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velev trade review

Velev Trade is a trading educational community, which aims to help regular people and turn them into successful day-traders. Currently the society uses Facebook as source of communication and online webinars hosted by the Velev Trade’s admins. The community is very transparent and good spot where you can start your trading career, and in the meanwhile meet new friends sharing the same interest. Moreover they offer full trading history with verified results!

Newbie traders are most welcome, since there is already too much B.S. going around the industry and as newcomer you definitely don’t want to step on one of those mines but start your profit journey with legit service. Velev Trade offers everything you need to start on one place!

Founder of this community Ventsislav Velev is well-known binary options and Forex Trader. He is helping regular people to benefit from the online markets for long time now, and this community is just another fruit of his remarkable work. We speak about real person who trades and teaches his followers on daily basis!

What Velev Trade Offers?

As we mentioned this is online educational community, which helps normal everyday people to become day-traders. Upon joining you`ll receive many benefits, which we will explain with this review. In addition, we`ll also provide some inside of how the group works and hoe exactly you`ll get all those signal suggestions!

Velev Trade – How they Display their Signal Suggestions?

At this point, mainly they are using their Facebook group wall to display signals for their students. Every signal is displayed really transparently and they remain on the group wall forever so you can actually back-confirm and check all past results.

Signal Example:

Asset: EUR / USD
Direction: CALL
Strike Rate: 1.10430
Expiry 11:30 GMT

In addition, the trading admins are also hosting Online Live Webinars where they are trading live with velev-trade’s members. In near future, we have information that the Velev Trade will add additional approaches like telegram and watsup but when this happen we`ll update you.

Velev Trade – Education?

Upon joining you`ll get many good tips, and vast video material like past Webinars, strategies, tutorials and help videos. In addition, know that most of the trading suggestions will be explained live when the signals are posted so you can actually take example and start gaining experience right away. The group aims to teach their members, so they can start finding those setups alone in time. Moreover, during the session all your questions will be answered by the traders. Basically, participating in those discussions will lead into education on daily basis. Everyday you`ll be learning something more. It’s good when some has the answers to all your trading questions right?

Velev Trade – Additional benefits?

Upon joining you`ll gain access to all automated signal indicators, expert advisors, templates and strategies created by Velev for free. Probably all of you know about his Bollinger Bands signals indicator, well now you`ll get it for free.

Moreover, you`ll get advised with good money management strategy, in combination with all the trading strategies, which are used by the traders inside velev trade.

Essentially Velev Trade membership will lead into everything you need as basics to start your trading career and pick the best trading tools suitable for your personal trading styles.

I’m Advanced Trader can I benefit?

Yes of course the group offers signal suggestions good for everyone. Moreover, if you are good trader you can also become paid trading admin for the group. All you have to do is join and proof that you are good!

Velev Trade – Trading Results – History!

The best thing about this community is that there is nothing hidden. No gimmicks, no lies, no tricks, no B.S.! You can find every single signal suggestion on the group wall. And you can also see their past week’s performance in – Here! The results can be also confirmed by every single member of the group, so there are a lot of people who say that is real and legit!

Velev Trade Review – Conclusion!

The best place for novice and advanced traders. There is little bit for everyone. Nice place, with no lies, with good people, and most importantly profitable! We won’t even speak about their results you can confirm them yourself. The fact that this group has not dropped under 70% success rate for past 2 months is enough to confirm that they are legit and they will be making money for you! Moreover, they don’t want to keep their trading methods secret, you`ll learn everything they know once you join!

Review Verdict: Velev Trade is Real and Free Educational Trading Community! is HIGHLY Recommended and the best signal and education service for traders!

Binary options and Forex trading are very lucrative fields but keep in mind that the industries high demand also drives a lot of dishonest services. That’s why you have to filter most of the information you come across the internet and really make sure to be using the best trading tools! Velev Trade is confirmed as legit and profitable trading service!

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