The 30 Day Challenge scam review

The 30 day Challenge is a binary options scam service! Read our honest review on the subject!

Hello dear readers, today I spot new BO software called the thirty day challenge. Michael Morrison the creator of this product claims that he can make you a millionaire in just four weeks on fully autopilot, otherwise he will give you $8000 from his own pocket in exchange of failing. And after that month you will become member of his new millionaire club for free! Michael Morrison confidently stated that his system will not fail because he has 100% success rate? Okay I feel that’s enough we have 2 bizarre statements already. First, becoming millionaire with option trading for 4 weeks is close to impossible. Second, claiming that you have 100% consistent success rate with your system is so crazy that I don’t even have words to describe it, I think long nice laugh will be enough.


Anyway let’s make a quick examination of 30 day challenge’s page, at first look it looks clean but when you move the mouse a super annoying popup appear that will prevent you from other actions. Moving on we start the presentation video and like 3 second after that we understand that this is just another phony fiverr actor operation, we immediately recognize that the ten members who already “become millionaires” with 30 day challenge are all payed actors!


Continuing with our review I had the nerves to watch the presentation video till the very end, and I haven’t heard anything that can bring legitimacy to this service. Mr. Morrison spent 10 minutes to repeat phrases like “become millionaire for free for only 4 weeks”, “everything is free you can become millionaire”, “new millionaire club” “I will make you millionaire for only four weeks”, that’s it, I can’t even tell if he wants to make you eager and push you into registration or he wants to repel you because he is super annoying.

Also, I want to mention that you are not special if you received a promotion email with referral link to the 30 day challenge website like Morrison claims, this scam service is spreading like wildfire from email marketers who are blasting millions of emails targeting innocent newcomers to the binary options industry!

Final Verdict of this review:

The 30 Day Challenge system is a 100% scam! Beware stay away from this deceptive product, if there was even a small glimpse of a chance this to be real it will be announced in every major binary options portal in the industry, and will probably lead to WORLD WAR 3… since everything will collapse haha! I’m sorry for the black humor guys/gals but sometimes those scams are so obvious that I laugh the whole time till I write the review.

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