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Online trading is 18+. Before signing with any Binary Options Broker you should consider few important things. Trading binary options or forex can be very lucrative, but also involves certain risk. Future investors must be aware of their individual capital gain, individual liabilities and taxes in their own county of residence. Make sure you that you don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose!

How to deal with Binary Options Broker

Keep in mind that most of the binary options brokers use different marketing tricks, and most of them have huge sells departments. Their simple task is to up-sell you and squeeze as much money as they can from your pocket. Don’t fall for those lousy marketing selling tricks. When you sign with any binary options broker, they will assign personal account manager to your new account, whose purpose will be to help you with your trading.

The ugly truth is that, brokers make money when you lose money, and vice versa when you make money the brokers lose money. That’s why we don’t recommend following your personal account manager guidance, because in the most cases he will lead you into ruff spot, promising dreams. If you are newcomer to binary options industry you might want to use good Signal Service till you gain enough trading experience to rely on your own chart and fundamental analysis!

Choosing a broker: 
In terms of security measures It’s always better and safer to sign with fully regulated binary options brokers! We wont deny that there are some non regulated brokers with very decent reputation but safety first!

Initial Deposit and Account Management: 
We advise your first deposit to be matched with the broker minimum. Spent some time with the broker see if, you like it. Test them for a month maybe trade one NFP with them, just back test them and see if you can find any lag issues, withdraw issues or anything that you don’t like. In case you find stuff you don’t approve, just withdraw your funds and search for better broker! When you find the most suitable binary options broker that fits all your needs and demands, you can increase your account budget and continue trading with them! According to the money management we recommend keeping your investment per trade around 5% of your budget!

We don’t recommend taking any bonuses from any broker if, you are new to binary options industry! Simply because taking bonus will cause certain restrictions on your personal account, until you reach certain trading volume, which can turn to be hard task for a newbie trader.

We keep high security level. SSL / HTTPS:// highly encrypted protocols ensures that our  secured. In short words our links are cleared and clicking them cannot harm you in any way! In addition everyday virus scan provided by Sitelock, assure that is Malware-Free, no malicious code can harm you here!

Our Top Recommended Regulated Brokers!

Broker NameMin. DepositMin. TradeDemo Accoutonline sinceAllows US TradersRegulations:
$£€ 10$£€ 10Yes2014 yearNoAFSL, license no. 364264.

General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

If you meet any kind of problems associate with the list of binary options brokers you can contact us at:

57 thoughts on “Binary Options Brokers

  1. Great site, great advises. Binary options is easy and effective instrument for online trading.
    Thank’s to you i found very reliable broker. We discus with him, how does exactly the binary options works and where are they among popular. Before i start with trading i consider myself, how much money i can afford to invest. I choose to trade with currency pairs and some row materials. I headed to Top options and i didn’t mistaken. For last two weeks i had invest at about $500 dollars and i returned $850 which is mean am in gain. I am so excited.
    Thank you Ventcislav Velev

  2. Hello, i am very enthusiastic. I live in Germany and i was looking for reliable brokers for long time.
    Finally, after a lot of researching i found it. Thank’s to you and your recommendations i have registered accounts, in IQ Option and Top Options. The two of them have demo account which is given me a bonus security. They also have a opportunity for a small deposits from $1 and $5 dollars, not $25 dollars which is the most common deposit other brokers want. Anyway, I have started to trade with small sums and i won $100 DOLLARS FOR TWO DAYS. On the second week i gave my selves courage and decided to put on risk those $100 dollars i was won last week. I have trader with IQ Option and Top Options equally. And guess what i didn’t get wrong. I have earned $235 dollars for four days.
    I am so happy, that could be my second job.
    Thank you Vent for your advises,they are very helpful.

    1. Anytime Greta,

      You can always send me questions about the strategies i gave you or potential trading setups you watch but you are not sure if they are highly probable.
      I’m really glad to hear that you finally see the success in your trading session;]

  3. Hello, i am from Italy and i am looking for some reliable broker here in my county. Can you recommend me someone.
    I am interested in binary options, but i am a completely new comer and i don’t want to came across crooks.
    Thank you

      1. Hey, Thank you very much, you recommend me Porter Finance.
        I contacted them immediately, after your reply. I found a very friendly and professional broker, he gave me excellent support. I like them because the platform, gave me a lot of variety of trading – trade in binary options, stocks, currencies, and e.c.
        I choose binary options and currencies.The interface is very easy to work. As soon as you select an assets will rise or fall, everything is arrange. Anyway.
        I am trading sums around $50 – $100 dollars, and for now i didn’t have losses. I earned $1200 dollars for one month. I am so happy.
        Thank you once again Ventsislav, that you didn’t misled me.

