Trusted Deposit Scam or Legit? HYIP Review!

Trusted Deposit Scam or Legit?

Important investigation HYIP review!

Trusted Deposit Biz is fairly new high-yield investment program. The service is operating for little above 100 days. Our attentions where driven here from few of our subscribers who decided to move from HYIP to binary options trading. Of course the reason they moved is not because there were enjoying the wealth made with the trusted deposit HYIP.

We felt obligated and we decided to take a look at and see if there is anything bogus or repelling. Read our in-depth review before you take any money involving decision!

the trusted deposit scam review

Trusted Deposit Scam Review! All the hidden details revealed!

The original idea of HYIP is pretty similar to the hedge funds. Group of traders are managing the capitals of the investors who participate into the program. At the end everyone should receive interest. That’s like the simplest explanation of what kind of program we are looking at.

Based on the above said, we are looking for scam elements, and if we find any we report the service as a scam! Now let’s move to our Trusted Deposit scam review!

Are the return rates realistic?

The plans offered by this HYIP are looking extremely unachievable.

  • Standard plan 600% return in 1 day.
  • Premium equals 6000% after 2 days.
  • Professional will return you 60,000% after 3 days.

Now we immediately going to announce even the first plant of 600% hard to believe, the rest of the plans are just madness! Therefore, no one trading Forex can offer such return rates. A trader cannot turn $10000 into $600,000 for 3 days’ folks, this is completely absurd! Well, the history knows such profits but they like happen once in a decade, not on a daily basis!

Is the informatiothe trusted deposit hyip n provided close to reality!?

Take a look at the snapshot, we took from, close to 40k members have invested nearly $15 million dollars into this HYIP! First the digits are not verified by any monitoring authority! Secondly if we compare the deposits and the withdraws and the return rates everything looks suspicious! Therefore, $15 million deposits + 600% is lots more than $17 million.

Are the people behind the HYIP real?

The information exposed onto claims that there are real traders who are using Forex trading to generate profits for their clients! We, don’t see those traders and the company owners prefer not to say their names! Seems like there are no trading experts and everything is a lie!

Inside the about us section we can notice few faces described as Trusted Deposit HYIP team! Chuck Kowalski – web developer, Ulrich Pfeffer – Designer, Mariana Bosch – Web Developer, Jonas Weisz – Technical director. Well, they are not analysis or financial traders but at least we have something.

We made small research regarding those people, and it turned out that they are all phony identities! We`ll provide evidence exposing those so called expert as fake personalities!

the trusted deposit scam review

Trusted Deposit Scam Review. The Conclusion!

We found three very disturbing facts around this HYIP system. Simply you can’t expect from online opportunity to be legit if they are lying about most of the important stuff! Completely out of this world return rates, just to make you eager! Then fabricated result information. Additionally, on top of everything we have false identities! Probably that’s why Robert and Martin our two subscribers who reported this fraud, has decided to move to safer money making field!

Final Verdict: Trusted Deposit HYIP should NOT be Trusted! Beware and avoid the scam opportunity!

Since we already have some experience with the HYIP opportunities we can strongly say that investing with them hides immense risk! So, far we haven’t find a reliable one, it seems that the labeled definition Ponzi Scheme, is not for nothing!

We recommend that its safer for you to move to safer online investment fields such as binary options. There you are in full control of your capital! In addition, the today’s trading is extremely easy to access true help-trading solutions. We invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Services! Thy are all tested and trusted by the community! The investors without experience can use them because their interfaces are made in very easy to understand ways!

Additionally, you can also sign a free demo account EU / US, where you can start mastering different strategies and eventually learn how to self-trade! Also, take a look at NEO2, considered as the best free auto trading system!


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