free chance to the public to become a millionaire. He offers to use his system 100% for free. Tesler could be used both from beginners or professional traders. No initial knowledges or experience is required. Assures it is mathematically impossible to lose money. Seems like no risk involved. What you need to do is a simple “click”. And it should never lose money by the end of any given day. The only words we can say are: “Lol! It just incredible!!”

Folks, it seemed too good to believe and invest in it right away. We decided immediately to go and investigate. Read with us about what we found!
the tesler app scam review

Let’s say a few words about the web site!

By entering their web site teslerapp.co we found a simple page with automatic started pitch video. We see “members” photo with some written words and indicated personal profit. You can see over the company promises. Furthermore, there are no evident address, email or phone number. Basically if you need some sort of support to solve your problem there are none because everything is completely untraceable.

The essential things to know about Tesler App?

Steven Abrahams says the Tesler APP trading System was developed with the aim anybody could make money from home safely. It is fresh and 100% free. Everything is 100% automated. But going forward with the video we discover that it is not so.

Initially you need to deposit money with a shady broker in order to use the system. Moreover, we found something very interesting. If you research google play for this APP, there are zero posts appearing. Furthermore, there are buttons to get the app on iTunes and on Google Play. Unfortunately, they are all fake applications.

If you make $5700 on day 42, they will automatically take a small commission of $28. Moreover, for every $10 000 pure profit you make, Tesle APP will deduct $50 from your trading account. The CEO claims you can withdraw your profits as often as you want in a fast and easy way. Everything here sounds very suspicious. First when you register there is no contract between you (the buyer) and Tesle APP (the seller) to guarantee those arrangements. Second, signing such contract with company or individual which has zero reputation within the trading community is very risky! Such deal, might expose you to further risks, and those commissions might be deducted from your debit card without your approval. That’s why you need to be very cations here!

Let’s discover the true identity of Steven Abrahams?

Abrahams claims his innovative trading software can make you earn $237 every single hour.

We are faced with a fictional character. Created specifically for this sensational scam. On the internet appears as a well-paid actor by scammers!! Other than millionaire and charitable person!

He is only a good actor playing very well. A fictional character who evidently reads subtitles in good order. He does not spare words with the sole purpose to convince you to deposit your money.

Steven plays with your feelings and desires. Who does not want to have a carefree life? Who does not want to live in luxury? Being able to buy a brand-new car, luxurious clothes, dinners, exotic trips. Everything you’ve always dreamed of, eventually! He wants to offer it to you apparently in an easier way. Deceives you by saying how simple you can get it through his software.

But, paying to an actor to promote your service is actually not the worst part. But failing to gain the support of the community is the biggest red flag.

Testimonials behind this app are real?

The Tesler APP and the Investment company behind them doesn’t exist. Moreover, all the photos of teslerapp.co are stolen pictures. It was very easy to prove that all the “testimonials” are fake. In the video presentation, the faces of many cheap paid scam actors appear. How we know all this? We just listen to those testimonials; all the people claim that they are becoming millionaires for short period of time. And this is like one of the oldest tricks in the scam-book “make you eager”. If they can do it you can do it. The only difference between you and them is that your money is real. Outrageous lies at every step!

the tesler app scam review

Outside endorsements?

The most important detail forming the reputation of a binary options trading software is its reputation. We always research the social medias and the search engines in search of feedback. Despite the fact that this trading application looks convincing and promising the system is not endorsed but black listed by the community and probably the reason for that is the numerous negative opinions we came across coming from the day-traders. Keep in mind that there is nothing more honest than the regular day-investor testimonial!

the tesler app scam review

The Tesler APP Scam Review – The Conclusion!

In our summary, we would like to remind you that we are dealing with high budget scam. However, the impostors reveal themselves with their crazy statements promising millions. Too good to be true offers must be avoided at all cost. No one will make you millionaire for free, so do not bait for this crap guys. If you invest real money with this system you`ll lose your capital. Investing with such shady service is not recommended!

Review Verdict: The Tesler APP is a 100% SCAM! Beware and do not engage with teslerapp.co because it’s a black hole!

Trading binary options can be very profitable. Many people are using the instrument to gain additional income or as full time jobs. However, due to the reason that binary options are the safest trading instrument available for the wide public the demand is very high. Due to that fact, there are many crooks who come into the field in order to advertise their schemes and steal money from the novice traders. Knowing that in advance will help you to recognize future scams and stay away from them. Basics are simple. Stay Away from too good to be true opportunities. For safer alternative, we kindly invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Solutions. They are all 100% endorsed by the community and tested for long period of time!

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One thought on “Tesler APP Scam Or Legit? Real Software Review With Facts!

  1. Wow that’s offer for this Tesler APP sounds very good. But there are too many “Why”
    I personally wouldn’t invest. And i tell you why.
    1. No one have ever heard about this profitable APP – Don’t you think this is very suspicious, bearing in mind the phenomenal profits?
    2. Why everything should be anonymous, shady brokers are not the choice that i will choose. And what about these strange commissions, and why it happens in 42 day? Why not i will be able to reach earlier announce profits?
    3. It is not clear how much money you have to invest to gain $237 every single hour. I think that sum is exaggerated. To be able to measure the risks, when you are going to invest in binary options trading, you should be aware in advance how money you can win or lose.
    Thank you guys that you allowing me to share my view.

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