Triana Soft Scam Alert

Triana Soft Scam ALERT

We believe that this service is a fraud, read this review before you attend any further steps as investing with

Triana Soft is just brand new binary options service. Officially presented by two personalities; Michael Wedmore as Founder / President / CEO and the mathematician and developer David Campbell. Basically they claim that they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Triana Soft Trading Program to give it the simplicity and the high as 92% success rate. Basically the service is supposed to scan billions of possible trading setups every second, pick and execute the most profitable once. Cool every auto trading service aims for that. Thing is that our investigation, exposed some really disturbing facts, we believe that this service is just a scam, so read this review to the very finish and see why!


Triana Soft Scam Review

Triana Soft Scam Review! The reality!

Landing on there are immediately few things we would like to point your mind on! First does not have anything in common with the real! According to the search has been created on 07.03.2016 just before few days! That’s why the members, which you can notice on the page are just fabricated. A simple stock images attached to random names, who claim that they have been using this service for months? Yeah right! Besides the phony testimonials we have few endorsement pages, which have zero power since they are also non click-able and fake!

Now we already found some dubious facts surrounding Triana Soft APP! Let’s continue with the video presentation and the two identities involved. We have Michael Wedmore entering an office floor and in the first part he is talking with the programmer David Campbell who actually is really lame actor! we really believe that he could play his role better, but unfortunately we failed. So he presented to us live how Triana Soft APP Platform looks like and he claimed that the company has spent thousands of dollars in order to develop that simple and clean look. Sure but we already have seen such platforms in many other services, the platform is already developed before 4 – 5 months’ form tech company developing platforms for binary options services, and It has nothing in common with Triana Soft Scam! If you develop a good trading algorithm and you want to give it a nice interface you just going to buy one from tech company, you don’t have to develop it since it will cost you really a lot of money! In this case that’s what those people have done!


Triana Soft Scam Review

Another lame thing we have notice is the bad repeated broker GToption, Campbell is showing his account with Triana Soft Scam containing over $54k. Well, GToption offer demo accounts so you can decide for yourself if, those digits are real!

Into the second part the alleged scam-artist hidden by the identity of Michael Wedmore is really trying hard to convince us and push us into registration with Triana Soft Scam! By making strange statements of how tis software has generated him millions over the past 2 years and now he will start selling it for $10,000 for monthly subscription. Suddenly he needs group of beta testers in order to proof if the software is working properly! Well, first he claims that its perfect software then he needs more proof, we smell suspicious! After that he made big blunder exposing himself as actor claiming that this trading system will give you consistent profits for 6 days a week!?! Well it can’t give you profits 6 days a week even if it’s working because during the weekends the financial markets are offline! Immediately after that another one: “Triana Soft Knows exactly when to enter and when to exit the markets!”! When you trade the online markets with the financial tool binary options, you have to pick the expiry time before you place the position, you are not exiting the trades! Well technically you can decide to sell the position offered as additional feature with some brokers but it won’t give you profit, early closure will cost a certain % of the particular investment!

Why scam-artist? Because we have made research regarding this identity long with Triana Soft LTD. The only post related to this person and this specific company together appear to be once associate with! Clearly showing that this person / company does not exist. Well as we mentioned there is company named Triana Soft, but her website is TrianaSoft.COM!

Triana Soft Scam Review! The conclusion!

At this point there are a lot of troubling facts inside this service. It’s clearly brand new, created with one single purpose! To steal your hard earned money! We have exposed enough facts in order to repel you from signing with Triana Soft APP! As we believe that investing with this trading bot hides high risk!

Final Verdict: Triana Soft Scam Confirmed! Avoid this bogus software.

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2 thoughts on “Triana Soft Scam Alert

  1. Trianasoft have deluged me with emails and simply won’t take no for an answer . I get several emails a day. This level of aggressive promotion and pushing can only indicate a scam of desperate proportions. They claim I asked for contact but, frankly, I wouldn’t go near them with a disinfected bargepole. Unless I was allowed to poke it up their rectums.

  2. You did well by exposing them, that’s how keep scaming people from their hard earned money. Thanks for your effort

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