  4. Hey, I am a new comer in binary options. I have been looking for a real broker since April this year. I have had a few options with two ” legal” brokers in binary trading, but they looked only in my pockets and i lose everything. It wasn’t a big sum but it was disappointing. Anyway.
    Last week i came across your Binary Options Brokers and decided to go again again. It is seems me reliable. I choose Top Options. And guess what, i accomplished my first $200 dollars.
    Thank you guys for a helpful advises. I hope it will continue like that.

  5. I will invest to this broker IQ Options. I like them and it seems to me legal. Thank you for overall article.

  6. Hey, your brokers are really good. I registered with IQ Option – they are very good broker. Allowing me to trade with demo account and with investment of only $1! Best broker for new investors!

  7. Hi.
    Has anyone any idea how to calculate a bonus , Ive heard its a combination of how much you trade with, plus wins and losses that all add up to this X30 , Im stuck with a bonus but I am gradually trading up, so any advice would be great.


    1. Different brokers different formulas. Most Common formula is (Deposit + Bonus) x30, in trading volume!

  8. Hi, I need your vies about GTOptions broker. It was allocated to me when I signed up with Citidelltd

    Thank you in advance

    1. Liz, thank you for the question regarding Citidel Ltd.
      The broker is okay, their withdraw take 2-5 days. Liz the only thing you must avoid if taking bonus from your account manager. That action will add money to your budget but it will lock down your account and you will unable to withdraw your funds till you reach certain trading volume!

    1. They are not reliable, tell me what kind of broker you look for, and where you are mainly located and i’ll tell you which are good for there.

  9. 24 option is the best binary options broker, no doubts! They are regulated, safe, withdraws in 2 days, professional support, professional account managers, super environment. Really nothing bad in this broker! AAh one more thing its not working with the lag spot option platform!!

  10. Hello,
    I follow this news portal for long time now, and I wanted to share some opinion / advice and something interesting with the rest of the readers. Most of the people are looking for auto traders and signal service, but I’m different story. I’m dedicated to learn self trading.. first few months I lost some money, I won some, but overall I was struggling around the 60% success rate. Never mind these days are gone now, last 3 months im keeping good accuracy around 75% by simply using support resistance and trend following strategies.
    Actually I went little of topic, I wanted to say few words about the broker list that BO Spot is promoting. As I said im dedicated binary options day trader and I have accounts with like 10 regulated brokers and I trade with all of them. True that process I managed to gather a lot of experience and feedback about them. In my opinion the best once are 24 Option: very decent broker, smooth platform, lag free and no fake promises by the account managers, one of the most safe brokers. The only downside with this broker is that the minimum per trade is $24, for low budget traders it can be little harder to trade with them. Happily, to have low budget is not very hard these days because in my opinion the second best broker in binary options industry is TopOption their minimum per trade is $5 and their minimum deposit is only $100. Also, lag free platform and no annoying account managers. They even offer “do not disturb” feature, meaning that if, you don’t want to be bothered no one will disturb you via phone calls.
    Another very interesting fact I found with those 2 brokers is that they have recently offered bonuses with differend unlock formula. Their bonuses where not structured like the rest of the brokers, im not quite sure if, I understand the structure well but maybe Ventsislav Velev can confirm if he knows. So what I noticed is that they offer you bonus for certain trading volume and if, you reach it you get the bonus as a gift no account lock, no nothing. I have seen this risk free bonus structure only with those 2 brokers, probably it’s some kind of innovation pulled out from them because they are reputed and they want to keep it that way. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some heads up about my experience with binary options brokers. I have tested over 15 regulated binary options brokers and the best two in my opinion are 24 Option and Top Option!

