Trader APP Scam Or Profitable System? Important Software Review!

The Trader APP Scam or Really Trusted?

Check this investigation review before you decide to put your money into this service!

The Trader APP is fairly new trading solution! The system uses binary options trading field to operates and generate profits for its investors.

According to Brian Wren the alleged creator this system is not a quick get rich scheme but steady money generating paid service!

Since there is really high interest in this system we decided to make really in-depth analysis review and go over all the details within As always we`ll be fully transparent and honest with our readers.

We decided to make this article I slightly different fashion and take the Questions & Answers approach. So, we`ll just take all the questionable elements from and answer them here in this unbiased review!

the trader software scam review

The Trader APP Scam Review – All the truth revealed!

First we would like to start with the presenter Brian Wren and his really convincing approach at the beginning. To be honest we kind off liked the beginning of the video, we even went close to the point and considered registration with this service! Unfortunately, the longer we watched the video the higher doubts we raised.

At the start he starts by really strong statements of how he is motivated by money and his software will never be free, because he works! Furthermore, he plays a good role, pretending to be victim who have been scammed by 32 different dishonest systems in time in seek of a good one.

We really don’t like the acting scene with the emotional “I’m also a victim “scene. It’s an often used trick, the actor tries to concave you that he is just like you! That’s a regular marketer trick and you have to be careful with this. A software video presentation needs to contain explanations of the algorithms and strategies used long with live proof if possible. Every video, which relies on empty words is considered as potential threat!

the trader app scam review scam review

 What The Trader APP is?

Described as piece of software that will change your life as soon as you register is one of the main problems. Again here we have attempts in “make you eager” fashion.

The revolutionary tool is made for people who work from home, so they can reach the online markets and benefit from them. The secret algorithm behind this system is a combination of the above 32 mentioned by the CEO Scams! Practically, he took the 32 algorithms combined them and made one software, which is reducing 3000 potential signals per day coming from the 32 to only 15-20 profitable once.

That does not really make any sense for us, if the other trading robots are bogus, how come this one to be profitable? We got confused here and probably you are also, because everything sounds absurd! For us this is major red flag!

The Trader APP is payed or its Free?

The Founder Brian Wren claims that his trading bot will never be free. Then at the end of the video he is giving it totally for free! Obviously another push into registration trick coming from the paid actor!

Who is Howard Davis – the reputation builder?

This topic is really interesting. The guy is represented as major figure into the trading industry! A well-known trader with real trading track-records verified by third parties. Moreover, he owns a famous blog-website where he shares tips and mentoring aiming to help novice traders. In addition, he charges $2500 for his coaching.

Now the guy is hired to review and give his expertise evaluation. Even at the beginning of his “session” he admits that he has received $15000 from Brian Wren from this review. Then we have a question, if he received $15k, can we trust him?

Yes, because he is a trustworthy individual among the trading community and high authority? No, this man is just a fictitious character, no one knows him inside the video he is not sharing his so called “genuine blog website”! Furthermore, you cannot find anything about Howard Davis anywhere on the entire internet! Just ignore everything he says!

the trader software scam review

Estimated profits announced on, are they realistic?

The imposter Brian Wren guarantees $10,000 profit! No, you won’t be able to generate such profits using this trading software. They are unrealistic, especially if you start with initial capital of $250, like most people do coming into binary options field!

If I’m among the first 15 investors do I really get free nights at Plaza Hotel?

Hahaha, we laughed a lot here, no of course this is just one more push into registration trick. Seems likes those nasty pushing trick keep pour in!

the trader software

Testimonials of The Trader APP, can we trust them?

Essentially we see only 2 testimonials inside, which come from real people. Fake identities but real humans. We already debunked the story of Howard Davis, and the second person who puts his name in support of this bot is Josh!

Miserably we cannot trust him either. We`ll debunk this his words with only one question here! Why Josh records his testimonial in front of a green screen? It makes no sense, to us! Why the guy even owns green screen? Seems like he is just a well-prepared for some positive testimonials paid actor!

Moreover, the rest of the testimonials who participate in, with photos and names are just fabricated! Stock photos attached to random names equals a reputation builder? Nope, it’s just proving that this system should not be trusted AT ALL!

the trader software trader app scam review

Do The Trader APP enjoys any outside endorsements?

Currently there are no positive reviews in support of this investment application. During our social media and search engine investigation however we came across some negative once. Therefore, we have a good indication of how this service is just another fraud operation!

The Trader APP Scam Review – Conclusion!

Can we trust this system overall? Well, the final decision is always yours. However, we hope that this review will really convince you that this system hides insane risk! All the scam elements we exposed are combination of really sophisticated and cruel money stealing scheme! We believe that investing with this software won’t end well for your financial status!

Review Verdict: The Trader APP is a SCAM! Beware and Avoid the Filthy System Settled at!

Binary Options Trading can be very profitable but you have to be aware of the fact that due to the high demand there are many crocks stalking for your money! In order to avoid becoming a victim you have to always rely on good reputed trading solutions. For safer alternative we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Services! All the tool you`ll find in our section are 100% endorsed by the regular traders and tested for long period of time!

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the trader software scam review

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  1. Thank you guys for warning us, about The Trader APP. I always check your article before i make a decision where to bet. That’s save me a lot of money.
    I will stay cool, and waiting for next posts.

  2. Hey, i can’t trust this APP system too. I think that’s not reliable. The product that, The Trader APP offers to us is also fake.
    Thank you Binary options spot for posting this review, to prevent us from scammers.

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