Trade Tracker Pro Scam Alert

 Trade Tracker Pro Scam?

This exposure review will reveal all the information you need!

Trade Tracker Pro is disgusting scam! Terribly bad looking imposter of Santa Claus, is trying to convince us that that this trading system will change our lives in matter of days. Unfortunately, our investigation leaded us into very disturbing facts, which we will expose into this scam review! Bear with us it will take only 5 minutes of your time to read this article, definitely worth it to save your hard earned money!


Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review!  All the Nasty details!

When you land on, there is nothing to see, except one presentation video, which is the main information source. To be honest the background story is fun to watch, so if you have time watch the video we promise you`ll laugh a lot! But let’s not go off topic!

The alleged scam-actor promoting this pathetic trading bot has presented himself by the name of Derek Stone, a long bearded dude, who just left his work because he got an amazing offer from a friend! The offer says “If you can’t generate $80k for one month with Trade Tracker Pro, they will compensate you with $36k, your salary”! Well that’s a nice offer, of course there is no real verification that can proof that as a truth!

Let’s start debunking, we will walk you true the story really quick, so this guy Derek Stone, signups with Trade Tracker Pro, claiming that they don’t need your credit card personal info or anything, well actually you need to deposit after you register you`ll need to invest at least $250 in order to use thing bogus trading bot.

The video is divided to 4 parts, Derek made 4 results update videos, true one month of trading every week X one!

Update one: He made $18k on auto pilot starting form initial deposit of $250, quite impossible!

  1. The account is raised to $23k! He stays in front an ATM machine, he picks up his smart phone, and he’s claiming to be making a withdraw from his GToption broker account. After few seconds he turns around and he is withdrawing from the ATM machine. Such bulls**t, a withdraw from broker needs at least 2 – 3 working days to arrive into your bank account, NO EXCEPTIONS! Don’t be fooled this is just lame trick to make you eager.
  2. He is on something like a vocation, the account getting up to the staggering $60k+! The “real” creator appears in the video for first time! Named Josh Foreman presented as leader software developer! His appearance was associate only with some lame pushing into registration strategy. “First 300 members will receive the upgraded version of the software for free”! That upgrade express in more trades, “the software will make 10 times more trades then basic account”! In short words you`ll lose your money faster!
  3. Last update, Stone is in front of cars dealer, his balance reached $80k, so he decided to buy a Range Rover SUV, for almost the same amount.

First of all, if such story was real, the whole industry will announce it, because something like that is unheard, managing to make 80k for 1 month with binary options is possible, but not with starting deposit of $250. You can imagine of course that we couldn’t find anything on google for Derek Stone and his success story, or for Josh Foreman! Google posts do appear but they are all related to Trade Tracker Pro Scam!

The video does not contain any reliable information regarding what exactly Trade Tracker Pro is?! The only explanation is that this software is based on “cutting edge complexed code that analyses market trades using binary options”! Okay cool but this is not an explanation, it’s obvious that it’s some kind of algorithm trading binary options, LOL! No further information was given, starting to look bit suspicious? Just wait and see.

Next idiotic claim “60 days’ money back guaranteed”?! Guaranteed by who? The bearded guy? Or Josh Foreman, they are all fake actors with made up identities! The phony looking also, can’t guarantee sh*t, they don’t have even SSL, SiteLock or any kind of insurance to proof their authority!

We’ll like to use mid-century phrase here “We will cut the head of this fraud with single swing of our sword named ScamKiller!

The video, the testing, the story everything starts in 25.01.2016 you can confirm that!! And now we’ll confirm something else for you! The domain had been registered on 01.03.2016? Now tell us how Derek signed and managed to generate $80,000plus US Dollars with trading system that doesn’t existed back in January 2016? BUSTED! We’ll provide snapshot to back up our words because our words are SOLID!!!


Trade Tracker Pro Scam Alert! The Conclusion!

We feel that there is no need for further exposure, its crystal clear that this system is very mush empty promises and fabricated results! Our attempt to find something credible inside just failed. The social media also proves to be fairly negative! We believe that investing with this system involves high risk, and we won’t recommend such action!

Verdict: Trade Tracker Pro Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid!

New to Options Industry? Sign with Free Demo Account! And for safer alternatives to Trade Tracker Pro, we invite you to check out trusted BO Signal and Automated Solutions! Just keep in mind that they can’t make you $80k for one month, lol, lets apply common sense here!

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  1. Thank you for the warning! You have pointed very disturbing facts inside this review. Definitely trade tracker pro is a scam! Great exposure review!

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