the Money Glitch Scam Warning

Money Glitch Scam Alert!

This software is pure fraud, make sure to read this review before you end up robbed!

Money Glitch is new money making opportunity. In matter of fact the service has been officially released yesterday 09.05.2016. The alleged presenter is Selena Fairbrother and this woman claims to be making millions of Pounds every single month. The motto of the system is turn “$5 into $500,000 for 1 month”. Of course this is impossible and our in-depth investigation found many disturbing facts around this system. The truth is that this software is getting very viral! We are getting tens of emails from people who are interested in potting money in this system. We believe that investing with this trading system shares great risk for your financial situation! Meaning that the chance you`ll lose money with this trading app is above 100%! We`ll provide all the evidence needed to debunk this scam in this transparent review!

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Money Glitch Scam Review! Everything you should know but not mentioned in the video.

Starting from the very beginning the look of The web page of this system is pretty similar to other dangerous scams. Let’s take for example the mockingbird method. The website is exactly the same and the concept of the video presentation is pretty much the same. A presenter talks about easy money and then he pretends to be finding random people on the street and convincing them to try this new software. Of course everything is set up and all people who participate are payed actors.  Clearly we have some connection between the both frauds!!! In addition, we can say that all pushing into registration count down banners are fake. They all start from higher numbers when you refresh the page. It’s just a marketing trick to make you eager, and put you in a hurry to register. Just don’t mind all the phony stuff! Also, take a look how the video says streaming but you can actually pause it? Showing you that actually its not streaming. Phony stuff all around…

We have few unrealistic claims we want to discuss:

  • $5 into $500k = impossible, there is no software which can achieve such profits for such short period of time!
  • Selena claim that The Money Glitch Software has nothing in common with trading binary options! Truth is that its binary options auto trading system. We don’t know why but it’s very suspicious that they hid this fact!
  • “No losing day for 78 weeks”! First this is also a lie because the online markets are too unpredictable to be forecasted for such long time on 100%! Secondly the official page is registered on 6.03.2016. Obviously a time conflicting claim!

Now let’s jump into the so called live beta testers, which we observe during the presentation. They are all set upped invested £ 250 and after 5 minutes they all have made over £2000. Thing is that some of the accounts have 18 trades made. Its physically impossible to execute so much trades for 5 minutes starting with $250 and gain so much money in the process. Obviously with such small budget you can’t place so much trades. Clearly debunking the whole live trading made up scene!

Everything so far is looking very dirty and unrealistic! Selena Fairbrother claims that the Founder and CEO of The Money Glitch is David Matthews and thy show his picture during the presentation. Truth is that this man is just invented personality. The shady creators are using stock model photo as their official Founder. Think about how real the rest of this pathetic software is!?

Click the picture = EVIDENCE Link!

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Is The Money Glitch Software endorsed by anyone? Nope, the only support this system meet is from websites who promote everything, they are just created to fake out good reputation! However, all the reputed blogs are black listing this service like they should be! Simply no one can find any reason to trust this dangerous trading app!

Money Glitch Scam Review! Conclusion!

There are too many scam elements inside The system is pure fraud operation. Fake identities, actors, impossible results, everything screams SCAM!! Connections with other scams and many over-promising statements. Those sentences purely describe The Money Glitch Software! We believe that investing with this system will be disasters and it’s not recommended!

Review Verdict: The Money Glitch Scam Exposed! Beware and avoid!

Binary Options Is good legit way to make money. Unfortunately, there are many crooks, which stalk the new comers to the industry. That’s why we always encourage our readers to seek for second opinion from reputed news source. Definitely it will help you to avoid scams! Check our scam-list and if you wonder how good service look like check our Trusted Signals! Just, keep in mind that they won’t generate $500k for you in a month! Please apply common sense!

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  1. I have signed up with the money glitch email but not perfect registration . I just enter the email only. but I got an email saying my email was licensed. How do I cancel the registration ? or is there any risk to me ?

    1. No risk for you, just don’t finish the registration and stay away from this scam service!

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