Trade X Confidential Scam Alert

 Trade X Confidential Scam Review!

The service has really nice convincing background story, however we believe that reading this honest review is very important!

Trade X Confidential is some kind of auto trading robot. The alleged presenter Paul Reed came up with very confusing story, even for us, we needed to look very deeply into the details in order to find what exactly this software is doing. The trading bot will constantly scan Google for possible trading opportunities. Those possible profitable opportunities are displayed as new but very promising companies going live true the stock market. Eventually the algorithm has the goal to recognize if there is high interest in any of the new going public companies and buy low price stocks on then for potential profits. We are sorry if everything sounds confusing but, there is no easy way for explanation here. So, the whole story sounds legit, there are many stock traders hunting for such opportunities, using similar methods! But, in Trade X Confidential APP case, our investigation leaded us to some conflicting suspicious information.


Trade X Confidential Scam Review

Trade X Confidential Scam Review! The non revealed shady details!

Visiting, we can notice few questionable things. First all the endorsement badges seem to be fake, because they are non-clickable and we can’t confirm that those reputed companies like:  Heineken, IBM, TOYOTA, Adidas, DELL and many more have really endorsed the Trade X Confidential. We tried to search the official’s webpages of the above mentioned gigantic concerns for any clue on Trade X Confidential APP but we failed. There is not a single word written about this service on any of the official sites.

“Best service of 2016” Nope, there are no trustworthy verifications about that claim. Also, we can’t award such price before 2016 actually past away.

Onto the second page of, we can find many “happy” members who claim to be using Trade X Confidential APP for quite some time now, managing to generate great fortunes. Unfortunately, you can’t use something before it exists! A simple search reveals that the domain has been registered on 01.03.2016, very time sensitive and conflicting with the overall member statements on the page.

Now let’s take a look at the overall story and the presenters identity! Paul Reed also made some crazy statements and he definitely tried to confuse us with his software explanation.

“Fill out the form and download Trade X Confidential.” The service is not downloadable, its web-based platform, so we don’t know why the father of this service is making such lame mistakes but definitely not a good sign!

“Trade X Confidential has 100% success rate!” There is no trading robot, a human being or any kind of service associated with the online markets that can produce 100% success rate!

Now we would like to throw some words regarding the algorithm, we already told you that according to Paul it’s trading stocks! Such trading methods are used in forex and onto the stock markets a lot, but with binary options its highly rare to see new companies among the broker assets, with the opportunity to trade them for long time. Because what we have understand is that this service is buying low and selling high?! Well in order to do that sometimes you have to wait months even more than a year. In our subject case we have simple binary options trading system that trades all kinds of assets (currencies, commodities and stocks) for 15m, 1h, maximum end of the day expiries. Nothing close to the actual story, which brings very high doubts about that service! The whole story is conflicting; Mr. Reed tells us things that are physically impossible to achieve with binary options services!

Whose Reed and is he well known trader or financial specialist?! Claiming that he is using Trade X Confidential APP for 2 years in order to generate millions as profits! Well, he should have at least some article posts expressing his achievements on Google! So we made small research on his personality, but with no luck. The only posts appearing on the search engine are connected only with Clearly exposes this person as fake identity! You simply can’t claim that you are big deal with staggering achievements but with no actual third party verification to proof that.

Trade X Confidential Scam Review! The finale!

WE believe that this service hides a lot of truth under well-presented shell. There is no real proof of legitimacy that can back up trade x confidential. Bizarre story line with conflicting and misleading facts. Phony members and developer trying to convince us in something that does not exist. We can’t believe in this dubious software, because investing with it brings high risk.

Final Verdict: Trade X Confidential Scam Alert! Avoid this nonsense trading bot!

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Trade X Confidential Scam!

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