Traders Revenge Scam or Legit? Software Review!

Traders Revenge Scam or Legit?

Important: Read this review before you end up losing money!

Traders Revenge Software is new binary options trading services. The presenter Ryan Jackson claims that he created this system for all those people who have been scammed. Because he wants to provide a revenge opportunity for all the people who got trapped by the money stealing schemes.

But isn’t this just a cliché? We are here to investigate and find out if all the Traders Revenge is really worth trying! Make sure to read this short and straight to the point article, before you get involved with this app.

Traders Revenge Scam Review! Reliable or not?

the trader revenge software

When we start to investigate a new trading system we always take a look around the social media. If we came across some positive reviews, and the presentation of the application looks promising we register and test out the system. In cases when there are only negative reviews and complains from the day-traders we just do what we do best we investigate and black list the system. Traders Revenge software does not have the support of the community, and there is really good reason for that.

Estimated profits?

Allegedly the auto-trading robot will provide you with 6 figures a month and will unlock the door to financial freedom for you! Reality however is quite different! The most important rule you have to follow if, you don’t want to be scammed is to stay away from “too good to be true offers”! With Traders revenge software we have typical scam agenda!

How this software works?

From the video presentation we understand that it’s some kind of auto trading service but no further information was provided. Actually we immediately start with big red flag here!

In addition, the story of how the system was created is really shaky and unconvincing. Mr. Jackson says that he was scammed many times. That fact leaded him to the point where he decides to create a binary options auto trading robot that works. So, he hired a programmer called Vladimir from website called, where you can hire people to do different jobs for you! After six months of developing the guy managed to create this sophisticated investment app. Long with the user-friendly interface.

Thing is that this story is not backed up with any facts! We even don’t get to the point where we meet Vladimir! In addition, the presenter does not provide us with a link to the programmer’s freelancer gig or any other reliable information that can proof the existence of this guy. Therefore, we just can believe in that clearly made-up storyline!

For the last 6 months the system has made 127 people financially free!?

Ryan claims that for the past 6 months he helped all those 127 people to make 6 figures income. Actually the presentation video even starts with some of those folks.

  1. The official domain is registered on 04.08.2016, making the system impossible to be used for the past 6 months, obviously!
  2. All the individuals who appear to testify supporting the traders revenge Software are paid actors. The presenter clearly stated how he hates all the scam sales pitches with all the paid actors and how he is a real person! Seems like all the words are just lies.

the traders revenge software

Who is Ryan Jackson and can we trust him?

To be honest after we saw the guy we were already aware of the fact that this trading robot should not be trusted. The man boldly claims to be a real person, and he is! But his name is not Ryan Jackson, he is just a paid actor representing the next fraud! Due to the fact that we consistently research new software solutions, we just recognize most of the famous actors right away. His real name is Dave and he works as spokesperson offering gigs in online marketplace called Where you can hire such actors to represent or just create a positive testimonial for your product. We`ll expose solid evidence to back up our words. Long with link leading directly to the proof.

the traders revenge software

Traders Revenge Scam Review! The finale!

Unfortunately, this system turned to be one of the lamest scams. The arrogant actors allegedly speak on how they are offering a revenge for the ripped off users who already fall into the scam machines lately. And then suddenly they are offering the same Ponzi Scheme, but with different approach. Really lousy stuff folks, just stay away! Clearly if the system was legit the real creators won’t be using paid actors to represent it. In addition, the system has 0% endorsement by the trading community, which is also a major repelling element!

Review Verdict: Traders Revenge Software is Filthy SCAM! Be sure to avoid the source of this fraud:

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