Trusted 100 Scam Or Reliable? Real HYIP Review!

Trusted 100 Scam or Paying?

Read this in-depth review before you sign for this HYIP.

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Trusted 100 Ltd is fairly new high-yield investment program. Offering nice return rates, the HYIP quickly became famous and we are receiving lots of questions about them.

Essentially binaryoptionsspot is oriented to investigate trading solutions but in many cases, we also do give opinion regarding famous HYIP offers also. The two fields are closely related because most programs claim to be using Forex or Binary Options traders to generate wealth for their investors.

We did a vast investigation regarding, and thing are not looking so nice from the inside as they are on fight sight. Within this investigation review we`ll point out some dubious details. And we are also going to conclude our opinion at the bottom. However, the final decision always remains yours!

Trusted 100 ltd, scam review, Trusted 100 Scam Review

Trusted 100 Scam Review – Really Trusted or Bogus?

In general, the high-yield investment programs are categorized by Wikipedia as Ponzi Schemes. And there is really strong reason for that. The field is big and the demand is even bigger. That’s why there are countless impostors who create deceptive websites in aim to steal your money. At the end the number of scammers is so high that majority of the investing world decided to call this type of investing money making opportunity a Scam! Probably 99.5% of the offers out there are dishonest and mainly that’s the reason why every reputed investing news portal warns its readers to avoid all the HYIP’s.

Anyway, we believe that the main concept of the high-yield programs is good, that’s why we won’t be as critical as the rest of the community. We`ll give the Trusted 100 Ltd fair chance to proof everyone wrong.

In this article, we`ll go over some very important topics. By the way in the future when you investigate similar opportunities, you can just follow our lead and go over those details yourself. If you see something unrealistic in any of them, just ignore the offer and move on. Because you have most likely landed on a fraud offer.

Who are the people behind this service?

As we can see from the SSL certificate the company do exist. But there is a lot of conflicting information exposed onto!

  • Since 2010, the company provides access to the most profitable areas of investment and increases the likelihood of financial success, because we offer the widest selection of investment plans to achieve the goal.” Well everyone can investigate the displayed company and he will find out that the original registration date is 10.10.2016! Moreover, the official domain is registered on 26.07.2016 and up and running from November the same year. As you can see we have 6 years’ difference.
  • The presentation video and overall the information displayed onto the promotional website claims that there are professional Forex traders managing the funds of the investors. We ask, where are those traders, why no one share any names? Why the company info shows only one person registered with this company?

There is a lot of suspicious information displayed, which can be checked easily on Google and proven as misleading!

Furthermore, if the main money generating way is Forex trading, why no one gives information about certain strategies, some kind of track history results. Overall there is no transparent explanation how things work form the inside. For example, if we wont to invest $5000 in something we would really demand to know how it’s working.

What about the presenter?

He uses the “we” approach and he does not share his name. For the newcomers, that might be convincing but for us its shady. Once we saw the presenter we already knew that this the Trusted 100 HYIP is probably the next scam on the line. This guy is famous fiverr actor and he participates in many other scams as testimonials or CEO / Founder. We`ll attach some evidence to support our words.

Trusted 100 ltd, scam review, Trusted 100 Scam Review

Are the return rates realistic?

We have return rates from 3% a day up to 47% a day, which is bizarre. No hedge fund or HYIP company can survive with offering such high payout rates. Basically, what is going to happen is that at some point the company will call bankruptcy due to financial issues.

No, the returns are not realistic, in our opinion everything above 10% per month is too much!

Trusted 100 ltd, scam review, Trusted 100 Scam Review

Are there any endorsements?

At this point the reputation of the Trusted 100 Ltd. Is medium. That’s because the HYIP is pretty much new, and people are not yet attempting to withdraw their money. In one month time, everybody will start withdrawing and then the fraud will be revealed!

Little bit of advice here, if you seek to invest in a HYIP and everything seems legit, wait few months if the people start reporting that they can withdraw, then and only then invest real money there! Moreover, start with the minimum!

Trusted 100 Scam Review – The Conclusion!

We believe that this service is just one man operation. There are no traders and there is no way this service will be paying its investors properly! We talk about simple Pyramid approach. At the start the old members are payed from the new member’s investments. In certain point the company will feel the financial hunger and won’t be able to pay anymore.

Based on everything said and exposed, we believe that this High-Yield Investment Program, is no different than the rest bogus once!

Review Verdict: Trusted 100 Ltd should not be Trusted! Avoid any registrations with

At this point we cannot point you to safer and reliable High-Yield Program. We believe that there are more reliable money making opportunities into the binary options field at the moment. Since there you can control your capital at any time and withdraw money from your trading account 24/7. In total co-relation with the HYIP’s where you put your money in some anonymous hand and pray that you can withdraw after that. Furthermore, in nowadays trading is super advanced and there are many auto-trading and signal service, which can be used by un-experienced traders who want to tap and benefit from the online trading! We invite you to check some Trusted Binary Solutions! They are all 100% tested and Endorsed by the trading community!

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Trusted 100 ltd, scam review, Trusted 100 Scam Review

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  1. I have deposited a worth of $56 amount of bitcoin but it is now 3 months and nothing appear to my balance, Everything shows Zero. I have contacted their support and the answer to me is asking what is my inquiry even though it is clear in statement that I am looking where and what happen to my deposit.

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