    1. Stephan, Thank you for the interesting commentary, we appreciate your opinion!
      Those two brokers are forming like the best once for a reason, probably that’s why you like them the most. Since Any option are really trying to play big now and they are repelling a lot of traders these days.
      About the bonus you noticed, it’s a yes. I use TopOption as my main broker and i trade the NFP’s true them, I also, noticed the new bonus structure. Most broker give you welcome 100% bonus and lock down your account with formula that looks like this (deposit+bonus)x30, and till you reach the volume you are unable to withdraw your money. The new bonuses offered by those 2 brokers is just a nice innovation, you have understand terms properly. A bonus bar appears above your platform following your trade volume. If, you fill out the bar and reach your trading volume they just give you the bonus as a gift money and they add it to your account budget, completely risk free bonus! TopOption and 24 Option are on the TOP of the industry and they will probably do everything they can to keep it that way.

    2. Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am new on the market and looking for investing some money in BO. I registered with few, but Top Option, who you say is one of the best, does not have Romania on the list! 🙁 I wasn’t born here but I live in this country, so I will try to register 24 Oprion and IQOption. Also, I wonder if someone works with BCM (!

      1. Sign with IQ, its the most reliable and versatile broker currently.

  11. I like your mentorship.
    Please tell me how to link my topoption account with mikes autotrader. I only have the minimum account balance of $100. Thanks

    1. Kevin, Unfortunately you cannot link it. Mikes Auto Trader is working with other brokers, and the minimum investment with them is $250.
      But TopOption is great choice you are very safe trading with them!

      1. mike redirected me to bigoption.
        how reliable are they?
        Never heard of them before.thanks for your reply.

      2. BigOption are in the game for long time they are regulated under CySEC in Cyprus. So don’t worry they are okay, jsut dont take any bonuses, and if you decide to invest, go with the very minimum of $250!

  12. I also use 24 option as Adrian because they feel to be the most professional broker in the world. But i have few friends who all use Topoption and they are very happy with them i suppose a very decent broker as well! If you are looking for trading with direct broker account, those two must be your target!

  13. I use 24Option from very long time, in my opinion they are the most safe and reliable broker at this point. Super professional, and they are not selling dreams! No trash talk very serious brokerage!

  14. I tried this Binary Tilt broker they seem to be nice for now, those people who live in Australia really can go with them, withdraws are fast and their account managers are fine!

  15. Top Option is the best broker from this list in my opinion. Easy to use lag free, minimum investment is $5, minimum deposit is $100, over 180 assets, fast withdraws, no annoying account managers what else you can ask!

  16. I use TopOption And Anyoption they are both regulated and with professional team behind them!

  17. Top Option is the best broker for EU. Super nice support, withdrawals 1-2 days long, lag free and nice looking platform, bonus formula is not bad also, one click trading, 4 assets on one screen. I think they have everything a trader needs!

  18. I had some problems in the past with Banc De Binary, not that they are unregulated or something but i had super annoying and arrogant account manager, i was very frustrated to deal lit him. Eventually everything concluded goo i called the support and they changed my account manager!

  19. I really enjoy my trading experience with TopOption thair platform is looking very nice allowing up to 4 asset windows at one screen, lag free. And the withdraws are pretty fast talking around 2-3 days only!

  20. I have accounts with TopOption AnyOption, No1option and Banc The Binary, they all are great brokers with fast withdraw systems and good supports. Also, they have all different features which traders can use from $1 trading to sell before expiry on profit and so on.. You will not mistake if you register with one of those 4 brokers!

  21. What broker should i use form France please i need fast withdrawals !!!!! Not 20 working days waiting to approve!

  22. Please advice a good regulated broker for me I live in Turkey but I travel to Germany alot, Want to trade mobile !!

    1. AnyOption, TopOption they are both good stable and professional. They are both regulated under CySEC!

  23. I have anyoption and topoption accounts those 2 are the best! Anyoption allows selling before expiry on profit which is the most unique feature i have ever seen!!! And topoption is low $10 per trade very good for daily trading lag free platform and one click trading!!

  24. I registered with TopOption and AnyOption They are both great brokers with different features. I like TopOption ‘s low cost per trade. And AnyOption sell before expiry option is super good for Train Trading.

  25. In my opinion TopOption is the best choice. Low cost per trade fast withdraws! No Annoying account managers.

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